Elme Sex Mastery Journal


I thought you only ran Sex Mastery for 1 month. Well damn, 5 months straight on Sex Mastery. You must have had all that programming rooted deep within your subconscious by now.

For your interest, Sex Mastery definitely opens up your sacral chakra which is associated with the emotional body. Having a balance sacral chakra makes a balanced emotional life, the chakra chakra also comes with creativity and fantasies. When a person isn’t having sex or has a sexual trauma in which the sacral chakra closes no energy can flow into the solar plexus chakra which is the one above, meaning that particular person won’t have any self-esteem, confidence, willpower etc, because these traits are associated with solar plexus chakra.

Being attractive and having a good sex life is important to being emotionally stable and staying impenetrable by bullshit - basically standing your guard when needed.

This might be what you’re referring to so I intuitively picked it up.

I don’t see a reason not to add in Ascended Mogul, but that’s solely up to you.

You’ve only been running a few loops a day, so it makes sense that you’ve went for a good amount of months so far. Although I find that a good thing. Having subliminal’s on loop for 24 hours a day essentially isn’t going to give you any results. When is the script going to be executed when the mind gets overloaded. I think a good balance between exposure and execution is important. Sticking with Ascended Mogul & SM for the upcoming days.

I’m definitely going to stick with AM and I might only listen to SM when I have sex so that I can add in Quantum Limitless again. I might just drop the stack altogether depending on the upcoming Q Limitless name embedded script. If it’s going to be updated to QuantumTech I might want to compare it’s power to the current Quantum Limitless, especially with the name embedding.

Keep me updated @Elme I’m finding your journal very interesting.

Had a few encounters with girls at the gym today. Everywhere I go, I’m being looked at, especially by girls and being respected by way older more mature men. That part must be because of the Ascension scripting as well.


The magnetic Aura only works if you clean yourself of chakra parasites, i was feeling a bit on edge and even beeing a bit harsh with my words, knowing the mental symptoms and physical symptoms i did a ritual cleansing and it all came back, basically i was beeing sucked out of Male Energy.

After the cleansing i was literally almost beeing raped alive by hot girls, i work in a gourmet bar at night and this hot woman, so my type was just beeing overtly assertive on her harassment to me, she even said she felt an urge to come to this place that she didnt even know existed…wtf? Do we have manifestation techbology at work in the subs?

Suggestion on next version to add auric shielf protection of negative energy?


How did you clean yourself of chakra parasites? I need to know