Elme Sex Mastery Journal


Brother, the Dilema I am facing is not about improving the sex aspect, but seeing a short term positive change in me or lack thereof. May the reconciliation as amplifying the effect.


@mecharc you’re nearly finished with ST1. Khan will show improvements, you’re just in a ST1 funk, which is understandable. It will get better.


I guess you’re Right! thanks!!


Regarding subliminals and magic in itself, you have to give room for the magic to Happen. Do the work (Meditation, subliminals, power affirmations) and go on with your day doing your things. In those moments where you relax and push the off button and let it go is where the magic starts to happen. Trust the process and let it go. We are all on the same boat so feel free to ask anything.



You will see results from ST3 onwards for sure. They might not be that strong but i assume they will become stronger the more you use it


what do you mean by the word magic?


@rising when should i expect to see the strong results? coz i am expecting phenomenal shifts on khan compared to the single stage programs.


I mean where your subconscious knows that must be done and take action into…may it be into bending reality with (Synchronicity of events, sending people to help you, things you find out of the blue, thoughts,). The Human mind is the most power tool in the universe, the subconscious your self reliant servant ( Who never judges you) is just waiting your orders to give you what you want. The problem is that people tend to make themselves smaller than they actually are and they belief 100% they cant…so they subconscious help them in that sense. First clean out the trash in your garden (Mind) than start planting seeds (Thoughts, Beliefs) and the subconscious will make it happen, and believe me anything is possible. It all depends on your level of control of different states of the mind and its energies.


I didnt see phenomenal results with Khan but i did ST1-2-3 and then ST4 less than 100 hours. I had increased libido but i am libido is high already. Other than that i felt more grounded but nothing more to report. Propably you should read other journals too

Sex Mastery. I listened the sub for 6 hours and i had sex. Results were obvious. Lasted longer, i was even harder and orgasm was more intense


Thanks, do you think visualization helps from your experience? Except meditation would you recommend anything else?


@rising Concentration exercises are crucial for the subconscious mind and they are very different from meditation. What concentration does is to help you focus completly in the moment, and i cant explain it to you in words, energetically you will know believe me.
Another thing is to go back to the Roots, drumbs, nature. Only beeing in nature puts you in the Theta State…


Back to the Journal, so this couple days thats what happen :

  • Noticed i was getting drained and even lack of sleep by using the ocean tape, and switched to the silent track. Lets see if it makes the same progressions, also the irritation diminished dramatically.

  • Now i get into big amog battles with the Alpha guys at work and i know they love it and strangely me too. Since i always speak my mind now in a very agressive assertive way they tend to even try to make jokes and even became more friendly with me, maybe this is how we should bond and make friends. They are always try put me in frames of speech and try to make me do stuff and i always act so fast they dont even " know me anymore".

  • Regarding Womam specially the more alpha ones smile and even flirt discreetly, it might be the sexual energy and the way i think about them and feel about them. I really dont care… and they need to behave. Its funny how its essential for me now for them to treat me good and with respect.

  • My boss who is a very assertive alpha woman now always asking for what i think and even look at me differently. I noticed this in other woman bosses that didnt even liked me now give the “colgate smile”, even this lesbian one wich is intriguing.

  • At work i am way more productive and always make sure i am doing the hardest things so the new comers see me as an example. Its funny how all those mind shifts in less than 1 hr a day.


If the lesbian chick is still on the feminine side, she can still respond with attraction. She might not 100% go for you, but still… biology trumps ideology.


Really interesting the sub is giving you more rapport/bonding with alpha men in your life! Never thought it would have that as an effect. Makes me want to get that sub even more now! Will have to check it out, maybe on my next stack!


Yes but its also giving me allot of conflicts to handle with them aswell. So hopefully this is good :smiley::smiley:…another thing was i had a big discussion with my wife yesterday and i noticed she tried to manipulate me on not going to this christsmas dinner party of the company, i was so agressive with me position she kinda freaked out and was telling me i wanted a fight blablabla… i have found that my tolerancr for Bullshit is Zero at the moment.

I still feel very tired sometimes and even with brain fog, specially when i do the ocean surf in the car driving.


Were you going to go to the Christmas party alone or did she not want to go so was trying to manipulate you into not going?


Wow! I had no idea, SM could do all that changes internally. Attracting woman is okay. But, friending Alpha’s is the real result.


@Elme add Spartan to the mix it.will assist you both physically and mentally. For the time i was using it. I saw an improvements in my masculinity and physical health. I stopped using it when i started khan.


She tried to manipulate me on going with her or not going at all. I just told her all the things she does…and if she was with any problem at all she could get her things and leave. I guess it was too much but this kind of situations were already happening i didnt realize she was putting so much effort on these types of emotional manipulation.


I was thinking on it since i wanted to develop more on that area. Having a more strong character with masculine traits. Do you think it will be productive?