Elme Sex Mastery Journal


I can only speak for myself it worked well for myself bro.


Maybe there’s something I am missing but what is the reason you wouldn’t want to take her?


I dont have any problems with her going with me, i have problems when she demands it with big drama. Since i let her go do her shows with her dance group or even go abroad and everything and never react this way.

You cant demand something the other person is willingly giving you, i wanted to have time for myself and to enjoy the dinner with my colleagues. I guess i wanted her to respect my space since i didn’t think about this so conscious like i do right now.

Do you think i over reacted?

Another thing im noticing is i always resolve issues at hand, i dont let them pass through me or ignore them, i call them out in the open and resolve them.
Also girls are give weird smirks and deep eye contact, i can feel the sexual tension in their bodies.
I switched to the Ultrasound and the tiredness dissipated also with the difficulty of sleeping, dont know why this happened. Could it be resistance from subconscious?
Also noticing i was having physical pain in the Pelvis region, Sexual energy accumulation maybe? It stopped after i switched to silent track.
Now i joke with everybody, i amog guys in a friend way and i mess with girls, all the girls i dont really care who they are or how they look like, i just joke around in a humorous way.

So im excited to see how it goes the second time im having sex with this subs, if my time will improve.


Also i have been reading the forum and already made my mind regarding the stacks i will be using and the proper daily practices i will be using :sunglasses::laughing::laughing:

  • Daily practice of meditation 2 times a day, if i am working too early ill do the listening meditation in the car while driving.
  • Proper nutrition supplements, specially based on the Brain ( DHA, Omegas,etc)
    -Daily ingestion of 2 lemon juice, manuka honey, ginger and garlic ( Helps with longevity, kills all sorts of cancers fast and helps the brain)
    -Ill start running at least 3 times a day for 30m to start with, not only to improve testosterone levels, to also reduce fat and maintain Brain Health.
    -Research deeply my diet and how its affecting my testosterone levels and brain fuctions, already have some books on the Cart ill be updating this soon.
  • I decided ill be doing this stack until everything is implemented deeply in me : Ascended Mogul for (Wealth and Alpha Qualities), Sex Mastery, Godlike Masculinity, Spartan and Legacy (Dont know if legacy will give an extra push to all these subs or not). If legacy is out of equation maybe ecstay of Gold.
  • Decided to remove every distractions and keep a laser focus on objectives ( Facebook, instagram,etc) they will be deleted out of the planet earth, also people that dont bring value to the table including family will be forgotten. Only want positive environments where i can grow and share.


You didn’t over react at all. Manipulation in general but especially in a relationship needs to be called out harshly. Otherwise you end up being the b*itch in the relationship. Besides that manipulation shows in such situation shows a lack of respect imo.


Time for a new wife. j/k

She’s probably shit testing hard. To see if you’ll cave in again. Maybe she sees the changes in you and is trying her luck? Maybe she is secretly pleased you stood up to her?


Well after that event she became quiet and everything and i call her out. She said she just wanted to know who was in the dinner since she didn’t know anyone and for me to talk about how it went. We talked and things became better actually, she is more submissive and we had Hot Sex. The thing is im not seeing any tangible results in the “Holding” time, maybe the 1h exposure a day is not enough for that.

Yes she was pleased i stand my ground…the dynamics changed after that event and even became better, like i ignited kinda of supper attraction in her mechanisms.
Now i always make her express herself to me, and what she is thinking about, i dont tolorate “Kids behaviour”, if she has something to say she will say it to me and we resolve things right here rigtht now.
Its funny that this “new” me is super assertive, back in the days i wasnt looking at this events as something relevant to be handled immediatly, what happens is that some events may cause resentment in the other person and we dont even know it. So now everything is handled when it happens.

The funny thing is that allot of things are being solved except the “Holding” part of having sex :smile: :smile: :smile:
I Don’t have premature ejaculation but its funny how the sub is handling apparently other parts of my personality.


You mean 3 days a week?


Yes i misspelled it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :D.

Also found out talking to a Doctor Friend Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds helps you in growing more synapses and raises IQ .


So this morning i started the ultra sound track and was doing some objectives i was working on before going to work… what happened was got shit test bombed hard again from Wife.

We have this female friend who works with me and its basically part of the family, and she was almost raped this week on the train station, so by knowing this i told her she should change her schedule with one of the colleagues so i can drive her home, like sometimes i do.
The funny part was when i tell this to my wife she starts saying her boyfriend needs to do that bla bla…until that part im ok with it but then she says to me that tonight she has her rehearsals for the new show that they are doing and if i go deliver our friend im going to be late to pick her up, i told her why is she not told me this before hand so i could anticipate this kind of situations. Then i asked her if she is going to do any kind of work for this celebrity guy that i caught hitting on her and she told me " Don’t want to talk about it, don’t want to know about it" and i got pissed and told her that if she works for that guy again she can start preparing for divorce and for the Guard of my daughter because i deserve respect and demand to know if she plans on working that again. Then all hell broke loose, she started saying if i ever do X "again " we are done.

The thing is…the sub is doing something internally to me for me to react this way, the funny part is why have i not reacted this way in the past so assertively?


That’s a very bold step… do you plan to journal your progress on this?


For me it seems that you are standing for yourself and express what you want. No harm on this one


Wow! Sex Mastery aka Emperor Boss Bastard.

Elme to Mrs Elme: Pack yo bags, bitch and walk.

Eventually she’ll call your bluff, how will you react to that?


I am expressing myself 100% in my life for the first time… i am not bluffing thats the funny part. Internally im 100% certain if she steps out of what i told her she is gone for good…scares me a bit all this certanti that i never felt before, its way beyond confidence…its self worth and self respect!!

So just for today some funny facts happening in my life:

  • my dad who is a powefull alpha man, for the first time in my life i disputed his bullshit about my mother and called him an asshole. I called him a lier and caught him trying to manipulate me against my wife… he admitted and we moved on.
  • this guy was staring me down for like 15minutes, big dude i started doing the same and asked him what he wanted…he should come over for a beer and intruced himself…he blushed said something about he was thinking i was someone else from a tour he went and we moved on.
  • Alpha females at work almost eating my alive with their eyes, even the lesbian male chicks know there is something different in me.
    -My internal frame is way different…i dont really care what people think about me.
  • right i am about to rigth this it arrived at the bar where i work 3 of the finest females that work in the offices above…one of them i already knew from before, hot blonde with blue eyes… she was amazed to see me but my reaction shocked me " yeah good for you…", the alpha of the group tried to amog me with the wines i choose for her but i went to say i left the mustache / macho Wines for her…she is still giggling and messing me with me. Its funny how these interactions are going these days.


I wonder about the implications of @Fire and @SaintSovereign products causing a divorce? :smile:

Phenomenal results - all from just Sex Mastery?


Yes all from sex mastery and just 1h a day in the car and 2 days when im off 8 hours silent track. The holding limits are not what i expected though…lets see if it gets better. I wasnt expecting the other results since i just wanted to last longer :smile: :smile: :smile:


Ofcs i will… " we dont know how far we can go until we go too far"


It’s impossible for me to say. There’s so much information not available. The dynamics, boundaries, and history of your relationship that could be a factor. It doesn’t seem from the way you’ve been journaling that it’s a place you want to be in any more, or at the very least you are wanting changes to the relationship so that it can go forward more smoothly. My only advice at this time is to always take a deep breath (or five) before making any haste comments or actions. Sometimes our emotions cloud everything over, but you will do what is right when you have clarity


Your story scares me :slight_smile: Imagine that you divorce and your wife knows that you started to change by listening to subclub. Can she sue Subclub for manipulating the mind of her ex husband ?
Lets go several steps further :slight_smile: One member of Subclub is pissed off by one of his colleagues at work. Up to now he manages to keep his cool. But he starts to listen to Khan or others of this category. And he can’t manage his feelings and wounds or even kill his colleague at work …. who is responsible ? What is the penal responsibility of Subclub ? Can the Subclub member sue Subclub for influencing negatively his mind ? At the end, what is the responsibility of the subliminal producer in general, especially when the programs and affirmations are not given to the buyer


This is why we can’t have nice things.

First off, don’t even start with this kind of fear mongering. Subliminals don’t “manipulate” or force anyone to do anything. They provide suggestions toward a goal, such as “learn faster”— it’s your choice how you respond. Nothing in our titles can be misconstrued in any way to provoke you into taking the life off another person. If you do that, you simply wanted to do that. We played no role.

Also, friendly reminder that purchasing any title from our site requires you to actively accept the terms and conditions, which includes the following medical disclaimer:

“The subliminal audio and hypnosis programs sold on this website are for entertainment use only. Subliminal Club LLC, nor any of its staff, nor representatives, nor directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents, contractors, interns, suppliers, service providers or licensors make any claim of medical value, usage, intended usage, cure or replacement for medical attention from an appropriate medical professional for any of the subliminal and hypnosis audio programs offered by Subliminal Club LLC. By downloading or using these programs, you agree that you understand these programs are not designed to serve as a replacement for medical treatment or diagnosis, nor are they intended to be or act as a cure for anything. You are advised to consult with the appropriate physical, mental or emotional medical professional before using any subliminal or hypnosis audio.”

And no, we still aren’t publicly releasing our scripts. We may start proactively blacklisting people who start trying to blame subliminals for their bad behavior, though.