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This relationship clearly had issues long before we came around. And he’s just running Sex Mastery — there’s nothing in the script that causes these effects, so my guess is that the increased sexuality is causing him to express a sense of hyper masculinity.


Key to happiness

Maybe because of better sex life = more confidence = more courage for confrontation


When i thought i read everything on internet

So lets see if i get this clear. There are 100 people using a sub. One kills someone while many other have very positive results. Subclub is the one to blame. Stupidity reached another level


Well you have many subliminal producers calling their products “forced subliminal”. Many on Youtube for example. I know it is not the case with subclub and thats why I buy from subliminal club.


Hypnotherapists have been accused of raping their female clients. The women were saying they were manipulated and forced to do it. The hypnotherapists were saying you cant force somebody . Who has the thruth ?


You should probably start another thread for this topic, (e.g., Ethics of Subliminal Use or something), rather than using someone’s personal journal. Your points seem to be hypothetical/theoretical in nature, rather than practically or personally directed to the writer of this journal.

Interesting ethics philosophy question: ‘Are tools (and the makers of tools) responsible for those cases in which people misuse them?’ But maybe discuss it in its own thread.


@rising your example is strange. How sure you are that the effects of a subliminal will have the same effects for all the 100 persons ? If one day a subliminal producer will create a sub with the same results on everybody he will become multi millionnaire !


Ok sorry :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign Results may vary, of course, but Sex Mastery is so profound that a man is considering ditching his wife.

I suspect she (forgive me for being crude) married @elme as a beta male provider, only for him to switch on his masculinity and turn into an alpha dynamo. It happens that personality shifts cause huge ripples, which will eventually be for @elme’s long term benefit.

We’ll just have to see how this turns out, but the results are remarkable.


Hyper masculinity thats how i put it… i can feel it, and they can feel it too. I am way more protective of woman and children if that makes any sense.

I am happy with the sub, honestly i think this was all shit tests from wife and i handled them well. Regarding a divorce i dont think people should make a fuss about it, if people dont respect your limits you should be out even if you love them, in this case it was an ultimatum and it worked.

I was thinking in adding other masculine tapes to the mix…but since this one was so powerfull on that part i might have to rethink.


@Elme absolutely remarkable! I freaking love it. A man with zero fucks to give.


She is a very dominant woman, i dont consider myself a beta provider since she is the one with the money and she knows i can get better if i want to. I do agree i entered into a path of least resistence when my daughter was born…the sub exposure reminded me of how i was back then.

@Michel Thank you for your honesty, if i regresses into a lower version of myself any kind of bad names are welcome to make me wake up to a better better version of me.

Since this sub works with sexual energy we do have some hidden work at play, i notice that i do have a very high libido but its not sexual…its transmuted in Force. I feel very centered and powerfull and its not confidence related.

I also thinking on switching to a better work since i dont think the job where i am it feets my needs, specially maintaining my mental health.


@Elme I don’t mean to insult you, it’s just an observation of the relationship dynamics here.

If your wife is dominant, even though she provides, then automatically you’re forced into a subservient role. It happens. I was raised with a very dominant mother. If she’s providing, it forces the man to question his masculine role.

Sex Mastery in essence is about the act of penetration, where the male is active, female is receptive. Even though no sex is happening this blueprint is in your DNA is being awakened by the sub, you follow through with conscious action, the very definition of masculinity.

Absolutely love your progress.


Very interesting how we see @Avengers68 carrying his thread around different areas of the forum. What’s your motivation behind this?


uhh…if that’s a problem, I think it should be blamed on me.

I asked him if he could start a thread about it, rather than continuing to discuss it on @Elme’s journal.


I see. Thanks for clarifying. My apologies. I get very unsettled whenever I hear anything negative about sub club.


Ok so lets add some input to the thread:

  • this couple of days i have been thinking on how beeing this way financially is my problem, so im finishing this forex Master Class offered by my Mentor. I already have a Mentor to work with…and lets see how it goes from there. I am a professional trader but not near the top 1% … this mentor is on the 1%.
  • Girls are getting crazier and crazier, married woman, girls in work, even the Lesbian macho girls are coming to me and ask me weird shit, like this Bossy one came to me so i can see her basically taking picture of the work of another girl did, so she could send to the director. I Told her she needed some smacks for bad behavior… and dismissed the incident completely with “We are not robots…people make mistakes”.
  • My rich girl friends now have this “thing” they want to give me money to help me… dont understand where this is coming from.
  • Notice Alpha Females bonding way more, i guess since im polar Masculine they get aroused or something…ironically i can feel their power too in my gut. Its an energy power struggle and its beutyfull.
  • Went to have launch with my father and his Marine Core soldiers…entered into this Measuring Dicks with Drinks contest… went to work and had to call it off " I was sick", not going to do this anymore specially with doing subs, had to control myself at work way more than usual.
  • When i went into these meetings with is Squadron…some of them used to piss me off and even give me this nasty urge to punch them. I found out its because i wanted to be like them, my energy was more femenine, i know that know because i feel comfortable around them, joke with them, even harm wrestle and get beaten lolol… the thing is im a normal Man now. Maybe having A Dominant Mother and a Dominant Father did this.
  • Now its like i dont care about woman but i take action in engaging them,but not with desire…just beeing.


Is ur stack only sex mastery?


I am only doing Sex Mastery and nothing else at the moment…i might add GodLike Masculinity and Spartan to the mix Later.


I think you’re getting abnormally excellent results !!