Elme Sex Mastery Journal


So far I was under the impression that, it helps you in bed


But your journal alone has sold my to SM


Well i wanted to have the bed results faster but instead my subconscious worked differently that mostle people i guess. I still notice the effects in bed, but nothing lik3 the 5 hours someone was saying…lets see with exposure if i can get to that mark. I feel this sub i way more than just perform in bed…i do feel more masculine and the funny part i feel im becoming more and more like my father…internally.


Have been thinking if this sub has manifestation abilities in it, since people around me are changed aswell.

Somethings i have been noticing:

  • it seems like this sub wants me to standup for myself, this happens mostly at work and at home. Even this submissive girl at work now is always giving me shit tests and trying to put me in frames…not going to happen :smiley::smiley:
  • At work these 2 buĺlies that normally try to attack me verbally, its me attacking them now. I see that they are clueless where i am coming from and also i deal with their behaviour differently than before, i used to keep it for me what i was feeling and get affected, now i speak my mind and dont care.
  • Also at work my female Alpha boss now behaves differently like she came to me saying " i dont know how to say this…but could you please do this tasks for me"… i was shocked i told her ofcs…what needs to be done. Dont understand this behaviour from her…its almost like the alphas recognize me and the rest know this and try to test me and give me shit.
  • Have been thinking hard of what shitjob enviroment this is and im taking action in getting a new one, also finishing up tasks i was stalling for months.
    -Dont drink alcohool with subs…it seems it has some adverse affect on your moods.
  • At home sometimes i do have this fire debate with my wife but thats it… i noticed our relationship improved allot after the inicial drama. Also i am deciding every thing and where we are going.
  • other girls at work i was attraced physically i am not anymore, i am even helping the chief of security with some issue and coaching her on NLP, she even gets of her work and comes near my workplace just to " make time"… for the first time im genuine in helping a girl without wanting to go into her pants, its like she is a dude for me or something. Hard to explain.
  • i work with a family member and im seeing her bullshit in manipulating me to take her home…today she is going by bus. Not going to spend tons of fuel to drive the " princess" home. She has her boyfriend, he needs to do something, im no ones driver.
    -Been thinking on engaging in physicall activities, and its funny this senior runner at work wanted me to go run a marathon in the morning…fuck it why not? :muscle::muscle:
    -have been having some urine problems, i have an infection. Does the sub works physically aswell?
    -Been thinking on male to female dynamics allot its like i can pierce the matrix… been thinking why most married woman flirt with guys at work, why cant we do the same? Makes perfect sense in a biological way…having options and maintaining a not give a fuck attitude.


Yep, had the same thing at work too. @Saintsovereign mentioned there was no alpha programming in this title, so it’s pure masculinity to attract potential sex partner. She’s shit testing to see if you’re for real.

Your alpha female boss also sees a high testosterone, masculine male as a potential fuck partner, so she’s switched it up to femininity. Your presence makes her feel girly.

No divorce? :scream: Only joking!

You do seem to be surrounded by dominant females telling you what to do. Maybe this is your current life lesson with Sex Mastery - stand up for yourself and find your balls. Then empty your balls.


Literally Unbelievable results!!!


What sublimnal are you talking about right here ??? The pure masculinity has me super intrigued


@Grimm1390 Sex Mastery X. It’s affecting @elme in a way that his masculinity is being awakened.

If you want a pure masculinity shot, GLM is still the one.


Yes i have GLM just your comment intrigued me since you said it has no alpha programming just pure masculinity. Im game for anything that can help me in the masculinity department


I would actually recommend you add Ascension to your stack. Sex Mastery’s sexual aura can be raw and untamed. Hard to stay congruent with it. Ascension will help smooth everything out and make it feel natural. If you’re also wanting to dominate at work, do Ascended Mogul.


Saint while your here does sex mastery have any alpha programming ?? Or any programming? I guess my main question is would running this in a stack be a issue if your running khan stage 2 ? If sex mastery helps one in the masculinity department in any way i may take the bullet and get it


Sex Mastery is in ST4.


VERY minimal “alpha” programming in Sex Mastery, the programming that IS there supports the main goal of being excellent at sex. The “masculinity enhancements” are the result of increased sexuality. If a woman were to run Sex Mastery, she’d notice increased attraction and affection from men also, as it would boost her sexuality.


Im only on st2 right now i actually just began it today lol im not sure when ill get to st4. I run a few loops of mogul glm during the day as well.
Hmm ill think about sex mastery…
I dont want to invade this journal so ll just stop here for now but I dont have any plates right now and have been in a very long dry spell so i dont think sex mastery would help me since theres no no women in my life


I think there is more at work than people think…the very act of penetration like @Michel said is masculine, is awakening in me very masculine traits. If i add ascended mogul to the mix how will it help in masculinity? Also ascended mogul isnt more wealth related aswell?


Lets add some more juicy stuff to the journal :

  • I have been adding an extra round in the morning like 1h more of exposure since i have to travel early to work and wait in the car.
  • Got the bullies at work quiet and tamed, even had this full wide open confrontation with one of them. He seems like a little kid now.These people need to work on their issues… they are trying to create a bad energy enviroment at work but i feel very fine there now :smile: :smile:
  • My best female friend at work is very masculine, i find it repulsive to even talk to her or have any kind of interaction, and when i do its small and direct to the point. Dont know why this is happening.
  • 3 girls went to have dinner at the place where i work, i could easily pull the group for an orgy if i wasnt married. The alpha female was turned on…the rest followed her. They were celebrating something…i told the bardtender to get them a good champagne and offered to them…this came from a place of not wanting nothing.i Chit chat for some minutes and went on my way… when i was leaving they screamed my name saying " they were coming back bcs of me"…i wave but didnt care.
    -Now i have a more serious demeanor but my humor has improved, i noticed that man that smile allot tend to have a femenine energy.
    -have been pulling all my energies into getting my business out of the ground and follow every step of my mentor in the stockmarket…i am paying the price.
  • Relationship with my daughter and wife improved, tend to resonate very well with my daughter she is very femenine.Spend more time beeing present 100% with her and turning all distractions off…i am her pillar for the future. Im teaching her boxing…even bought some small gloves for a 4 year old.
  • My voice is way more deeper and strong…how is this sub affecting me on a physical level? @SaintSovereign
  • i can see how this aura is untamed…sometimes i just want to smack some girls in the head and take them to my cave. Im talking about the energy itself ofcs.
    -I dont know why i get pulled to this alpha females( with female energy)…its like we are magnets or something.
  • Man want to “bond” more in the locker room when i am preparing for work… my director behaves like a pussy, smiles allot and is always asking me stuff instead of asking my boss.
  • Had intense and steamy sex with my wife, she came harder and longer but the duration was pretty much the same.
  • Have been thinking allot in taking care of the family, spending more time with them.


More testosterone.


Wow! @Elme, your journal gives me more and more insight everyday!!!


Realy great to read your journal and see your success. Congrats!
But this one sentence caught my full attention because i had the same feeling while running SM2 and it stil persist. I know whats realy important for me and thats my family. My wife and my kids. They need my attention first. I also have this cave thing sometimes i see a nice girl but after running several subs the last months i see much clearer what i realy want and this is not cheating. Boring for some people for sure but i didnt miss the drama which will 100% occur afterwards. I already experienced that. Maybe SM2 is working also on the bonding of an existing relationship. In my case i see my responsibility for my family much clearer now.


because of your journal,I added SM to my playlist few days ago…it gave me nothing but physical pain…I am guessing this is cleaning out the negativity that I stored in the past…hope。it’ll go away soon…it is really nice to see your progress…it is inspiring…thanks for sharing…