Elme Sex Mastery Journal


what pain?


Wut. Explain.


since I added SM …my back started to have this pain like some one stabbing me…and my heart chakra occasionally feel like being punched…I dont know why…luckily…today…I am much better…only a little bit pain left…I am good 90percent…


May be more sex energy is created because of SM and it’s trying to clear your Nadis and energy rising to your heart chakra .


yeah…I believe so…


The script to Sex Mastery X is so simplistic that it seems unlikely that it would cause such an effect. Remember, anytime you start having an adverse effect like that, cease subliminal use and see a physician. Furthermore, please verify you’re running a verified copy of the title. As we’ve stated here, there are counterfeit versions of our subliminals floating around in the wild.


well…I bought it here…if you say so…probably it is the others subs causing it…currently my playlist is Primal seduction ,rebirth,inner circle and Sex mastery…I run 20hours a day…I am doing okey right now…


I had physical affects aswell, i had pain in the balls area and also am with an infection. Dont think its coincidence at all… in ny case the pain dissapeared after 2 days and the urinal infection remained. I feel i have more energy around my head since i can easily make it through all way up the throat chakra.

I made tests with my aura since i know how to project it…i have this blind woman that helps in our work, what happened was when i projected my aura to her she started to give me sexual signals and she didnt know where i was.


Hey @Elme, how you can project your aura? Does it need much effort and practice?


@xingliao the heart punching is the chakra clearing itself out. Back pain maybe the solar plexus chakra.

Obviously go check with a doctor to see if it isn’t anything more that that.


thanks …will do …


Hey @Elme do you think the sub caused the infection? How is it now?


Sex Mastery X’s script has nothing in it whatsoever that would cause such a side effect. I’m going to have to start slapping medical disclaimers everywhere so people won’t make bad decisions and neglect their health by attributing issues they should see a doctor for on the sub.


I dont think its a urinal infection, I know in my case I started feeling something on my D but it was basically it getting stronger. You’ll be fine Elme


STI …lool


I agree to some point…if the script has energy manipulation affirmations it can cause physical manifestations. Maybe its just a coincidence…im not trashing the sub or its developers @SaintSovereign.

Regarding Aura projection @Limitless there are some exercises you can practice to help in this manner, having habit on beeing in the moment helps, sinc you dont waste that energy on trash thinking.

Ill be updating the journal soon…major advancments.


Sorry for the late update but managing two kids, give them attention and to my wife and cook ( im the chef at home :smile: :smile:) takes me some time to update de journal.

Some interesting findings:

  • it seems i am in a different reality now, most people even the submissive ones now try to push my buttons but i deal with them like a true jackass.
  • have been having this urinal infection but it dissapeared, have mostly hard erections all day.
  • the Holding time in sex went to up 1hour and my wife even behaved differently…she literally almost ripped my clothes with desire. She was more sensual, seductive, femenine.
    -i now play allot with my 2 kids, even way more than before and give them full attention.
  • i love confrontations with stupid ppl at work and i am letting everyone know my boundaries.
  • Its funny how people try me to make things for them and i handled it with awesomeness :muscle::muscle:… the most funny one was this clean lady wanted me to get this heavy item on a shelv and i told her to eat more cereal :joy::joy:.
    -The girl part is becoming intense…have random hot woman popping out of nowhere and looking me directly in the eyes for more than 5m…giggly, smiling.
  • At work i have been having some confrontations with my masculine female friend…but i handled it right away, she is more femenine in my presence now…wich is not repulsive anymore.
  • this submissive hot girl at work stole my bottle of water and drank from it…i told her i put my dick on it…and asked her if she liked the taste. She burst out laughing…and i didnt know where was this coming from me…like it was on auto-pilot.
    -i now delegate tasks to some of my coworkers but i do them aswell…its funny how they are resisting to my change.
  • Have been having mad respect from the alphas and even the bad ones at work ( ppl that were in jail and they hire them to help them re-integrate)
  • Have been doing massive action to launch my business and already made sales and run out of stock…masculine raw energy making me build stuff
  • i understand how Masculine energy in its essence represent the Values and character of a good person but also understand how a miss guided masculine energy can guide you trough War and Destruction…the Spartans knew this very well.
  • Going to add Sparta to the mix soon so i can transmute all this testosterone into greatness.
  • Main areas i am focusing is Family, Money and bodybuilding next.


Great to read your success story. SM is a real game changer for you and a turning point in your life. What an impact with one sub in such a short time. Great!


Phenomenal results. I’m just in awe at your badassery and ability to handle a motherfucker.


Like always! Amazing results! :heart_eyes: