Elme Sex Mastery Journal


From sex mastery to SEX MASTER! Great results man!


So 24 days in the experience and still to be continue at least a year with more exposure to it.

Some details this week:

  • So the bullies at work escalated into an open war between me and them, the only difference is i have proof to get them fired right away from the company. Lets see if i have to go that far… ill be having the smirk when that happens.
  • Visited a barber friend, i didnt know how but we escalated into amogging eachother off…he went on saying " man i miss this you…where have you been this couple of years"? … kinda made me think how pussified and mentally abused i was to change.
    -Sex have been amazing with wife and she even iniciates more than usual, oficcialy have passed the 1hour mark and could easily see improvments in my breathing and techniques during sex.
    -Girls at work keep giving me tone of sexual interest even when i go work like shit( unshaved, hair messed up,etc)… what is been happening is that they freeze in looking at my eyes…raw fucking sexual tension…
  • the submissive girl at my work now is always on my shift…might be coincidence but she is the one making the MAP of hours to the cowerkers. She is always looking at my lips, shit testing me or even put her body 1cm to mine, can even feel her tits.
  • dont know why i stopped talking to some guys…its like i know they dont like me… dont waste energy on stupid people.
  • have been heavily thinking on getting to another job… my boss gets the same looks the other girls are doing…except she is an alpha woman. She always comes to me asking for my opinion, when she tells me what to do, normally says " dont know how to tell you this but…you have to do this"…its funny like she is afraid on delegating tasks to me, but i do it in an instant.
    -have been made a man of action, masculinity is Action in its pure form.
  • have been having my dick hard most of the time i am awake, almost like i had viagra all day.
  • my relationship with my 4 year old daughter improved allot.
  • have been studying nutrition and fitness allot
  • my business is a success…already out of stock and waiting for payment.


Why wait to eliminate your enemies?


You must be having sex with Life itself.


“have been having my dick hard most of the time i am awake”. Haha excellent. This program is so powerful it’s baffling!


you’re brain must be really sharp!


Well i know how i will react into a hand to hand confrontation with these guys …ill loose my professional fighter licence if i smack these guys at work.

First ill play their games…hopefully ill wear them out with my recently aquired masculine awesomeness. Only play my cards if They start doing sneaky stuff at work.




Well been busy this week but here it goes the update:

  • Wife is like addicted to having sex with me…been doing 4/5 times a week, with small kids its an impossible task almost.
  • this past week is like i was on “edge”, dont know why.
    -have been having the same kind of exposure…but when i stop 2 days i could notice the effects wearing off a little bit.
  • had to exclude some girls at work from facebook since they were starting to get crazy
    -had some situations on the street with guys staring me down…maybe they feel threatned, i remained like a rock.
  • the bullies at work try to piss me off but i dont care
  • Lesbian girl becomes touchy and goes see me after work hours…maybe she is bisexual?
  • submissive girl continues with shit tests and way more touchy than usual, im always putting her in her place, seems she enjoys it.
    -having more quality time with my kids, our relationship improved allot.
  • sometimes i feel like i want to explode but not in a bad way…maybe this is the testosterone thing you guys were talking about? Miss guided sexual raw energy?
  • Almost got in a couple of fights this week, specially in this bad neighberhood that i need to cross to my work, dont tolarate any lack of respect.
  • Projects are on their way… i want massive changes in my job life in January.


Masculine spikes in your energy, like Saint mentioned previously. Makes dudes wanna fight you for dominance.

There’s no such thing as a lesbian, if she retains a sense of femininity. You’re lighting them up like a Christmas tree and they’re loving it. Even the shit testing!


Women are just waiting to be dominated by an alpha primate! Contrary to what the media portrays, they don’t want that male friend that acts like a feminine. They desire a real man! :wink:


Some amazing results this few days:

  • so the fixing gaze of lust is becoming a habit when woman see me, its like they are hungry :joy::joy:
  • Have been a real struggle with the bullies at work, in my perspective they are trying to sabotage my success, unconsciously they know what is happening and are fighting for dominance.
  • the general manager of my company and the daughter of the owner went to launch were i work, everyone was afraid and beeing hypocrites, i just dealt with them like normal people, joke with them and even bonded…im glad im becoming a better version of myself, dont want to be another life sucking worm like these guys at work.
  • i made a powerfull friend( ceo) that worked in one of the most important financial companies in europe, when the general manager arrived he started saying " he should be promoted for his work, if he worked at my company i would double his salary"… funny how the others reacted. In conversation he told me to send my resume to his desk so he could put me in a better job. Funny how minutes earlier i was thinking in asking him all those things.
  • this week my director went to launch where i work, he started saying i made some things wrong…and i told him bluntly he is wasting is time bcs it wasnt me, so he changed his speech and told me i should spread the word to my colleagues so the mistake didnt happen again, i went to check on the mistake and it wasnt a mistake, i went back to him and he admitted he wanted special treatment, i told him we are all special, if he like something done differently he needs to hire the chef and make changes in the menus. The old me was screeming in awesomeness inside my head…the funny part is i am on auto pilot :joy::joy::+1::muscle::muscle:
  • All alpha males and females recognize me as an equal and even come to chat, the “fakers” are showing themselvs out, someone once told me you cant fake beeing an alpha, you are or you arent bcs in moments of danger you cant fake.
    -More and More action changing my life Regarding work and money.
  • My wife is addicted, its fucking crazy, she almost tries to rape me :joy::joy::joy:
  • i simply stopped talking to some people i would normally talk too…its like its not worth my time anymore…
  • my masculine female friend now is more feminine, she went on to change herself and became very attractive, she is always putting herself very close to me and looking at my lips, she dates a friend of mine…makes me think woman psychology is fucked up.
    -submissive girl at work cooked for me and told me she can use the same forks bcs she has confidence in people she likes, i told her she behaved good and if she was my girlfriend she deserved a passionate kiss for her good behaviour…she told me with sad expression she wasnt…:no_mouth::no_mouth::joy::joy:
    -I might have to hit the martial arts and heavy weight training more, in the animal kingdom the alphas have more dominant looks and are very big, the thing is i lost weight and stopped lift training to compensate for agility and endurance in martial arts.

Where do i go from here guys? Stacks i can use with sexual Mastery.


If the people at work are getting you down with the insults and fakery, maybe Power Can Corrupt? It seems like you already can handle them effortlessly though.

Just think a month ago, you were preparing for divorce, now she wants to rape you! So do your other female co-workers!

Alpha males have huge sexual energy so it’s no surprise they see you as one of them.

Keep it up man, you’ve inspired a lot of us with your results. :fist:


Your only using SMX2 ? The updated version in may this year?


Its true @Michel i dont recognize myself anymore, in the good sense. Its only 1 month and i changed so much, and its only sex Mastery…i wonder how a more specific sub like primal or emperor would do.
Yes they try to put me on edge and talk shit to the boss behind my back…what power can corrupt could add ro these situations?
@xanderson83 yes only sex Mastery the late version.


Power Can Corrupt is a social skills and charisma sub that contains the 48 Laws of Power.
If you work in corporate, you have to play a certain power “game”, it helps you deal with shitheads by training you to act the 48 Laws and manipulate them to do what you want them to do.

It’s like having a guard dog for protection!


They’ll have to keep you locked up in a cage if you run primal! :+1:t3::+1:t3:


@Michel ill think about adding that to the mix, seems so tempting into manipulating these jack asses against each other :smile: :smile: . In another perspective i might be giving away too much interest to this matter. Havent red the book 48 laws of power but i will now for sure, thank you. Did you played it yourself? Any more tangible traits we can see using that sub?

@lowrider :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: … my fear with primal is that i actually pursue other females which i dont want at the moment, my wife and my kids we are doing great


Do have a look at the [Laws of Power] and see they will help you in the workplace.


Haha, by the way things are going now, they probably just might!