Elme Sex Mastery Journal


Update :

  • so i have been having some tests to my dominance this week, the funny one was this big duded went to the bar with 2 cuban hot chicks who normally flirt with me, i could feel he got intimidated and felt left out bcs they were giving me massive IOIs and talking with me, i ignored him and serve them drinks, some time after i told them they need to move to another area bcs i was closing it, reminding the 2 chicks i only let them in bcs they are " house costumers" and told them when they finnish they could leave their glasses outside, the guy was " or taken them home" i look at him and told him " yeah you can, its all beeing recorded‚Ķno big deal"
  • for the first time in my life i was almost eye rapped and flirted with this 2 meter hot girl and i am 1.70, she was so big and hot that i looked at her hands and thought twice if she was a woman or not‚Ķmy female friend was saying that big woman like that have big hands but fuck‚Ķhow do we fucking know these things.
  • noticed that if i iniciate simple chats girls always respond and get attracted, besides the bonus rounds where the girls are like in a trance eye fucking me, when i iniciate they will behave the same.
  • Thinking on why the man is always seeking for commitment‚Ķdoesnt make sense in my reality right now, when you have so many options even if you dont want it‚Ķmakes you think.
  • 2 days straight i felt nervous and couldnt even look ppl in the face, felt weak and afraid. All went gone, dont know what the fuck that was.
  • using all my strength to get a better JOB and continue with my online business.
  • bullies at work are in their place, actually have one of them at my side.Using 48 laws to play them.
  • some guys at work always try to invite me for after work beers, i dont dwell with unhappy and sad folks, its just a rule i settled, somehow in the past i felt i had to help these type of ppl out, i am not their fathers.
  • been going on full power‚Ķmy libido is on fire, trying to divert these to other areas or i will start to approach and courtship all these hotwoman that i normally see at work. Its like i have to take action‚Ķbut i normally dont go more than a few chats since i am happy with my wife.
    -Been thinking how in the past i spent to much time with the wrong ppl and having mental masturbation talks…thats over now.


A very detailed and interesting update and still cant beleive this is only from running sex mastery!!
Also how many loops per day to you do ?
Which country do you live in ?
Will you adding any other subs in the future?


@xanderson83 i Live in Portugal, do 2 loops of 20 mimutes in the car and at home if i am working day shifts i let it ride in the background until i go to sleep…if i do night shifts i do at least 3 hours of exposure.
I am thinking on adding other subs to the mix since i feel im almost at full power with Sex Mastery and yes only Sex Mastery.

Updates for the week:

  • Been having moments of extreme vulnerability, its like i want to cry like a baby or something but it vanishes during the day‚Ķsome sort of cleansing?
  • at work my boss is getting herself sexier to go to work, also she is always asking me stuff like i should dedide what products should we have‚Ķwhat is this? Lol
  • at lunch time i start to notice the 3 big groups of french girls always staying there when i am around
    …could be coincidence but i never saw them there and also they iniciate chats and flirt at distance. I thought it was impossible my subconscious could affect so many girls at the same time…i counted 23. Ill take a picture next time so you guys can see.
  • the business i started is getting better everyday, if all goes well i want to get out this job middle next year.
  • the bullies are more calm since i started doing the same things they do to me, also i made eachother taste their own venom‚Ķdivide and conquer.
    -had this extreme situation where i almost beat the shit out of a guy who basically runs out to pass me when i was waiting in line to get in for my daughter christsmas play…i swear i stoped for like 5 minutes looking at the sun to calm myself down…when the door opened i pushed the couple to the wall and yell at the guy saying i was the first to arrive there, he should check himself up, lack of respect will get him killed…also i pushed him around so that he would iniciate a fight with me but he didnt… i hate fucking bullies.
    -at home my wife is always trying to put me in frames but i fight relentlessly…its funny how all this verbal kungfu i was missing all this years.
  • can control myself way better during sex, my wife is starting to notice there is something different lol
  • i did a test to my dominance in the christmas party of my daughter, everyone would clap hands for stupid things, but i didnt but when i did the big alphas were clapping with me‚Ķfunny isnt it? I did it couple of times in different scenarios, so its not a coincidence.
    -there was a situation in the store where this guy went in and was beeing agressive with one of my female coworkers, i call her and went in to talk to the guy…basically he was the owner of another shop and wanted a specific tea that we didnt have…so he was insulting everyone. I looked at him and assertivly told him he sucked at beeing a manager, that if he was a good one he had antecipated this situation by checking a basic thing as stock of the product, also told him his shop should close for good, he didnt have profile to work withe public, after some verbal Kung fu he went on his way.
  • another episode happened in the bar where thin guy wanted to get some drinks, he was so wasted i told him i wouldnt serve him nothing,only a liter of water so he could sober up.He started demanding i served him bcs we had a contract blabla‚Ķi told him we only have a contract to rent the place and keep it open, if we want we dont serve nothing to anyone‚Ķ bcs loss or profits its our own decision. The guy got pissed and called the mall director‚Ķ i was sad i already left when this guy arrived.

So this type of situations are happening more frequently than ever before…dont know if my subconscious is creating all this scenarios for me to step up

Why do I get such strong dislike on Khan stage 1?

Un-fucking-believable! Only Sex Mastery?

Are you going to tap your boss? :sweat_smile:


@Michel :joy::joy::joy: i bet she would love that.

Want to know the best part? The same day i wrote the field report i got a raised from my boss :joy::joy::joy:


I have more adventures to tell but since i dont have too much time on my hands to write a full story, what do you think will happen if i combine Sex Mastery with Ascension? :joy::joy::joy:

Ascension has God Like masculinity wich i wanted tk buy too, so i guess its more alpha oriented in general?


I have been pretty consistent with this tape, its been almost 3 months i have been doing it 2 times a day for at least 30minutes in the car and on my days off more than 6 hours of exposure.

Dont know if i can evolve more from it but Regarding holding time in sex i bet i will, next stage is letting this all night long with Ascension Mogul, my next purchase.

Some updates of this wonderfull transformation:

  • My boss gave me a raise out of the blue, told everyone i was priceless in the company and thanked me for all the caring i had with my job.
  • Regarding the bullies i talked with the leader and found out he was resented with me for somethind i did that i didnt even notice, i told him the same. Invite the guy to see his favourite football club in the VIP part of the stadium that i normally get tickets from but since its not my club i dont even care to go. Now he treats me like i am his best friend, always calling me ‚Äúbrother‚Ä̂Ķ :joy::joy::joy:
  • i was talking with the new girl and she told me i like me because ‚Äúi dont tolerate bullshit‚ÄĚ funny how peoples perception of my already changed.
  • The crazy sexual tension continues, most of woman are drawned to me, eye balling me like crazy, some of them iniciate chats with stupid stuff.
  • Had some situations where i had to assert my will over stupid people‚Ķ in work there is a elevator we use mainly for merchandise or taking out the trash. I was seeing this guy pushing all the containers and got pissed no one helped him, went in grab some and put it in the elevator and went around to get them. What happened was my containers werent there and there was a guy sending stuff up, i grabed some of his stuff put it out of the elevator and told him people need to realize why there is stuff inside the elevator and send the stuff up so they would understand and send my stuff down, he started saying it was his boss blabla, and i told him i know it was him and told him that next time he does he should at least apologize and not beeing a pussy pointing fingers to somebody else, the guy was shaking‚Ķi had a moment of insanity i must say.
  • another moment was this big dude went with his girlfriend and wanted me to give him tape so he could take home and i told him sure, cut a bit of tape like 1cm and put it in his hand‚Ķthe guy was starting to get furious and agressive since i did this for almost 15minutes messing with him. He went off afterwards.
  • at work the submissive girl behaves like a crazy bitch always calling my name all the time, had to yell to her and told her she was wasting my name away with all this repetition and that i couldnt be everywhere at the same time. She got submissive again‚Ķ how crazy is this?
  • have tons of people wanted to be my friend and invite me for beer or something similar
  • have been getting sick more than usual this winter, can it be emotional release of traumas?
  • have been putting all my life in perspective, i want a big change next year.


@elme is the mufuggin’ MVP and the GOAT!


So i have been very consistent with Sex Mastery and although there are always new exciting things to talk ill be brief since i am thinking on adding Ascension Mogul to the mix.

This 15 days things that happened :

  • i started to wonder what happened if my father died, all sorts of shit hit the fan. I realized i am not beeing my own father if it makes any sense‚Ķ had some rough nights without sleep thinking if that happened i would be destroyed‚Ķlike a little child all alone in the dark.
  • relationship with my wife is the best i could ask for, major shifts happened in our relationship and the flame is burning more than ever. Sex is wonderfull and i last way longer in bed than i used too, i notice the results are way better when i use the sub in the same day. We are planning another kid and working hard on getting ourselfs our own company.
  • in Work the bully leader is my friend now :joy::joy::joy:‚Ķ and i turned him against the other guys. Basically all sorts of confrontations at work but it amazes me now because our bantering destroy the guys completly. So basically they are trying their own venom‚Ķsince the last talk we had we had the conclusion we were beeing played against eachother.
  • submissive girl at work always trying to make me react to her but i dont care anymore. Dont even respond to her questions.
  • The lust look of lust woman have remain but i just put it on autopilot, had this interesting encounter with the representative of the best champagne in the world, a married woman who was flirting with me and invited me to go see a game of football in the VIP area with all things included. So she came yesterday to give me the access to the VIP for me and my wife‚Ķ
  • So in work most of the times when i was choosing my vacations i always let people do it bcs i didnt want to push anyone‚Ķfunny how pussified i was. This time was different‚Ķ i marked every single day and told the submissive girl who always gets first that she could do it‚Ķ she responded agressivly that i was rushing things‚Ķand i told her " i dont rush baby‚Ķim already done" i could see her expressions change to pain since she was the one getting all the best days first.
  • I dont waste time on people that i dont like and make sure they know it‚Ķ this seller guy that sometimes came to my work appeared, i said hello and he started talking and i just ghost walking him out of oblivion, basically i left him talking to himself, he got pissed and tried to make me react but i did the surf sign like a hippie and moved on :joy::joy::joy:
  • my business is starting to grow allot, im so focused in getting this done i loose the time passing by.
  • sometimes in work the new girl tries to give me orders but i ignored or tell her to do her job. Sometimes she even asks for permission if she can speak to me‚Ķ i thought i was maybe beeing an asshole but honestly i dont care, this is the new me now deal with it.

Going to buy Ascension Mogul to the stack next month and will be putting it in loop all night with Sex Mastery… :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


From divorce to planning for another child??? Is that the biggest turnaround in Subliminal Club history? Forget about Ascended Mogul, Khan will have you kicking ass and taking ownership of the company!

I see what you mean about being your own father. Depending on your relationship, it’ll hurt badly when he’s gone, but the freedom you have in life is something special. You are your own man.


Hi Elme, you got great results though they seem remotely related to the nature of the sub you are using. I understand that you also practice concentration meditation and walking meditation. Could you develop on what else you do outside the subs that is of self improvement?
Also, I read that you try to shut your mind’s noise while listening to subs, how do you do that? (listening to brainwaves? or just meditating?)
cheers :slight_smile:


The relationship with my father is though, he never hugged me or anything or show any intensive emotions. I used to be a revolted little guy in my childhood because i didnt understand the hard truth…he did the best he could. He gave me basically everything i needed and wanted, most of the times he was doployed in some shitty country saving his troops ass or their allies, didnt even know my father knew all sorts of self defense until my uncle who is a veteran marine told me, so basically all this male energy in a sense is healing some past traumas and letting me go forward. Im planning on putting it on heavy rotation during the night with Ascended mogul. Why emperor @Michel ? I have been reading it makes you almost like an hermit.


Emperor? Not me, sir. Unless you really really want to start taking your employer hostage :smile:


@Psiklou Energy work would help allot removing blockages in your energy field and subconscious mind. I would also search for trataka a meditation practice to help you develop the third eye, purify it and give you wisdom and knowledge There is teachings in the sacred arts…but the road is full of dangers. Ill guide you if thats the path you want to go.

I would also incorporate breathing techniques into your daily routine, pranayama or the whim hoff method. Search what it can do…it will open pandoras box.


Thanks @Elme :grinning:

I just wanted you to share what you were doing beyond mere listening to the subs because your results seemed remotely related to the subs (even according to Saint).

Of course I would like to learn more about your path though I am mostly curious of practices not really new philosophies. Practices produce direct results while philosophies are intellectual ways to explain results imho.

Could you develop your breathing techniques? For example pranayama as far as I understand it is a set of techniques while whim hoff is a single breathing technique. What do you use? Maybe I should PM if I am derailing :sweat_smile:


So 15 days have passed and some major changes have been made :

  • Master bully at work is on my side, went to talk to the other bully to stop beeing an asshole to me, now it seems im in heaven at work.
  • Have noticed that the sexual gase have stabilized but it can be due to me skipping some days of exposure, i want to put this all night long but wanted to buy some kind of bluethooth portable since i too have a buethooth speaker bought for this‚Ķany recommendation guys?
  • Some competitors trying to fuck my business up, retreated and went to consult with lawyers and accountants, im kicking their asses with lawsuits.
  • Have been feeling like kinda of depression state where i dont want to look ppl in the eyes and shifting to me standing my ground everytime‚Ķdont understand this feelings but it could be due all the stress and pressure i been having to get the business working.
  • noticed that when i play the subs the day im having sex it gives me an instant boost, i want this all night long :joy::joy:
  • Big shifts in my marriege, more bonding, wife wants another kid, buying a bigger house, wants to join in with me in my business, getting an extra job to help us out with money for business.
  • Maybe its integration but i dont feel so much on edge but feel kinda like a feeling i want to dominate‚Ķcant really explain this but its beyond woman.
  • Made new friends with some alpha guys from security, have been teaching them finances and how they should invest their money.
  • Feel stuck at my current job, working hard to get off it.
  • Making new friends, its funny how since i shifted my way of thinking the people that i make friendships with are my mirror even in terms of thinking.

Next Step is Ascension Mogul, but i first need a good player with bluetooth so i can let it go all night


Cheap, durable and portable high value in terms of price quality bluetooth speaker is the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2.

What stack are you currently running?


@Hermit - he’s only running Sex Mastery. Must admit that I was surprised to read about his results by just running SM. It’s very potent and the quickest result-oriented subliminal over here.


Weapon X doing it’s work apparently. Sanguine is the second most potent and quickest result-oriented subliminal. Although I have found Emperor & Quantum Limitless to be very potent as well, but these subliminal’s don’t give a static result for everyone as it depends on the users input.


Im running only Sex Mastery and just 1hour a day in the car where i go work.

I already have a good portable speaker, i need a player that has bluethooth connection, maybe a portable one if that even exist.

I thought about Sanguine but ill probably will have problems with the ladies with that :joy::joy::joy:.