Elme Sex Mastery Journal


This thread/ journal is just unbelievable( in a good way). I mean he is doing life mastery shit on sex mastery sub.


@MavericKobra - haha exactly. Here I am stacking my playlist to the hilt with subs but this guy is getting it all with just Sex Mastery. Everytime I read his posts, I feel like going all Denzel Washington and saying “MY MAN!”


ROFL, I want to see what he will achieve through other subs, I suppose he will be a Titan on Ascended Mogul, A God on Emperor and Gods God on Khan. I suppose.


@MavericKobra - LOL! I hope that happens. Very inspiring.


Sex is the most powerful force of the universe - I’m not surprised.


Have been going with some crazy swings of humour… it seems this is so ingrained in my psyche now its good fun to watch myself in the background kicking ass on autopilot :wine_glass::wine_glass::partying_face::partying_face:

Some things changed dramatically :

  • The bullies at work stopped, the Leader of the pack is now my friend :joy::joy:
  • Have been bonding allot with my female boss, funny enough she told me all her fears and insecurities, kinda feel she is super attracted to me wich is funny bcs in the past this kinda of woman was not my type at all, but i do relate to her allot know.
  • have been having hard ons all day, my dick is harder than a fucking brick :joy::joy::joy::joy:
  • some people at work pisses me off for no reason, try to find out my agresivness to this type of ppl and found out they are the jerk / bully type…makes sense.
  • have been so fucking dominant that i had to restrain myself for not approaching woman…its kind of im fighting my own instincts as a man.
  • Dont like people telling me what to do, unless they are my superiors and treat me with respect, most often enough this stupid ppl trying to impose their will on me finish with their asses on a silver platter.
  • These alpha nasty girls from the Vault now say i belong to their gang…wtf… they invited me for coffe and i accepted, they pay for everything and they were enjoying my company… this escalated because one of this woman was trying to park the car with no success, i put my friend on the phone on hold and told her to get out that man have better brains to park cars. After this now im on their gang… they call me Bear. WTFFF…
  • One of the things i dont like sometimes is my wife asking me to pick stuff up or my kid and i get irritated and tell them to move their asses off… kinda feel like an asshole, sometimes feels i have so much testosterone that i cant switch off when i am at home.
  • been making good money, and even found good systems to get it, ill share some here in the forum

Ill let you guys pick my next tape, i tried to see if there was a good mp3/mp4 with bluethooth that i can let it ride all night connected to my wireless speaker.


@Elme have you added Ascension or Ascended Mogul already?


Not yet, want to buy an mp4 so i can connect to my bkuetooth speaker and red it ride all night.

When i do it ill probably be doing 2 ascended mogul and 1 sex mastery on my playlist.

My stack will be :

  • Sex Mastery , Ascended Mogul , GodLike Masculinity , Spartan and the commander.

Maybe ill be too alpha ? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Is that a good combo?


I would steadily increase your stack.

Run Sex Mastery & Ascended Mogul for a few months before adding in Spartan. I guess you can still use GM, Commander depending on your personal experience.


Thats a good advice… if only with Sex Mastery i feel like a beast, imagine with all these alpha subs on rotation. Ascended Mogul also have Sex Mastery Module, and other modules.

I want specific subs that interlink between each other.


Sex Mastery, Ascended Mogul & Spartan sounds like a good stack focused on one particular goal.

You’ve had good results so far by listening to one particular subliminal. Adding Ascended Mogul to Sex Mastery is still a pretty light stack and you’ll get amazing results with it. Run that for another 3 months straight and then you can probably add in Spartan. Hopefully by then Q is released which would enable you to combine both SM, AM & Spartan within one subliminal.

I’m looking forward to your results. I dropped Emperor as it was not in alignment with my current goals, I’m moving forward with Ascended Mogul as well. I’ll be testing Sex Mastery and after a good half year I’ll be adding in Daredevil.

My future looks like becoming a networking entrepreneur and public speaker which accompanies my personality very well. For now Emperor doesn’t really fit that lifestyle.

For my current company I have to do a lot of online meetings and Emperor wanted me to work and think on the projects behind the scenes, not really be in the meetings that much. This doesn’t fit my personality as well. Although I really want to become an Emperor I’d rather be a social Emperor.

With project Q upcoming I’ll hopefully be able to adapt the Emperor lifestyle, not to be so much of a sigma male but rather be more of a public speaking Emperor that attracts the best possible people for networking advantages. These are my natural talents, as I really flow in conversations socially and I love to teach and give lectures.

Depending on the upcoming project Q, I might want to test the Limitless Q script depending on the advantages.

My focus lies on becoming a social entrepreneur which builds community for increasing consciousness and is very well spoken with an understanding of psychology, consciousness, spirituality and health.

Moving forward with AM, SM (testing purposes), QL or L. I’ll be dropping the AM & SM for a while if I decide to move forward with the QL name embedded testing program. Although I don’t think it would benefit over the current QL.


By the way same here. I get insane results from subliminal and only running a few loops of a less dense program, for example AM gives me al most instantaneous results. My theory is that the time to manifest results from a certain subliminal depends on the vibration of each person. Your past physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma’s lower your current vibration in which it will take more hits of reconciliation for the conscious to be in alignment with the subconscious beliefs that are being changed by the subliminal.

Both of us are doing specific energy work, my thinking is that it affects our results pretty positive.

I’ve read from different persons on the forum that they’ve had serious amounts of anger arise from using different subliminal’s. I’ve not had this once. Perhaps because my emotional balance is monastic?

I do have upswings and downswings but my baseline is probably much more heightened. I can go from peace to bliss. Peace being when the reconciliation hits and total bliss once I’ve pulled through. I totally feels like being on XTC, it’s scientifically proven that the amounts of Serotonine you generate depends on your social status, so this totally makes sense.

Anyhow in the past I was running Emperor v4 alongside Quantum Limitless stage 4, I got a lot of brain fog from it but I could pull through and handle it. Right now the past few days have been harsh and reconciliation accompanied by the rough energies that have been coming in the past days really drains me energetically. Past few days a few energetic portals have been opened and depending on your vibratory rate and spiritual growth as well as your DNA strands which depend on the soul contract everyone of us grounds in those energies more or less depending on your situation.

I can differentiate the planetary energies, also when a certain portal opens and a soul flare from the corona of the sun comes in making earths schumann resonance increase over 50 hertz most often hits me right in the face, getting insane ascension symptoms. Literally feeling electrical shocks coming through your body and or feeling rushes of energy go through your spine. Alongside other rather odd bodily feelings for the changes in DNA that each of us are feeling.

I have this urge to awaken people and I’m going to leave country very soon to go to different states. Emperor wouldn’t allow me to go. I had this idea in my mind that building a community would take an Emperor to do it, which it does but not in the way Emperors script is currently working as it keeps me a little dissociated with the world instead of going out taking a plane and connecting with my beloved friends overseas.

Sorry for interrupting your journal. :slight_smile:

I wanted to give you some background information on me so that we can follow up on both our progress. So far SM has been to effective, I’ve had my sister becoming sexual with me and I really don’t want that. Eyeballs everywhere I go, at the gym the girl behind the income was biting here lip and eye fucking me when I passed, gently saying hello and smiling at me the whole time.


Your sister? :open_mouth:


Woah there, hold up. One second, bitte…

What the complete fuck?


You guys need to calm down.

I listened a few loops of SM, when I got downstairs she started to touch me and hug me like in a friendly way. She’s older then me, around 25, and she obviously finds me attractive. But after a few loops of SM she definitely acted strangely more sexual, like hugging me and not wanting to let me go etc.

But never got sexual like, are you out of your minds lol. It’s my sister.

More like that she was really attracted to me, and wanted to touch and hold me. Lot’s of details but that’s apparently not to be shared on the this forum.

Damn. What is it with you guys and sex… get over yourselves.


@hermit sex is a natural primal urge and function that all men have, why should I feel ashamed for that?


I can relate to what you are saying @Hermit but i am nowhere the time exposure maybe you are having…i do 2 runs of 30minutes each day in the car and i am getting all this behavioral changes so fast its nuts… i was seeing in the SM script if there wa something in it to not tolerate bullshit and it is…there is parts of the script of ascension.

Also had crazy shit with my sister in law…things of she touching me in my inner legs and brushing all over me. I think thats part of the process of beeing a sexually alpha male with a sexy aura :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.

Regarding the subs beeing activated faster i also agree, energy work, healing , Astral projection , and other occult practices that normal people would call me nut about it. The mind is our greatest allie when tamed, but knowing our spirit, our origin makes us all our lifes easier.


This is simply not what I’d call sexual from the get-go. Touchy-feely, yes, but not sexual.


Nothing wrong with that @Michel :slight_smile:

Sexually behavior but neither me or her would ever make it sexual. Ha, ew, no thank you. :smile:

I think @Elme can relate with me

Kind of similar experiences. I was just sharing this out of the interest for the community.

By the way @Elme, you have way more exposure then me. I did like 4 loops and the effects we’re insane. So you’ve been running SM for like over a month now? It is a pretty focused subliminal and I would say after a month that you can start stacking it with either Ascension or Ascended Mogul.

I’m looking forward to see your progression :))


@Hermit im going for the 5th month straigth with Sexual Mastery Alone, the only thing that keeps me asking questions is how i am almost on “edge” for bullshit and i dont want to talk to most people, like its a waste of time. But then there are also great traits like my female friend who was basically using me to get her to her house after work by car now goes by bus… bcs i stopped this hidden abuses.

Big update:
Just got intetview for job position to relocate to Greece Athens but the payout sucked…i told then bluntly that they pay shit to their employees… they really wanted me but i refuse to get treated and paid like shit.