Elme Stack Journal - Ascension Mogul, Sex Mastery and God Like Masculinity


ok so i tried my best to go with all this Q stack and im done with it, i not only regress in specific areas but got worse, going to get this out of my system with the Old subs and remove any Q sub i have, if @SaintSovereign would be kind to make available God Like Masculinity on the older version would be great. I will only loop Ascension V2 and Sex Mastery V2.

Dont know why this Q versions are having this effects on me but maybe the technology or maybe it messes with other subtle frequencies.


Relax, this is the reconciliation. Don’t be outcome dependent, and you’ll be great soon.


This is most certainly reconciliation. Guys, we didn’t change much in regards to scripting with the Q versions. We changed the build method, which now delivers a much larger dose of information with each loop. When we said “take it easy” with the Q stuff, we meant it. Cut back on the number of loops and take more rest days. The script is almost exactly the same – it’s the amount of information you’re receiving that’s changed. That’s it.

Overload / reconciliation manifests in people in different ways. It doesn’t HAVE to be just fatigue and mental tiredness. It can manifest as a desire to switch subs, or having no results at all when you were having them before, etc.

Take it easy. We’re actually updating the instruction manual with the new official recommendations and the such.



“Overload / reconciliation manifests in people in different ways. It doesn’t HAVE to be just fatigue and mental tiredness. It can manifest as a desire to switch subs, or having no results at all when you were having them before, etc.”

This is exactly I feel when i run SMX2 Q at night, I typically run them on ultrasonic all night near my pillows in phone. Since its lockdown here couldn’t text its effectiveness. But as you said i feel like no results at all. Elme in his previous journal mentioned he is prone to being in flaccid state , you know what I mean :grin: when he runs SMX2 .

So basically I keep comparing the results . But as you said I am still running it strong and being patient and trust in “Q”. Hope its physical effects like lasting longer will be a dream come true for me.


I undsrstand what you are saying but the problem is i feel way worse than before i even start any sub, regressing that much isnt normal. I was running 2 stacks of each, maybe that was too much.
The thing is i always get better results with the masked versions of subs, havent tried that out yet bcs my mp4 in the car stopped working.
I only stopped bcs i was having psyched attacks and other problems, could be to excessive listening of the subs.

My experience with Sex Mastery was great,i thought that exposing myself all night to subs could improve results but that might not be the case. Going to Test using Masked Q versions too see.


That’s a rather intriguing observation. I’ve been willing to run the Q version of SM myself but since you’re the only person here with a good background in SM sub, I might just hold it off until there’s more substantial reviews on it.


If I was you and had awesome results with the old versions, I’d stick with it. If ain’t broken why change it? Sometimes it’s best to stick with what works. Just my 2 cents tho. :sunglasses: At the end of the day how a sub is listened to is entirely individual.


I tried 2 loops SMQ before getting busy and tbh I had adverse effects so I stopped it.:rofl: I might attempt the old version at some point


So since i stopped the Q versions everything is back to normal, i dont know what effects ppl were having letting X2 subs running all night, but i had the best effects only listening to 1 loop a day in the car.

Im going to give 1 or 2 days break then i will loop the tracks like this, hope this helps others in the same situation :

  • Ascended Mogul x2
  • Sex Mastery X2
  • God like masculinity X if @SaintSovereign makes it available in my download section
  • 1 hour of silence ( silent track i made)

Second round the same.

Im doing these setups in this manner so the subconscious can rest and its not bombarbed all night with scripts make it way more effective, not repeating a stack after another will help aswell

Also i can made available the 1hour no sound track if the admins aprove.


Did you experience any increase in confidence in general with SM?


Confidence is just one of the traits sexual male energy brings to the table… it had profound impact on me.


One word “Jealous” lol . Will experience the same in Q in some more days I hope.


Some updates on getting back on track :

  • feel the male energy again powering up the house, this time is different since i use Ascension Mogul i can calibrate the anger feeling way better than using Sexual Mastery alone
  • getting back to the older X2 version of Sex Mastery and noticed tremendous results just in one day in regards to the Q version.
  • been felling sometimes i want to cry and sometimes i feel very dominant.
  • my wife told me she liked the older me better, and i asked what changed and she told me i walk differently and most of the times im bad as fuck…ok so that got me thinking having 2 loops in a row of ascension Mogul might be a bad thing.
    -been having allot of experiences where people offer me business ideas or actually money with their investments.
  • had this guy i barely speak coming to me saying if i get someone to buy him his car he would give 1k. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
  • had more experiences where i had to assert my will over others, this crazy motard guy beeping everyone to move to the right side of the road, but i was in the middle lane but didnt move, he tried several times to indimidate me but i stayed with the same expression without reacting and going my way.
  • i dont do what others want, like picking them stuff or tell them stuff , unless i see the person really needs help or has some kind of disability i ignore them.
  • my business is doing great, having tons if ideas business related.
  • seems like im healing past traumas, old feelings come back out of the blue.
  • woman now interact way more with me, i chit chat way more without wanting nothing from them.

Can the audio quality influence results? Think my laptop sound sucks compared to my car.

Going to do my stack like this:

  • 3 sex Mastery X2
  • 1 ascended Mogul
  • 2 hour of silence

P.s : the hard ons came back and the dreams went off compared to Q, i dreamt every night. Also my holding sexual intercourse came back to 1hour. Also Saturday and Sunday are rest Days off from subs.


Some minor updates :

  • have been feeling like i was beeing hit with reconciliation allot ( anger , wanted to change subs, aloof) so i decided i was over exposure myself.

What i did was created 2 stacks for each day that i run seperatly…i also have weekends off subs.

First stack :
2hours of silence
2x Sex Mastery X2
2hours of silence
2 x Ascended Mogul x2

Stack two :
2hours of silence
2X Sex Mastery x2
2x God Like Masculinity Q

I feel great when i do the Q stack, maybe because is lesser dense. Also after one Month ill change Sex Mastery X2 for Q version in both stacks.

The Ascende Mogul is so dense that even with 4 hours of silence i can still feel a bit overwhelmed, so with this measure lets see how its going to play out.
In the future i will introduce all the stacks to Q but for now i will do a slow integration.

Also a 2 hours of silence in the second stack could be a bad choice since they are lesser dense stacks.

Ill experiment and let everyone know.


Guys since i added the 2 hours of silence on the playlists the subs are manifesting way faster some good results :

  • my boss is gearing her attention towards me more, she even told me yesterday to go and help the other bosses at a totally different job.
  • girls are getting wilder and wilder, im getting super attraction from various hot girls, they even bluntly iniciate conversations.
  • i have this two lesbian now flirting with me, i noticed one of them now is way more feminine, she took care of her looks even more and now is harassing me. Yesterday i went to leave some groceries on warehouse and she follow me there and when i caught her " she said she was going to spook me"… this was the macho lesbian who intimidated everyone and know is hot and wants my companie and flirts? What the fuck is going on?
  • my demeanor changed, i walk differently my voice even got deeper, i also notice muscular gains on my chest and arms.
  • i notice people respect me even more to the point where this guy that was in jail for a 25 sentence talks to me like he is in a state of fear, cant explain it. What i can explain is that he always tried to impose his dominant beaviour on others and even try to intimidate people, right now with me he speaks like he is afraid and sometimes he doesnt speak at all… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.
  • one of my colleagues at work seems she is getting sexually stimulated when she is near me, i can feel her eyes and body screaming to me she wants to get banged hard. But displays, she speaks so close sometimes i even have to backdown bcs i think she is going to kiss me, she is always looking at my lips and touchy as hell.
  • on the holding time this time i could really feel the power of the subs, when i was having hard sex with my wife non stop i could feel i was going to orgasm and then my body shifted and my breathing shifted aswell, i noticed this was not normal since i never had done it, what amazing sex it was although i want to go even higher on the holding time. Congratulations subclub you guys deliver!!
  • Business wise i am way more focused and receiving mentorship and ideas from everywhere, i noticed money flowing opportunities and even more gains on my online business.
  • i noticed in periods of reconciliation i was almost in a state of depression but then persisted is just the opposite, specially with the saturday and sunday off togethet with the hours of silence between tracks.


So i decided to blend in some Q tracks with the X2 versions and the results were brutal.

  • in my normal stack of godlike Masculinity and Sex Mastery x2 added 4 tracks x2 and 1 Q of sex Mastery with 1 hour silence then added 4 Q godlike masculinity tracks and 1 hour of silence, instead of 2 hrs of silence at the end.
  • i was having vivid dreams tonight, i was with my childhood friend in a coffe shop and some guy bared on purpose against me, i turned over and trough my hot coffe into his face, i thought beating the shit out of this guy but i didnt… someone tool him away. Then we went to the mall and my friend start saying shit and i slightly punch him in the jaw line when he was still talking and said " we were doing this my way, shut up and come with me"… dont know what this all means but this is God Like Masculinity kicking ass for sure.
  • i feel way more happy now and my states are awesome, i talk with everyone, i tease / mock everyone and i have this non needyness in talking with people specially woman.
  • some girls have that smirk that i know they want me… its funny. I also dont react to shit tests and stupid stuff girls do, in the core of my beeing i am not reactive to the bullshit outside.
  • i am so assertive now its crazy…in the store i work some people try to assert their will on me sometimes saying " i want this wine plz" and i make them go pick their own stuff.
  • the other day this client came in and demanded i gave him wooden boxes for his new gardening projects, i told him we dont have boxes, he demanded to talk with my boss, i laughed in his face and told him i wouldnt do that, i told him we arent even allowed to do that, if he want to try his luck coming in the store next time. He asked for my name and i told him my name was Jhon Maclane :rofl::rofl::rofl:…( apparently he was not a movie enthusiast) i could imagine my boss face if he actually went to say something about my costumer service.
  • the depressed / sad states are over…probably was like everyone said it was reconciliation and also was some type of healing happening ( does ascension q have healing clearing modules? )
  • i am having tons of money opportunities coming by, i even found money in the beach sand, my wife even told me it was impossible that i could see those coins on the sand.
  • Ascension mogul is making me think on past things, this time i was reflecting why before my mother almost died and i broke up with my first wife i become a total mess, i think i victimized myself and went downhill blame the world and everyone for my pain, gained thid negative beliefs about people and negative habits… put away my good friends and started my social circle of shit. I always made friends easier and yesterday i aware of me becoming my older positive self, i was talking with a co worker and he was talking about moving to another job bcs here where i work they dont care about you, he has sick old parents and they make the guy work the night shifts, i told him if he needed something on my part im ok with that, going there seeing if they are ok or making them dinner. The guy looked at me with big eyes…saying wow are you serious? I told him yes… but i dont want nothing in return. I was giving genuine value to people, i was beeing genuine with myself mostly. I knew in that instant that the old me was back but not the nice guy… a better version that does what he wants but not loosing my human genuine side. I just made a new friend that day.
  • Ascension Mogul is making me think my beliefs about myself, like why shouldnt i express my sexuality towards woman even if i am married? Why does woman criticize this so much in our society but then some of them cheat their partners… why shouldnt i create options for myself? I know this might be confusing since i am happy married but still am i wrong?


So went to see what my subconscious were trying to tell me in the dream i had… guys this Q tracks are powerfull…

Meaning :

If you dream of punching someone or something, you may have some hidden anger or aggression within you.
It is also thought to show power- that you can draw strength from deep inside you- power you never knew you had.

Perhaps you anticipate quarrels in your near future so the tension has been building between you and someone else.

On the flipside, you may be surprising someone with a belief or opinion that doesn’t align with their own. You’re forcing an idea or view on someone else who doesn’t welcome it.

It can represent someone forcing their views on you that you don’t agree with or are willing to support. It may be symbolic of someone hurting your feelings or giving you some upsetting news.
If you fought back in your dream, this shows that you are able to give as good as you get when others choose to single you out, bully you or taunt you. It might not result in a physical response but you can hold your own against people who challenge you.

More positively, if you were drinking punch, then you might be feeling revitalised and refreshed after a particular event. You are at ease socially and you’re not noticing other people’s problems.

On the other hand, perhaps you are in need of strength and energy or you need to make an effort to get along with others better.


Wow guys Wow… thats just the only thing i have to say about the Q versions, specially Ascension Mogul.

3 days ago i changed all my 3 tracks of my playlist to the Q version of Ascension Mogul… and omg.
I was doing some groceries and was paying…this oldman literally almost gets on top of me waiting and i snapped… i was a bit sad because i dont think he didnt on purpose but man this is powerfull, felt this urge and heat on my body to explode and assert myself on that situation. I had aswell a bug biker dude try to intimidate and i almost started a fight bcs of it, the feeling i have inside is pretty powerfull, i dont impose myself on others but if others try do it ill go as far as i can go to assert my will over theirs.

Even at work this bossy girl was trying to make me do things for her and i just walked away and let her do all the things or just saying " yeah for sure" and not doing anything she wants.

I want to see how this is going to go on the business side,.

Had been having tons of dreams of my subconscious sending me messages, also i am disconnecting from all megativity specially at work where if gossip or things like that happen ill move elsewhere or assert my will ovet this negative people. People say i dont talk much now, but i dont talk with crappy people thats just it.


Since i decided to switch all the Sex mastery tracks to Q i have been having nauseas and bad effects. I guess my mind doesnt work well with weapon X q tracks, the Ascension mogul Q and Godlike Masculinity Q seems to be going great.

Some things happening this week:

  • Some guy on the road tried to hit my car and tried to intimidate me and my family…felt scared for the first time in these type of scenarios…what got me thinking why i felt that. A few days went by and i was going to the car from work…i cross this very bad neighberhood all the time and most of the times there are robberies and shootings in play daylight…i watched this gangster dood shouting too me, he grabbed a knife and he was shooting to me to go to him…i was walking calmly, then something switched on and i started to walk agressivly towards the guy, i even put myself in front of him on purpose… know what happened? Nothing…i remained fearless without saying a fucking word and moved to my car. The guys face was hiralious… i bet he was confused i was crazy or had a deathwish, he didnt said nothing. Inside i was so calm like i never felt before.
  • work related i dont know why the sub makes people lile kinda afraid to talk to me, cant explain but like they almost have this big respect, specially woman sometimes dont even look me in the eye.
  • on the other side of the spectrum i am having big results with alpha woman, woman that are very dominant are basically troughing themselvs at me.
  • the submissive girl is always trying to bust my balls, its like she feels the difference on my value and she feels attracted but she negates that attraction with stupid attempts of agression, she asked for a massage at work, i did but i had to restrain myself not to bend her over and possess her right there…this annimalistic bursts are fun to control.
  • Some people who talked fluently to me now kinda feel scared to talk and the other people now are making conversations and chit chat… wtf is going on?
  • its funny to see how i changed this couple of weeks bcs i was having this discussion with the submissive girl and the macho girl at work about for me a man that goes to a whorehouse paying for sex ( that he could get easily other wise for free is a weak man, a beta chump) and i firmly believed that, so they challanged me with these 2 options like i was single and could go to the top whorehouse or seduce a girl on a nightclub and fuck her but she could had STDS…that made me laugh bcs any girl can be a slut ( crazy wacko), its not necessary at night that you will find this partie girls, they are everywhere even in church, they felt threatned by this and were saying i should answer…i told them i choose my own woman, i go there and seduce her, if she chooses me i walk away. Even said if i was 70 and single i would approach woman instead of going to whore houses and shit like that…i always enjoyed the conquest and the rejections… the easy path is for weak people without the will to develop people skills the hard way…they were mocking me but they were attracted. Its funny to see that back in the days i would respond totally different from this, specially hiding my own beliefs about this matters.
    -very focused on my business and on the stockmarket
  • had the sexy security guard trying to make me had her on facebook, if i was single she could be a great fuck buddie but i know if i let this woman even near my wife or social circle she is going to do everything to destroy my marriege, she is very dominant and alpha…but i told her bluntly i choose you…you dont choose me. Guess she never like that soft rejection.
  • Been having mix feelings internally of beeing a bad ass and feeling weak as a baby… this shit is clearing all the bad programming on me, i can feel it, its like my mind is still holding to these bad beliefs and its swinging these emotions.
  • in work i only do what its my job…i see people lefting their jobs for others to do, like this type of silence bullying…i laugh at this people, i dont even pick shit on the floor that isnt mine.
  • i had this episode where this big alpha security guard left his bag hit the ground and was like waiting for me to pick it up for him… i said " you have to bend over to pick your shit bro"… hilarious


Are you living in Johannesburg or something? People pulling knives on you and shit?