Elme Stack Journal - Ascension Mogul, Sex Mastery and God Like Masculinity


Are u from South Africa @Michel


No, but I knew several South Africans…


I Live in Portugal but there are some nasty neighberhoods here were people are so poor they dont even have a ceiling in their homes so these are particular violent areas, this one in specific i do everyday to work.

This week have been a couple of interesting things happening :

  • Seems Ascension puts me on edge, had some situations that made me think why i was having those rage outbursts‚Ķ
    Example 1 - Went to have dinner with my parents and my wife, my dad went on the inside the restaurant and the owner told him to wait 15m bcs the staff were having dinner‚Ķ something inside me snaped, the door should have been closed and you never deny entry to a client with the door / everything opened i restraint myself bcs i thought maybe was me snapping out for nothing‚Ķ then we wanted some tables outside and one of the guys started putting ‚Äúreserved‚ÄĚ on them, kinda funny since he let some girls onto it, went in and talked with the manager, he got us a table outside, also the same guy tried to be nice later so he could get tips and i told him bluntly that first impressions dont happen twice, i treat ppl good that treat me good and hate hypocrits and assholes, i gave a big tip to the guy who served us, if i had to rate him on his service i would go 10/10, even went farther to go to the manager and told him that guy makes most of the money in the restaurant.
    Example 2 - i work with a family member, the macho girl, i had a verbal kungfu with her best friend and she got pissed, so she iniciated a verbal kungfu with me bcz she stated that my boss told her " we made a mistake" i didnt like her tone so basically i said to her that boss already had that conversation with me and that the real person that made the mistake had already been upfront about the situation, she snapped and i told her everything i wanted to tell her… she ended the conversation saying " im with problems" …funny how you stand up for yourself, now i have problems :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Not seeing any major results, but that can be a good thing since im not having any reconcilliation at all and feeling pretty good.
Been also having major anxiety but i tend to let it go and keep focusing on my business that is also doing well.


So i have been thinking if i am noticing Wealth improving habilities in the Ascended Mogul, and the thinking patterns are so ingrained i almost missed them completly, i compiled some of the improvments that might help people that bought the Ascension mogul track :

  • no longer spend money on drinking coffe at work, just serv myself on the bar machine
  • developed a bot to trade gold on the stock market and make people pay for it monthly plus broker comissions, i saw a fraudulent guy offering a similar kind of service and decided to do something of real value to people, for an Exchange of value.
  • im so focused on my amazon business that when i am working i am analyzing, finding new products and new ways to sell.
  • im asking for mentors help left and right (stockmarket and amazon)
  • my business just made 2k in profits, in 2 months that i started the tape‚Ķcoincidence?
    -i am expanding my business into other countries
  • i am creating a channel on guided hipnosis on youtube, since my older channel have 7k subs already and millions of views.
  • at work i am way more professional and my boss tells me important stuff to do, she also treats me like an equal.

So in reflecting i am actually having big results in wealth :grin::grin::grin:… is that is becoming so ingrained i didnt notice them cleaerly.

Also the Q versions are very powerfull, dense stacks require 2hours of silence minimum to give a smoother ride.

I have been thinking aswell that my experience with Sex Mastery was so good becuase i was only focusing on it.

So i might cut it off God Like Masculinity and just focus on Sex Mastery and Ascended Mogul. What you guys think? Since God Like Masculinity is in Ascension Mogul already. Primal Seduction will be my next purchase next Year.


That’s awesome.

I admire how much you seem to make things happen for yourself.


Thank you, yes i have been taking massive action into achieving the goals and visions that i want, its a tough ride but like reconciliation we need let it ride and keep going, not sending our towel into the ground, the next round begins as the sun comes up.


I decided to continue my stack with a little Twist and i am seeing results already, dont know if its placebo or not but :

  • only have 1 stack that i am doing and its like this
    2 tracks sex Mastery X2
    2 tracks sex Mastery Q
    1hour of silence
    3 ascended Mogul Q
    1 Hour of silence

I decide to cut off God Like Masculinity completly since it is on the Ascension Mogul already. I want to focus my results like a laser, what happen today was brilliant.

  • have tons of energy, seem the sub is manifesting Very Hot girls that come to me, or near me with great interactions.
  • The animalistic Urge of Sex Mastery X2 was toned down because i added 2 Q versions, the sex with my wife was so awesome she even said she couldnt hold herself bcs of my moves and my sexyness, for the first time i controlled my orgasm perfectly, only came when i wanted.
  • have this positive mood where i talk to everyone, made a new friend at work, the guy is the guy that everyone like here.
  • had this gay gay tried to harass me in transit even going further to come close to me in my car window that was open, open my door car to beat the shit out of the guy, then look at him with his arms on the air screaming in fear, he looked like a woman so i entered and moved on.
    -more and more people come to chitchat with me, woman specially have that magnectic gaze on them, man want to be my friend.


A literal badass.


Since i changed all my Sex Mastery Tracks to Q i have been having urges to trow up… dont know why, maybe i am over exposing with 6 Q tracks, but lets continue.

Havent had sex yet with all the Q versions of Sex Mastery but this new version is way more smoother, less animalistic than the X2 version with promising results i hope.

Regarding Ascended Mogul i have been having tremendous synchronicities events like :

  • had an idea to search for cheaper / quality packing for my business and ended up at the factory that produces to all europe, the guy there helped allot with prices and discounts, he even sell the same pproduts as me and gave me stores so i could see more products and the margins to add, have been having massive sales and have been grinding non stop‚Ķsleeping 5 to 6 hours a day to keep focused on my business.
  • bcs i dont feel like ascension is working but then i hade this rage from my gut to handle assholes‚Ķand ascension was there to back me up :
  • went to buy some groceries and the guy there start tk chit chat, all went well but i was on time, the guy was passing the items very slowly and pausing and talking‚Ķ i fucking snapped and told him to do is fucking job properly and shut up bcs that i wanted to pay‚Ķ its funny how this guys face was‚Ķi bet he does this shit to all the costumers but not me with ascension on.
  • another guy in my store was asking me questions about rose wines and i told them this specific french one he liked was from 2014‚Ķthe guy said in a rude voice that all the wines that count are the newer ones‚Ķi fucking snapped raiser my voice and told him " the wines that count are the wines that the costumers buy"
  • with 6 q tracks i am noticing tremendous results but also feel some reconciliation in my head, its like the brain is processing this‚Ķ but focusing on only one stack was the best thing i could have done.


I was beeing hit by reconciliation allot, but in a different way this time, funny how your mind fight change so much. So this time i was having physical things happened to me : wanted to trow up, pain in my feet etc, so i decided to Cut the Q tracks on Sex Mastery snd im doing fine, this is powerfull guys go slow.

So ton of things happened :

  • went to the mall and there was these 3 hot chicks talking, i could see they were from the hood by the way they were talking, so when i passed by looking at them, the hottest one tried to make me react saying " you are looking at me son of a @#$ " ‚Ķ i smiled put my fingers in my mouth like i was licking her and moved on.
  • been super focused on business, sales are booming like crazy, i think about my business, like im obsessed to succeed.
  • i was hit by reconciliation so i stop a day from Ascended Mogul playlist and addes God like masculinity alone Q with Sex Mastery‚Ķ man i was a beast even had a big discussion with my wife that day, in my mind i was beeing super assertive in a sense that she wanted to go to the beach and relax with the kid, i asked her if she was going to stay until friday there, we were on monday. She said she didnt know so i snapped and told her that if she wanted to stay there until friday she needs to help me out with my business and help with client orders‚Ķwe had a big fight but in my mind i was beeing super assertive, in her point of view i was beeing super agressive with words‚Ķ maybe this is me on edge bcs of sub.
  • new ascended mogul track has 3 Q tracks , and another 4 Sex Mastery, 2 Q 2 X2‚Ķill be changing to Q slowly the other 2 tracks.
  • noticed big results on Sex Mastery Q, i feel like if i keep at it i can control my ejaculation perfectly in the future.
  • Regarding Ascended Mogul i will be doing it for 1 year then ill change to Primal Seduction and maybe Emperor.
  • have a couple of girls interested at work so im building my social circle from scratch, lets see how this develops.
    -Seems everywhere i go i get a reaction from people, even in big reconciliation my presence is noticed.
  • dont have dreams anymore but that can be a good thing, like i am integrating everything.
  • my vibe from ascension only is more relaxed, dont get that many rage outbursts


A good reaction or a bad reaction?


It depends…some bad and some good. What i find interesting is that all of them try to make me react to them, kinda of defying leadership.


I noticed that also …the more I’m getting used to the script the less anger and aggression I have…


That’s good cause how you react to them makes you more and more alpha…


So i decided since i was going away to my beach house that i would pause on the tracks to see if they sticked…and man yes they did.

I was still working and the rest of my Family were enjoying the sun and the beach so a couple of episodes happened, and Ascension was there to back me up again and again :

  • couple came in my gourmet store to buy wine‚Ķthe guy decided to use his own bag to put all the 7 wines‚Ķ when he came to pay he was saying " i have 2 of these, 3 of those‚Ķ" and i noticed something was off, i told him to open the bag and saw he was lying‚Ķ so i rectified and charged all the 7 wines. The guy payed and at the end was checking his receipt and was screaming " you made a mistake" i told him bluntly that yes i did the mistake of believing what he was saying, so i rectifie his receipt and now he is paying his products like nornal people do‚Ķ his wife start to giggle‚Ķ the guy looked at me in disbelief i actually told him that and went away‚Ķ ascension was so quick to respond even my thought process couldnt keep up.
  • im working with a best friend in a project, the guy is always making excuses bcs he always sabotage himself regarding money‚Ķ i just called him and was as blunt and direct as possible, the talked went along these lines " man i have more than 100 clients waiting for you to code the rest of the program, if you dont like to make money tell me bcs i will solve this and get the 100k all fo myself, we dont live in a bubble and the world is a fucked up place, specially in business‚Ķso you commit to this 100% and make shit tons of money or you walk away like a cry baby" ‚Ķ he needs to get this done till the end of today, if not ill do it myself.
  • even when i was on my days off with family i used all my alone time ( shitting , morning run, coffe) to search new products for my brand.
  • my mothers wife respects me way more, i blunty say all kinds of stuff in her face, she knows understands im not a kid nor a doormat to anyone, i say what i am feeling period.
  • i am very assertive with my 4 year old daughter bcs she is alwayd behaving in a bad way, i guess kids to this to their parents but she knows she cant push too far now‚Ķ ascension is here :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:.

I can really feel internal and thiking patterns changed…lets hope to read all my journal 1 year from now and dont recognize my old me.