Emp v4 The Journey + stack sanguine + God like masculinity


has this worked for you?

if yes how many sessions did it take?


I never smoked but I used it for anxiety and past traumatic events in conjunction with Khan St1.

This depends on how deep the problems are. But you can definitely see results after just one session which is like max. 15 mins.


thanks, ill look into it…


Looking forward to reading how it goes for you and I wish you all the best. Make sure to journal your results and also sticking points. If you have any questions, you can also pm me.


thanks… will schedule it and let you know how it goes…


I really can’t say since I don’t know the kind of things you like.

I’m assuming you mean that the people around you are smokers too.

Whether or not you use any method to quit smoking, it all boils down to whether or not you really want to quit. And really wanting to quit means you need to will yourself to quit.

Think of it this way. When I smoked, on the average it took me 7 minutes to finish a stick. Longer if it was the 100’s (extra long) version. Now take 7 minutes multiplied by 40 sticks (you said you’re now smoking 2 packs a day). That’s over 4 and a half hours of doing nothing but inhaling smoke each day. Now imagine what you could have done in that 4 hour stretch. Could you have learned a new language? Maybe learned a new skill? Maybe went out to pick up women? Things are endless.


Friday do you believe this had any effect on subliminal programming whatsoever? I’ve read past reports of this diminishing results.


Thanks for your inputs…


What do you mean? If PSTEC is diminishing results? Definitely not, it would rather enhance the results.



Hey New Emperor User here, how’s yours progressing? Any Update?


its on going @Stellarhowl

for now all i can say its im more centered and calm than before.

although ppl state that other people tend to respect you more and stuff, i havent seen that yet. i am not setting major expectations, im just letting my mind change the way i look at things, although i notice more calmness, less reactivity to other peopls’s opinions, more self resourcefulness. small things like these…

my primary goal from this program is to master my emotions, then i will venture into other programs, cause the i need to have a grounded mind first, then i can take it tot the next level.

right now its waiting to escape the gravitiy of my 33+ years of useless and self limiting beliefs. actually i feel, by the time i hit escapae velocity on this, im gonna fly like a rocket… its just my intuition telling me that…


45 days and still going, consistency is the key…

I must tell you a few observations,
ive become so dettached from the outcome be it a woman, a sales target, the attachement to upgrade my life. whatever be it, there is this sense of i am COMPLETE, everything is happening for me rather than to me.

My boss looks at differently, with respect and tries to sell himself to me, i dont know why.

the changes are internal, and i can tell for sure, there is a grounded feeling, calmness and confidence is becoming a part of me.

explaining it is a bit difficult as the changes experienced are internal, its like my mind is migrating to another continent.

although i ve not developed any new habits however im still battling the following

  1. smoking addiction
  2. relapse on the fap
  3. staying away from porn
  4. the goals ive set…
  5. getting myself back to the gym after a month of break also due to the corona, the gym is shut

well lets see… still sticking to the plan of 1 sub, i do an average of 8 hours of ultrasonic on my phone, and 2-3 hours masked daily

so far, 352 hours of ultrasonic, about 130 hours of masked.


Best thing I could advise you to do is whenever you feel the urge to express yourself to, or do for someone you know doesn’t want you, ask yourself how you can direct that energy towards an act of self love instead. That should help you create a way to channel the energy and emotions instead of breaking down and running back to this woman


easier said than done…


You have to treat it as if she died. The relationship is over for you to move on you need to cut all ties from her. If you have her on social media delete her and block her, delete and block the phone number, stop runnning back to her and trying to contact her. For you to heal and move on from her you have to cut all ties. Keep running back to her is only going to prolong the healing. The relationship is over. It ran its course. It was just your turn. Now it’s time for you to heal.
This article by rollo will help you


thank you for sharing…


best of luck to you either way, hope you make the decisions that truly benefit you long-term.


im gonna do a nother week of emp v4 and then stop…thatll make it 60 days…


just completed 10 hours of ultrasonic EMP 4…


Maybe you need Sanguine