There’s been quite a bit of work put into Emperor the last few months already, so it’s not going to be that much more.

The scripting is nearly finished (finished the last technology to go in just earlier), just need to go through the whole of the script (truckload of pages, but won’t take too long), add a few details, and then we can build.

After that comes the testing phase, and then it will be released for the public.

If there is anything that needs to be tweaked in the testing phase, I’ll re-script those parts and then we re-build the whole subliminal.

I’d give it two weeks maximum.

Buckle up.


Any chance of a description?


New and last module - The Natural - added.


I’m going to come back to this forum tomorrow only to find you’ve added another module :smile:

Congrats on finishing your biggest sub yet!

Can’t wait to use it.


Super excited for this once I complete six months of Ascended Mogul


Brilliant news will be be able to combine emperor with the attract women sub you will be bringing out soon thanks


Any idea when Emperor will be released?


Best possible scenario: By Sunday night.
Worst possible scenario: By the end of the month.

The delays are bittersweet. We keep coming up with awesome ideas and having to implement them. I’m also considering including a copy of my eCommerce droppshipping course with every copy of Emperor, which has the exact blueprint I used to create a small online empire a year ago.


Very cool. Give a brief description?


Patience :wink:

As we’re still working on locking down the script, we can’t really give a description. I will say this: It’s both the next in the Ascension —> Ascended Mogul —> EMPEROR progression AND something completely on it’s own. While Ascension, Ascended Mogul, et. al. has personal reality bending scripting, EMPEROR has something far more powerful…


I was curious if there is a progression path. Any update on the release?


You should add some debt forgiveness thing. Like the user magically gets a letter saying their debt has been forgiven.


The ideal progression path would be: Ascended Mogul until you feel like you mostly embody the goals on the sales page, then Emperor for as long as possible.

I’ll put this out there now: The scripting in Emperor is absolutely insane and powerful. Not everyone will be able to handle it. It may be wise to spend 6-8 months on Ascended Mogul first before jumping into Emperor. In fact, if we find that people can’t handle it, we’re going to turn it into a multi-stage subliminal. For right now, consider Ascended Mogul the “preparation phase.”

Working on it as we speak. Release is soon, very soon.


Debt management is in Ascended Mogul, Mogul and Emperor.


I was planning on sticking with Ascension by itself for a while. As irritable as it’s made me the last few days I am having lots of fun with it. The next month or six are going to be an awesome ride. Would I still see the same things I am now running Ascended Mogul?


Ascended Mogul is a unique interweaving of the Ascension and Mogul scripts. This “synergy” will cause it to act slightly different, but overall, you should see the same goals. It just may take a bit longer to manifest.

Emperor is based on the Ascended Mogul “codebase.” You can stay on Ascension, then switch to Emperor and it’ll be easier to accept than if you hadn’t run anything at all. However, the recommended path is Ascended Mogul --> Emperor. You should be okay though.


What about listening to Ascension & Mogul one right after the other?


You’d probably get the same results as Ascended Mogul, albeit at a slower, yet more obvious pace – if that makes sense. Ascended Mogul is carefully woven together, and because of that, it takes longer to absorb. Ascension and Mogul are standalones, so you’ll “see” the effects quicker, but the deep effects take longer.


The EMPEROR is complete. Tomorrow (August 13th), we’ll upload and release. I’m very much looking forward to what this subliminal can do.


I was more talking about debt forgiveness. I would like a fresh debt free start.

So maybe something like manifest the money to cover your debt

or even challenging your loan company. You may or may not know that banks and most loan companies create money out of thin air, pretend to lend it to you and want it back with interest. I have seen post on other forums on challenging loan companies to make them prove they lent the money by showing the accounting. Some people get their loan forgiven by challenging their debt and some do not.

Would be great if the sub can help get the debt forgiven/written off