I will probably be checking the site all day so I can purchase Emperor & have it for when I want to start. After our back & forth discussion I decided to switch back to Ascended Mogul tonight after work. I’m willing to take the time let the audio do what it does . You said six to eight months. If you really think about it that’s not a long time. Especially to create the life you have always wanted


It may take longer, or shorter, depending on where you’re coming from in life. I equate subliminal use to taking health supplements / vitamins and going to the gym. The more you use them, the longer you use them, the healthier you are. I’ve been using them for a LONG time now, and will probably do so forever. That’s why the “set and forget” method is so crucial. Just turn it on and go about your day – don’t worry about the exposure.

In fact, in certain esoteric circles, you’re told not to “lust for results” when performing rituals, law of attraction stuff, etc., because the conscious mind gets too involved and sabotages your results. There was even a TED talk about something similar, where scientists discovered that talking about “what you’re going to do,” gave the brain the same reward as if you actually did it, thus lowering the odds of you actually DOING IT. So, just let it run and plug away at making your life better, and subliminals will GREATLY help on the back end.

On another note, Emperor WILL be available sometime today.


EMPEROR is officially out.

Get it while you can, because the price is going to go up soon. :wink:


I just read the description. Emperor is going to be so much fun. I’m going to purchase it this evening some time


Purchased Emperor last night. After reading the sales page it’s extremely difficult not to say f*** it & just go with that. I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed with the scope of what a self improvement tool is meant to do. Forget being Alpha . I am going to be an Emperor


I’m about to reach my 30 day mark on Ascension so I don’t think I’m ready for Emperor (just yet). Seems like a really powerful subliminal but at this stage I’m more interested in the seduction/attraction subliminal that will be coming out soon.


It is definitely something else… That feeling of power when you are running it is just exquisite.

It also has seduction and attraction in it, and will help you with women, but it is not as focused on women as the subliminal that is going to come out next.


Hi Saint,

I guess you won’t be offering a copy of your ecommerce dropshopping course along with Emperor?


I will – just not at launch. I went through the dropshipping course and realized a lot of it was outdated. Rather than give out old advice, I decided to update it first. In the meantime, if you’re interested in dropshipping, check out Travis Petelle @ www.kingpinning.com.

He’s INCREDIBLY knowledgeable about the topic and has made a TON of money. Met him personally at a number of marketing conferences.


Emperor EXTREME Experimental and Emperor Masked Experimental are now available under your downloads section under “My Account.” If it isn’t, send me a support PM ASAP.

The experimentals are NOT covered under the 30 day warranty, as they are experimentals.


You guys rock. It’s a pleasure to see your growth so rapidly since your launch :slight_smile:


So are Extreme and Masked subs are for customers that purchased Emperor?


Yes, they contain the ENTIRE program, just experimental versions. It wouldn’t be fair to customers that have already paid to just give the program away for free in the name of science.

That’s an INCREDIBLE value you’re getting for $34.99 (less for those who haven’t used the 30% “subclub” code). You’re getting Emperor proper, Emperor EXTREME (which so far, is very promising), as well as a masked version.

This isn’t pointed at you, @JLG1, but I’m shocked at how many people still PM and message support about the price and asking for discounts. People spend $34.95 on a bad dinner at Olive Garden, but can’t invest the same amount in their future?


A bad dinner at Olive Garden? I sense sarcasm


My only request for Subliminal Club is possibly doing a stand alone for Confidence


just out of curiousity, why do you want this as a standalone? IMO the status subs do plenty of confidence training. but curious to your opinion.


This is a review video of Emperor on YouTube so just click on the link. It’s interesting to hear the effects on other people using subliminals.



I watched maybe five minutes. I couldn’t take it seriously let alone calling women bitches is definitely a cool thing to do. Not


I just watched both of the reviews all the way through. Good to see and hear what others are experiencing


I’m working up to it. I’ve been running Ascension by itself for the last few days and I’m loving it. I have seriously considered stacking it with Mogul in an quasi Ascended Mogul.I want the impact of both so I’m going to run that stack for six months to give both enough time and focus but also a lead in to Emperor. I could care less about the attention of women or other people. I was raised by people that epitomize indolence and inertia. I’m done making the same mistakes and not having the mental or emotional maturity to learn from and grow beyond that .