Are there any plans for a terminus version of emperor? I’d love that :sunny:


Yes there a plans but I guess that is the wrong thread to discuss this. Look for the Emperor Main Thread not this old dinosaur



The next saga in the sequel “Emperor Forever” incorporating the best of Ultima and Terminus


Woohoo, awesome!
I can’t seem to find emp main thrrqd, the last emperor-related is v4-hype. But I got my answer, thanks.


How can i download the standard non q emperor like v4?
q seems to be too much as it’s prevented me from sleeping.
anybody know?


I think it’s too late for that

but what if you run 1 loop… ?

EmpQ is definitely much better than older versions. So if I were you I’d just lower the number of loops listened and go for EmperorQ.

However, some people may still have older versions… if you really want to do that @Rhinesuchus


I really wish i could, ran one loop yesterday morning and literally couldn’t fall asleep till 5 the next morning. something about big q titles just f*cks up my sleep, not sure if anyone experiences this?


Hm not me went great

nightmares happened

might not be emperor, ya know?

it’s covid times, ppl are overstressed, exposed to too much screen light, etc… there are many other factors that may mess up one’s sleep unfortunately :X I’d bet on those being the culprit rather than emperor tbh


Could try running Ascension first.


AMs been my main one for at least a year now, doesent feel like much anymore probably because im used to it. I just wanted to ramp it up with emperor💪🏻
hopefully I can sustain it.


That was smart of you.

I never actually ran Ascension.

Started with Ecstasy of Gold and then phased in Emperor for 2-4 months. Then when Stark Terminus appeared, I switched from Emperor to Stark and that’s been my combo ever since. If I were counseling my past self. I would definitely have run Ascended Mogul first. But when I found subliminal club I was not even aware that the discussion forum existed. I just read through the program descriptions on the Sub Club website and I chose the one that was most aligned with my aspirations.

So that’s my story.

It’s hard for me to separate my subliminal-related insomnia from any of the other insomnia-factors I’ve experienced. Strangely (well, not strangely, but miraculously), I am finding it easier to fall asleep these days. I have the module Deep Sleep in two different customs. And (knock on wood) it seems to be making a difference. I consider myself a ‘hard case’ in this area.

Make sure you’re hitting the Usual Insomnia Suspects. The increased mental activity associated with subliminal work is only one of the factors that will contribute to sleep difficulty. If you can hit some of the other ones, it will aid with adapting to the subliminal.


I was out like a log last night after doing a sleep hypnosis track, one of the first ones on a youtube search. I usually use binoural beats sleep tracks but im liking hypnosis now since you dont need to have headphones in all night, they usually come out anyways.


11-20-20 @ 2:30 PM;

Just so you know, that is usually a sign that you’ve run into some major resistance/blockage. I know this from experience, as I found myself going thru the same issue with a different sub I’ve been running. Sleepless nights, anxiety attacks, anger…those are some of the symptoms I experienced the most, especially when it came to dealing with past memories that triggered anger, shame, fear and guilt. This is where you have to man up and push thru it all if you want those issues to get resolved once and for all, no matter how difficult it’ll be, because it’s gonna get much worse than the insomnia, that I can assure you of, but you have to trust in the process.

For me, it took about a month, and every week that went by I could feel things getting better little by little, and now I can think of those past memories and not get negatively affected as much as I used to. It is the unfortunate reality that we must all go thru, if we really want to get past those negative blockages and the “baggage” that we all carry from different stages of life (limiting beliefs, social conditioning, bad relationships, etc…) which drags us down and holds us back from moving forward.


Haha. And I’m unable to sleep tonight.

Drank a whole bunch of kombucha. Can’t get away with stuff like that.


the high alcohol stuff? its pretty good compared to beer


nah, it’s fermented black tea.

slight amount of alcohol in there due to the fermentation, but not much.

i guess it’s got a bit of caffeine though. i try not to drink any after 12 or 1 pm, because my insomnia-having self will take any excuse to not fall asleep. But periodically, I pretend that I do not know this and drink 2 or maybe 10 bottles of the stuff. (Okay, more like 3.)


Love Kombucha, drinking regularly improves the quality of my thinking for some reason. Perhaps gut health or alkalinity