Emperor In The Making


Ultima it’s 1 loop, 5 days a week… Emperor It depends on how much I feel I can take. Sometimes it’s 3x loops, others it’s more… I forget the time since I get too focused on what I’m doing


honestly, I think this is way too much - especially together with Ultima which is already very strong on its own. Please consider less is more. You should try making a 2 day break and then only listen to 2 loops and see how it goes from there.


Will consider it after tomorrow. I wanna see something.


Day 11

I think it’s about time I start with vocal training.

Can’t seem to shake the desire for the survival sub… I’m starting to convince myself to get it.

I’m in some sort of reconciliation, doesn’t look like the sub is working… there’s should be a guide on how to deal with reconciliation, but that’s just a thought.

So me and wifey were having a talk, there’s no limits with our talks so one just says what they feel.

We were discussing my pool cleaning skills, which I can start using around the neighborhood - we came up with 2 business ideas that compliment each other.

After she’s done with work, she’ll start the research.

She ain’t just talk…

And that makes me fall deeper inlove with her.

One thing I’ve noticed about this whole relationship - it challenged me in ways I didn’t expect and it’s still challenging me.

Before I met her, I thought I was responsible because I work… she showed that ain’t it.

It’s like I’m unleashing a god thats trapped in me.

I’m becoming more masculine…

It’s not pleasant…

But it’s rewarding.

Cause we used to fight a lot - like a lot… that’s not the case, I’m dominant now and she looks up to me and does whatever I want.

My sex drive through the roof, I get turned on by just the thought of sex - sometimes, touch… even worse around my girl or just hearing her voice and/ a video call.

She’s well aware of it and it’s opening levels of sex I never thought I’d go thru yet.

Talked about the business ideas - came up with the research… we moving on with things.

Apparently my voice is deeper and husky and I didn’t even work on it… interesting, I wonder if it’s temporary or nah

I’m now left with 2 things in order to explode my businesses.


Day 12

I feel motivated…

I got this drive I can’t explain.

May as well act now before reconciliation hits.

I’m very impressed with my body language, it’s the world owes everything.

I feel powerful…

My chi is buzzing like I just meditated.

I feel the money coming and on top of that the ideas on my head just keep flowing.

I’m losing track of time.

My appetite has increased, I’m eating way more than I did the past week.

I started a fitness business to motivate myself to gym cause damn, I’m not keen for it, atleast I’ll be getting paid for it… anywho… 1 follower and 0 followings but 5 likes on the post I had.

I just went ahead and started it, I’ll first get clients then create the product… cause fuck perfection.

Both me and my girl made progress with our financials - not much, but it’s something.

Posted again on IG, 6 likes… that’s 11 prospects ima hit up in 2 hours… not bad for a first day with 1 follower lols.

This concludes my day since it’s midnight.


Day 13

A huge change happened…

From my walk to how I sit, its like I own everything.

Seems like the reconciliation changed a lot of things in me - my emotions are in check, I’m 100x more optimistic than my old self… negative self talk is out the window.

By any chance Sanguine was added as an unknown bonus to the Emperor?

I’m happy, very happy but like calm happy.

And it’s not like something really special happened in my life.

I hope that makes sense.

My girl told me that my drive inspires her to push further in life… I wanted to kiss myself, guess I do inspire people.

I get too hooked on my main sub I tend to forget what the Ultima’s do… Rebirth is the shit, I’ve had a very bad past and the memories just faded, when I look at it now it’s what was needed for me to grow as a person.

I was confused at first, cause I’m currently in a toxic environment despite living in a house that cost a million and something. Before Ultima that use to get to me, not anymore.

Reconciliation is happened…

It’s like my subconscious wanted to listen to more loops since I only did 2. Now I’m fine.


Day 14

Relaxed and lowkey fed up.

Very optimistic, despite wanting to achieve my goals immediately.

Very, very, very sexual…

I want to channel that into insane productivity.

Wishing myself luck.

Reconciliation hit bigger than ever.


Day 15

Reconciliation, nothing much to report…

I realized that I lack vision, I know where I want to go short term but long terms that’s not clear.

I’m doing okay in terms of business, made me sit down and come up with ways to improve it.

Hornier than ever.


Day 16

I had a strange dream, I’m in the woods being chased… my heart was pounding.

A thought was stuck in my mind…

I wish I had Survival sub.

I noticed that I’m too into my empire lately and I wanted to make new friends - preferably females.

Since I don’t wanna be a gay best friend, I got Libertine.

Not only that, with it I’ll be getting Indication of interest which will make the whole process much smoother.

Ran 1 loop of Libertine…

I wasn’t even halfway through…

Got accepted by 2 therapists on LinkedIn at the same time - they both females and here’s the thing… I sent them an invite 3 months ago.

While I was on call with my girl, my ex was in my inbox… wanting to come here, mind you I informed her that we me and her will never happen, we’ll just be friends.

She lives 438 miles away.

After the first loop…

My girl said my voice is more manlier.

And I’ve noticed that my walk has a swag but in an emperor way… hope that makes sense.

Females around me are nicer.

My girl was hornier than usual, even got a couple of nudes and more are on the way.

Not much was done in terms of work since it’s was a void moon, so I decided to improve my knowledge on the things I was learning.


Day 17

I feel calm and relaxed.

Had energy to maintain the pool - as I was maintaining it I was deep in thought, I’m so close to reaching the $2k goal but I’m stopped by an invisible barrier…

So it got me thinking, I should focus on 3 methods that drive prospects like crazy.

I’ll update how that goes.

Day 1 of acquiring a business, very optimistic. Found more ways to finance a deal - I’m confident I can buy any business without paying a single cent.

RU is doing wonderful thing… not pleasant but rewarding.

Im treated with more respect than usual.

I can’t wait to go out and test how I’m performing.

Hornier than usual.

Potentially could add $240k a year with an offer I came in contact with yesterday.


Day 18

I’ve never had this focus…

My mind is silent and I’m absorbing everything super fast.

Body language is godlike.

As I’m running LU, my aura feels hot.

Little to no reconciliation lately, I wonder why.

Woke up to 2 messages, one being from my ex… this woman really wanna see me but doesn’t wanna say it.

After some time I fell asleep, dreaming about my girl - she currently at her grandmas house… as I was dreaming, she called, I woke up, picked up the call… had a nice talk.

Before rebirth, I had a lot of insecurities and fears… not anymore, I’m impressed.

And the desire to add survival sub is gone, but will be adding Medic sub soon to improve Emperor.

Dramatic change with my focus, it’s zen like.

Reconciliation happened.

Fell asleep…

Dreamt about my girl…

Don’t remember the dream but I remember the feeling, felt good.

Drive increasing, I want more out of life.

Continued with personal branding, went through my birth chart to come up with my super power…

It is…

Growing your business through proven digital marketing efforts.

May refine as time goes on but it’s a start.

Learning how to do better research so I can do my new clients work - I started of by rewatching a program… boring as fuck, but thanks to BLU I was so focused.

Normally I would zone off because this shit boring… but that wasn’t the case.

I like this.

I’m very motivated, driven and optimistic.


Day 19

I’m motivated, very productive.

Had eyes on me, both women and men… meanwhile I wasn’t dressed in a special way.

People felt compelled to greet me.

Body language is great.


Day 20

Eyes are on me…

Everyone showing more respect.

My attention is on demand…

Got my exes popping up like flies, talking about they miss me.

Past 6pm…

And something inside me snapped, I don’t know what it is yet.


Day 21

Woke up, started doing work while in bed.

I’m hornier than ever…

People are nicer.

And I just figured out a way to complete my $2k goal without exhausting myself.


Day 22 - 26

I’m going thru some changes, that I can feel.

Before rebirth, I knew in order to get love I had to give love first.

I wanted unconditional love…

I had troubles being the first to give but eventually I was like fuck it… and i gave it knowing that a small percentage, shit could go wrong.

That transformed my relationship into new level because she also ended up loving me unconditionally.

A day we can’t go more than 3 hours without talking to each other.

No forced conversation…

And we both progressing tremendously.

I also noticed she’s becoming more feminine…

And freakier…

Like a whole new level of freaky.

I like it.

And I’m not even pursuing anyone.

I can now have a minimum of 3 appointments a day - I’m working with multiple niches, only left with 2 niches to test so I can find out which niche do I wanna focus on.

Everyone’s nicer and I easily handle conflicts.

Reconciliation happened during the days, nothing major… I was doubting myself - my guess something was changing.

Productivity dipped but I’m moving 2x faster than when I’m productive… weird.


Wow bro, looks like Emperor is really making an impact on you eh? Did you run another sub before this? What’s your listening pattern like? Thinking of getting Emperor in a couple months time closer to new year.


Ran emperor first…

It broke me down, made me grow from a lot of things… I’m 22, soon to be 23.

Then I added primal, I guess with that combo helped me greatly be with my girl… she’s older than me, and certainly hasn’t been with anyone younger than her till she met me.

She told me there is something about me, although she never thought me and her would happen, shit escalated quickly.

In terms of sex, I can now make love…

I used to struggle with that.

And when it comes to my stamina, I was blessed with one… from the time I lost my virginity I never struggled with it.

I can go for hours, I decide when to cum.

My libido has improved drastically but what I love is that it’s directed to my woman, she no longer ask if I’m turned on…

Her voice, seeing her, her presence… she could be making us breakfast and I’ll be turned on… we could be doing shopping and I’ll still be turned on. She satisfies me in all ways.

In terms work, my business should have sank when Corona started… I didn’t give up, I kept pushing… learning new skills, showing up everyday and never giving up.

Now I’m at a place, just by repeating the processes a couple of times, I’ll be living my dreams on earth.

I now listen to a minimum of 5 loops of Emperor everyday, I gauge myself if I should stop at 5 loops or continue.

If it wasn’t for the breaks, I’d be fucked.


Well done!
Excellent work


Day 27

Very optimistic and nervous at the same time.

I don’t know how the next coming days will be, I’m living in the future and I don’t like that.

I was in my head then I messed up my sales call - I need to work on being in flow and not live in the future.


I feel very good.

Rebirth is playing and I’m feeling so insecure, I have doubts but at the same time I’m looking for a way forward.

Proceeded to clean my aura and chakras then did a protection meditation…

Just like that, I’m feeling normal again.

Rebirth still playing and I’m feeling very optimistic and it’s for a good reason… I’m so close to achieving my goals.

I got this surge of energy…

I wanna grind.

Chances are high I’m not sleeping tonight.


enjoying reading your journal and seeing the progress/results

can you post here or pm me recommended resources for this?