Emperor In The Making


Me too, I’m interested in this as well.


Basic one…

Visualize(daydream) your aura and chakras engulfed by white gold energy.

Visualize(daydream) your aura engulfed by bright gold energy…

Affirm your ideal version of protection.

E.g(not the one I’m using)

I’m safe, healthy and protected from negative energies. (x3)

I use Runes for my meditation…

Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who can’t feel their chi 24/7 AND can’t handle high levels of energy.


I’ll start with the basics
I get the first instructions around energy
I don’t have a consciously chosen version of ideal protection, I could look into that.

Runes physically like the Norse stones or the images of those Runes in your mind?


There’s no need for stones. Either you visualize them or you feel them… sometimes both.


Day 28-44

Instead of working hard, I’m finding ways to achieve more with the same energy.

I’m delegating tasks…

Coming up with better methods of doing the same shit.

Reconciliation hit me far too many times…

It took a while to know why.

And also about 2 days ago I realized I hadn’t taken a break with EQ.

So I took time off…

As the info was processing, I became weak.

Weak as in, it was breaking me down.

After, I started to pick up…

Same way of working, just improved efforts.

I’m more focused now than before.

Sex drive, meh… it comes when it’s needed, other than that… my vision is what’s up.

Connecting was a problem due to digesting info but now I’m back at it. Even went back to David Tian’s Rock Solid Relationships course…

Because truth be told, I’m most tested in serious relationships.

I’m more in touch with my godly side than ever.

Very soon…

I’ll be getting the custom sub which will include;

Emperor + Primal Seduction + Sex Mastery

Alpha Body Language

Alpha of Alpha

Invincible Presence

Leader of Men

Emperor’s Voice

Godlike Masculinity

Gorgeous Manifestor


Information Releaser

Perfect Style and Smell

Love without Attachment



Seducer’s Gaze


Transcendental Connection

Ultimate Writer

And HOM as well as Commander.

So my stack will be…

Custom Sub Terminus + Rebirth + HOM + Commander


Day 44

I’m losing track of time…

I’m consumed by my improvement.

I’m talking to prospects and building relationships with them… Whether they can take on my services now or in the future.

Networking, networking, networking…

That seems to be the name of the game lately. I wanna continue to work on my personal branding so I can dominate business.

And I’m building possible partnerships - exchanging services to better our businesses.

I’m super pumped up right now.

Consistently having to bring myself out of business…

I’ve never seen myself this focused.

I’m super optimistic and excited, I can’t even sleep rn.


Your continued progress and evolution is great to hear.

whats your current stack ?
5x+ loops of Emperor Q
and Libertine?


It’s exactly that.

Right now it’s like I got infinite energy while I’m supposed to be sleeping.

This vigor is more than that of meditation + kundalini yoga.



Do you think you could do global review of the way you think rebirth Ultima helped you in your journey vs. when you weren’t running it?

Main Disc. Thread - Rebirth Ultima

I had a lot of insecurities, for most part they lied dormant…

Not sure if it’s because I wasn’t challenged or that I didn’t give a shit… maybe both.

Anywho, deep into my relationship, they showed up - it was bad, ended up fighting a lot due to not being man enough(letting my emotions do the talking or letting shit slide instead of putting an end to problems at an early stage) and/ I’d dance to her tune of.

I got dumped more than 10x - about 3x I was the one to reach out first.

Then came a time when we had the biggest fight out of them all and her words were…. I don’t wanna grow up and take responsibility, I’d make an excuse cause the status quo wasn’t in my favor.

She was right…

Luckily for us, I was already working on that.

Then came RU…

Slowly, it removed a lot of my insecurities to the point that rn I can confidently say I got less than 5 of em and that they’re manageable and aren’t major.

She herself not so long ago pointed out how I’ve grew as a person and I’ve stepped up.

She finds it very sexy but that could also be the works of LBU… and after today morning I’m convinced it’s both🙃