Emperor , Primal Seduction,Daredevil and Sex mastery X


Update day 97
Only running PS Iron throne and sex mastery

I still think PS IT is a potent subliminal, work schedule is kinda back to normal so will be going out more approaching women day & night for a few hours!

Been seeing a woman regular who has literally fallen for me in rapid rapid manner and now refers to me as " sex on legs " and a "sex god " …plus she said i have awoken something inside her …lol

This must be the effect of my bedrooms skills combined with sex mastery as i listen to it for 2 loops a day , so gonna continue that until 2020 . Will see the continued effects of PS IT this month and update in due course


@xanderson83 - awesome journal. I remember a youtube review of Sex Mastery saying that if you have any doubts about SubClub subs, then start with Sex Mastery and all your doubts will be gone cause it is that potent lol. This, and many other journals, confirm it.

Right now am working on my health and wealth with Khan so am postponing Sex Mastery but, man, can’t wait to try it.


Update day 101:
One thing i will point out is that PSIT definitely supports you if you take action and know theory as its no point getting a subliminal not taking action .

I had a date Thursday with a woman i met 2 months ago , we both had hectic schedules but finally got around to meeting and ended up in my bedroom but i will say on the date i was laid back and didn’t put any effort in comparison to myself a year ago !

Last night was in a club , met a chick and took her home the same night , again i was totally into her but in a non needy try hard way …it even took an hour to actually decide to leave as her friend was messing about etc…i stayed completely grounded …no upset or negative energy or desperation.

Sex mastery x again proves itself as we had sex for over 3 hours , another happy lady on the hook …lool

Obvioisly alongside PSIT i read up on game theory regularly, will be interesting to see what progress i make this month as will be going out more often


Update day 139 of running PS: Iron throne

Slept with 2 new girls last week , have been getting consistent results even with my hectic work schedule.

I will likely run this indefinitely alongside other subs and see where the road takes me .