Emperor , Primal Seduction,Daredevil and Sex mastery X


Update day 97
Only running PS Iron throne and sex mastery

I still think PS IT is a potent subliminal, work schedule is kinda back to normal so will be going out more approaching women day & night for a few hours!

Been seeing a woman regular who has literally fallen for me in rapid rapid manner and now refers to me as " sex on legs " and a "sex god " …plus she said i have awoken something inside her …lol

This must be the effect of my bedrooms skills combined with sex mastery as i listen to it for 2 loops a day , so gonna continue that until 2020 . Will see the continued effects of PS IT this month and update in due course


@xanderson83 - awesome journal. I remember a youtube review of Sex Mastery saying that if you have any doubts about SubClub subs, then start with Sex Mastery and all your doubts will be gone cause it is that potent lol. This, and many other journals, confirm it.

Right now am working on my health and wealth with Khan so am postponing Sex Mastery but, man, can’t wait to try it.


Update day 101:
One thing i will point out is that PSIT definitely supports you if you take action and know theory as its no point getting a subliminal not taking action .

I had a date Thursday with a woman i met 2 months ago , we both had hectic schedules but finally got around to meeting and ended up in my bedroom but i will say on the date i was laid back and didn’t put any effort in comparison to myself a year ago !

Last night was in a club , met a chick and took her home the same night , again i was totally into her but in a non needy try hard way …it even took an hour to actually decide to leave as her friend was messing about etc…i stayed completely grounded …no upset or negative energy or desperation.

Sex mastery x again proves itself as we had sex for over 3 hours , another happy lady on the hook …lool

Obvioisly alongside PSIT i read up on game theory regularly, will be interesting to see what progress i make this month as will be going out more often


Update day 139 of running PS: Iron throne

Slept with 2 new girls last week , have been getting consistent results even with my hectic work schedule.

I will likely run this indefinitely alongside other subs and see where the road takes me .


Update day 160 of running PS Irone throne : more attentuon from women and a lot more women at work changing their behaviour towards me , i speak my mind more and way more assertive in general !

Success with women has been consistent, new girls every few weeks instead of months ! Will likely run PS Irone throne for another year at least combined with a few other programs


Update day 177 of running Iron throne/ sex mastery
4 loops IT
4 loops SM v2
Mainly ultrasonic but also a loop here and there masked !
: was out last week , met a tourist on a pub crawl , things flowed from the first bar…physical and all game stuff …couldn’t seal the deal in the end but learned a lot . Plus lots of attention from other women in the various bars. I will run irone throne for another year !!

sex mastery gives me unlimited stamina as i combine it with PC holds , now its like i can’t finish ( 1 hour minnimum) :wink: …not sure if a blessing or curse …seeing 3 different women regularly …all say they love my Meat …lol . I will also run this indefinitely for the foreseeable future :slight_smile:

I will be out for the next 4 nights so will see what happens :wink:


These voracious meat lovers! Well done @xanderson83 it really does feel like superpowers doesn’t it? How did we manage to live without it?


Remember @KingR these subliminals are assistants, even before i discovwred these I was still chasing women anyway aka taking action .


@xanderson83 of course! I am 100% with you on that! I was alluding to the Sexual Mastery part as the superpowers! It’s been day and night for me since I have started using it!


Update day 188 : slept with 3 new girls in 4 days , sex mastery prevails yet again !


Update day 207 : PSIT/SMXv2 : still running strong , will give a detailed breakdown in a future post . Had 1 new girl a few days ago , seemed effortless and i was totally carefree !


Awesome thread. Congrats on the progress!

My question is about Kegels… What was your routine starting out? How did you increase it? Do yo udo reverse kegels?

Thank you!

My main concern is sometimes doing kegels makes things worse if the PC muscle gets too tired, so i wanted to know how you progressed your workouts.


Been doing Kegels for about 5 years plus , gradually built up to 100’s of reps i do daily !

The PC muscle is hardly ever used so wouldnt think it can get tired , not in my case anyway


awsome journal, just curious, where do you go to put yourself in a position to practice talking to women repetitively?


I go out a few times a week to meet women


Update day 230 : Slept with 2 new women last week, very easy …literally both women approached me in different ways , i just kept my cool and followed my usual process !

Have definitely seen my game leap bounds since adding subliminal seduction/sex club products and will most likely use them until i reach my goals !


Update day 241 : Another new girl a few days ago , i certainly believe running multiple stacks that have similar scripts can only help one another and not overlaod the brain…in my case anyway . I haven’t really had any bad side effects since the first few months . I would say Khan gives you drive and motivation to approach women , PSIT gives you assistance with gaming women and SMv2 assists with bedroom stuff .


Yes, and PSIT and SMv2 are mostly in Khan, so you’re running just Khan with a boosted PSIT and SMv2 component :wink:

It’s a Khan with an increased focus on seduction. A totally mixed stack would be something like Khan + Emperor Fitness + Gaming Mastery X.


Yes that’s right @AMASH pretty much this :


Awesome work man. What are your current goals regarding women/seduction?