Emperor , Primal Seduction,Daredevil and Sex mastery X


I’m focusing on night game only , i set myself a life time goal but also yearly goals , i will eventually venture into daytime stuff but i want a rock solid night game ability which is my priority for now !


Update day 249 : Slept with a new woman Friday night , everything flowed effortlessly and had even been drinking quite heavily beforehand as was at a leaving do ! Basic approach and conversation and back to her place at closing time . I think these products have given me a slight edge in regard to not worrying about getting women and not having so much pressure put upon myself. My social skils have rocketed with women as well as my seduction skills .

I was out saturday night , was still tired and shattered from the night before /day after so was not in the mood to chat to girls or dgaf …perhaps from the previois nights success or tiredness in general.
I also have a deep cool self assured confidence that women want me and i dont have to do anything or put much work into getting a woman as i know I have good knowledge and can pick and choose which tools i need in regard to the woman / situation.


Update day 255 :

Something i forgot to mention is that running these subs have driven me towards the choice of becoming self employed and having freedom of choice in regard to my working life and career plans . I left me full time job to work less hours so can do other things and have more work / life balance !

Also i was seeing multiple women at once a few months ago but realised this was sabotaging my seduction long term goals as i became lazy and un motivated to purse new women to a degree and have easily already replaced them with two new ones in under a month !

I obviously still have bad nights out without success but i have no qualms about that whatsoever and understand its part of the entire process and welcome those bad nights as its all learning ! What people need to understand is to rewire decades of bad habbits it will take years to reprogram and btw my age which i have not made known is 37 years old !


Don’t really understand this. You were seeing multiple women once a month and that demotivated you to pursue women?


What i meant is i became lazy with approaching new women as you kinda have in the back of your mind …“i have 3 women on the go etc…why go with effort of working on new girls” … which becomes a crutch / excuse to not keep on improving and actively trying to get new women on a regular basis …this hasn’t been the first time i have juggled multiple women at once …a similar example is if you became comfortable in a job and stop thinking of achieving bigger things or progressing up the ladder etc


Not that this is a bad position to be in. It’s good to be ambitious as long as you have a good reason—avoid the perils of looking for more “just cause!”

Going with the job example, suppose you made $1,000,000 a year. That’s far beyond what most people make a year. Yes, you can do better—now the question is, why? The answer to “why” becomes more and more significant as you achieve more success, less you fall into the trap of perpetually racing to the next thing, shifting goalposts and never quite being content with where you are. I’ve seen that myself as I’ve risen up the career ladder and improved my finances!


Update day 267 : Consistently using this stack 24/7 with the odd day off , can’t wait to get to the 1 year mark and see how my overall changes and adjust this stack.


Update day 281: What journey its been…nearing that 300 day mark , currently seeing two women , going well …had one nearly mention the L word and the other is addicted to me sexually . Obviously haven not been out because of this lock down but will use it to read up on self improvement and use online dating to keep one foot in the deep end etc


That stack creates powerful results, nice


Update day 294 : Have downloaded all the Q upgrades so this will be my stack for the next 6 - 12 months :
Emperor Q x 3 loops
Khan stage 4 Q x 4 loops
PS :Irone throne Q x 3 loops
Sex mastery X v2 Q x 2 loops

Running 24/7 Ultrasonic and masked occasionally when in public with headphones

I think my subconscious can handle that amount as have been running it on the normal versions for the past 6 months or so without issues !

I will write a detailed long review at some point …lol


Update day 324 : still going strong and adding more daytime masked usage for the above stack


Update Day 345 : Tempted to remove a few from my stack , will reevaluate at the 1 year mark asi only want to focus on seduction and maybe Khan Q stage 4 and Emperor Q may be too much but will see as have been running this huge stack for so long so might just wait it out .


Update day 373 : Still running the Q stack … Just passed the year mark , can confidently say this has improved my life in unlimited ways but mainly in the romance department as that has been my sole focus .


Congrats on passing the year mark,

Goes to show the incredible results with sticking with a sub game plan

How has adding Emperor Q effected your seduction results?


Wow i loved to read your journey. Have a few questions for you if you can answer?

My stack is ascended Mogul with Sex Mastery … i was thinking in adding khan would you advise? Dont want to loose the produtivity and mental focus people talk about on Emperor…
Also what were the most benefits you got from Khan? The most obvious results?
Most people start with Primal seduction… why only iron throne?

Best regards


Update day : 415 ,still runing stack and have added 1 loop of Libertine ultima in the morning or evening depending on schedule


I would say stay with the AM / SM stack for another 3 months then maybe add khan and monitor any result changes etc

Khan results are trickly as i have a few major programs in my stack, the specific stage i did notice a jump was stage 3 .

I did start with PS first then changed to iron throne , mainly from the results people posted on here plus emperor already has healing modules in it as well so chose to move onto throne .


Update day day 431 : still running stack plus libertine ultima once a day


Lost your old account? :stuck_out_tongue:


Your brain is a beast to handle that stack.

will you share some detail on how it’s effecting your life, self, results etc?