Emperor Q+House of Medici - [Stacked]


Yeah just DR and Stark Q.

Emperor has a lot going on and I feel like it’s best to do 12-18 months on it. Both Q and Terminus.

If Stark looks promising on this 2 week run then I’ll double down, run it for 90 days and reevaluate things from there.


I’m on my 10th month of Emperor (9th since Q version)
and feel I’m just getting started on its effects. I’d say 18th months to really even see it’s full effect.
Initially it was crazy powerful and in my face, then became natural and subtle
and is I’m only now seeing how to use it again, without that initial reality distorting effect.
Which comes and goes based off my actions.

I was thinking of testing stark soon, what has you want to test it over continued use of Emperor if your open to sharing?


Thank you for posting about Nuru. I’d never heard or read about it before. I’ve added it to my Resources of Interest list. :pray:t6::pray:t6:


@Malkuth, you’re welcome. Even the founders story as to how and where he got the idea was powerful.

Glad they’ve piqued your interest.


I know I have watched too much porn when the word “Nuru” means something else to me :grin:


In a word? Elegance.

On Stark the solutions I’ve come up with to various problems were more elegant.

Which for me means clearing a direct path to the most effective long-term solution. And getting there with the least amount of noise.

With Emperor I’d identify a problem and power through it. Not much went into looking at problems holistically/in relation to other challenges.

So far listening to Stark Q and Dragon Reborn, great ideas but I easily just sit in bed and watch tv.

Zero motivation.

The things I got done were basic like taking out the trash and recycling.

However I have had some interesting solutions manifestation. Not enough to keep me though. I’ll follow through till years end but this already feels like a dud.

May need to run Emperor and BLU once I’ve finished all stages of Dragon Reborn.

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Maybe try Limitless Executive or just Executive to help get some motivation and drive back to you, or make an ultima with carpe diem ascended an unrelenting wealth motivation.


Great idea @Floridianninja. I hadn’t considered creating a custom ultima.


That’s disappointing, could be recon, or running an action based Ultima alongside as mentioned above, could help

You mentioned Emperor and BLU once you’ve finished with all Dragon Reborn stages, but ending Stark stack by years end…so will you run DR solo?


@Azriel, maybe recon. I haven’t really had any since running Dragon Reborn and still on ST 1.

This shit is unreal — love it.

Although I’ve started getting drowsy while running it but no other ill effects.

I’ve used the Commander Ultima. Initially had a massive productivity boost when paired with Stark Ultima but that’s gone. Seems to pair better with Emperor for some reason.

What I’ll do at this point (unless something changes with this trial run of Stark) is run Emperor and Dragon Reborn Starting January 1. Will Run that combo for 4 months. Then swap out DR for another sub.

Have been tempted to add PCC based on your positive experiences. Just don’t want to run to many programs.


I have been testing and tempted. My plan is to run my current Emperor custom with DR and my physical/Seduction custom- as I have been doing consistently… until February 1st. At that point
I will remake my two customs and one will include the PCC core.


If you don’t mind sharing, what’s in your physical seduction custom?


Also just had a thought, I’ve used two programs in the past that worked really well. Both hypnosis based, I’ll start using them both today and see what happens.

Might be a good push for Stark Q.

ARES × 1 $14.99
Blue Skies × 1 $14.99
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FEBRUUS × 1 $14.99
Khan ST1 Q Core × 1 $14.99
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Build Options ×


Not bad got some of my favourite, wait is this a actual build or just modules you got?


That’s the build, everything in their is in the custom-Q strength
I just pulled it from an order
so I didn’t have to write it out


Looks pretty bad ass


@Floridianninja, thanks for the suggestion — I’ll definitely look into Executive.

Is carpe diem ascended an unrelenting wealth motivator or is it a separate program?


@Apollo, I’ve been thinking about a Stark/Emperor combo as well. However I’ve read in other journals they are conflicting programs. Have you ever run them both?


Carpe Diem Ascended and Unrelenting Wealth Motivation are separate modules in the custom subs store.