Emperor Q+House of Medici - [Stacked]


Not at the same time. Though I’ve been tempted to run EQ and StarkU, but backed out of the idea as it might be too heavy and conflicting.


So I purchased God Like Masculinity. And have been running it at night with commander.

I stopped Stark Q and DR for a day or two. The initial rush from GLM was good however my scent change. However I shower minimum 2-3x day so it wasn’t due to hygiene.

The smell was a combination of turned earth, salty ocean air and fresh blood.

The smell lasted a good hour or two. Even after showering with scented body wash it still lingered.

Now I have a certainty when it comes to my goals. I feel as certain about accomplishing them as I am about my ability to get groceries at the supermarket.

The idea of accomplishment is almost pedestrian.

For the days when I stopped Stark Q, so many ideas have come to me. Also I got insight into some people’s motivations.

A couple nights ago I woke up at 1:30am to finish an internship project and kept at it till 4am. After that I got up at 9:30/10am to finish another project.

GLM has had an powerful effect, but it feels so…organic. Like a slight nudge, but it helps me tackle only what’s important.

I’m wondering how Admiral and Commander would effect everything. Ive not really used it.

The only downside is I’m a bit more chatty than usual. Not something I care for but think that’s a function of Stark Q.

We’ll see how things continue to unfold over the next week or so.

For everyone celebrating this season hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree::gift:

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Few things I forgot to mention — women have responded to me even more positively since adding GLM.

Also in dreams where some would normal torment or terrify me…a kind of fire comes out. I hold my ground and fully claim any space I’m in. This has happened twice and the dream just…stopped.

I woke up but instead of negative emotions I was able to assess things coldly. Figure that must be Commander coming out.

So, a couple hours after my post yesterday I was in bed with a lady friend. I asked “I wonder how much an atom weighs”, she immediately had the answer. Further questions followed so I spent 10 or 20 minutes online and finally decided to get a introductory physics book.

I’ve always been curious about atomic physics. But nothing beyond watching an intro lecture on YouTube that totally went over my head.

We were up in the wee hours of the morning and ended discussing whales, their average lifespan and level of intelligence. Which somehow inspired me to read a bit about Inuit hunting and dietary practices.

That’s got to be all Stark Q.

[CONTEST] And the winner is... (and get your free gift here)

Exactly. Who else would be into all that – at the same time! :smile:


Good point — a most unusual ride:)


Yesterday I experienced a very mild form of reconciliation. The first since consistently running Dragon Reborn.

More than a month ago I choose to be alone on Christmas. However I got into this mood of “this is the worst Christmas ever” and actually wanted to cry. I would have if I could.

Mind you I was at a Christmas dinner the night before. Have never gotten anywhere near the number of presents at any point in my adult like. Have very solid options in terms of women/intimate partners that could become relationships today/tomorrow if I wanted and have both friends and family who love me. Live in a a beautiful apartment etc.

But I wanted to be alone — a month ago I was also on Emperor.

At one point yesterday I realized I wanted a party. Hence the source of my sadness. If there were people around it would have been more energizing because there would be an opportunity to share ideas.

Instead, I was eating bad (but good) Chinese, while watching Cobra Kai and wondering why the hell these two don’t just open a dojo together. A synthesis of their fighting styles and philosophies would be much more effective.

Stark Q is social and strategic. I’m already thinking of what needs to happen for the kind of gathering I want a year out.

I’ve also been thinking of purging my social circle. Right now in terms of ideas it’s a bit incestuous. I’d much rather be surrounded by people who didn’t all think like me and who would challenge my lazy thinking habits.

One or two more things to add but I’m tired and need to sleep.

Went to bed with the dishes everywhere and the apartment a bit of a mess. Got up at 2am, popped on a bit of Mozart and immediately started cleaning. It seems I can’t think (or sleep) straight if my environment is messy.

Also, deciding between taking up chess or Riichi Mahjong. I have a mounting desire to compete.

And looking into speed reading courses.

This morning reached out to a friend in Cairo and another in Paris. Haven’t really been in touch with either and it was very much fault. I’ll need to make an effort to mend some fences there.

After my last post ended up searching for a specific speed reading course online. However found a few seemingly good options. One that deals with “getting to” the information more than actual reading.
Also found a few solid reviews on Quora, however both advise it can take a year to fully learn which seems worth it.

Before finally falling asleep it hit me to create a list or better still a flowchart or mind map of skills to learn. While typing this realized it could also work well for all of my other goals too.

The biggest thing I want to avoid is overwhelm and diluted focus.

Dream wise, GLM is doing something at the core. It almost feels like a simulation.

Current listening schedule:
Stark Q & Dragon Reborn 1 both masked
Looped 12 hours day/6 hours each

Commander U & Godlike Masculinity both masked

Looped 6-8 hours night/will run GLM twice to get same level of exposure

I want to run GLM all the time though, makes me feel good.


Earlier I mentioned becoming curious about atomic physics. Turns out there is a lot to understand math wise :man_shrugging:. So I got a couple of intro physics books and course outlines to teach myself physics and math from the ground up. Also, signing up for a Vedic Math course but next cycle doesn’t start till January.

After asking myself why study physics and math, got an urge to look more into how they relate to engineering, that was a surprise. I’ve been wanting to build a humanoid robot for years but just figured it was beyond me not to mention way outside my budget.

Looks like subconsciously I’m being drawn to resources needed to make this happen.

A while ago, I saw InMoov in a Maker documentary. Finally looked them up and feel like this is gonna be my first project

I’m so fucking excited!!! :grin:

It’s only the torso but figure that will be a good starter project.

Looks like on Stark a lot of interests and projects that were lurking in the background are presenting themselves with a kind of general path to achievement. So now I need to prioritize so I’m not trying to ride a horse in 6 different directions at the same time.

On another note, it hit me I’ve been using subs as a passenger. Listening to different ones hoping they’d give me the fire and drive to get things done. While that has happened it’s also passive, which is what initially pissed me off about Stark.
But to really get the most out of this journey feel like I need to aggressively pursue goals one after the other.

I’m going to have one very clear focused short term objective related to the career change I mentioned some weeks back. To see what the results are like when using Stark Q vs Emperor. As of yesterday I’ve also added HoM back into the mix.

Although early results with Stark Q are interesting, I want to make sure long term I’m making best decision.


I’ve noticed this too as I believe we are both running the same stack but I’m not running any Ultimas consistently as of yet. I hated the fact that I wasn’t pursuing my goals or taking the necessary action I needed.

Have you thought about using Limitless Executive or Executive to help with the goals for Stark? Not that you need it.

Also I’ve heard that both The Commander and GLM give you a push for taking action and productivity, at least either or, how are you finding both?


@Brandon, right now I’m running Stark Q, HoM, and DR ST1 4 cycles each during the day. Overnight Commander and GLM looped. Although after reading the new guide I’m going to run the Ultimas solo overnight on alternating days.

What’s in your stack?

I’ve been tempted to run Executive but have been holding off. I didn’t want to many titles running.

But man I need all the help I can get😂so may test out Executive next week.

Great suggestion.

As for what my experience has been…initially there was a little uptick in the push to do things. Then it just kind of disappeared.

Any push to action is soooo freaking subtle. Like a friend gently tapping me on the shoulder but easily ignored. I’m learning to tune in, listen and force myself to take action.

Wish I could say I’m always successful but that’s definitely not the case.

With GLM sometimes I feel like the baddest motherfucker to ever walk the earth. Most other times it’s just a hyped sort of positive energy.

Commander has me complaining a lot less and just getting on with whatever needs to be done. I can also deal better with physical discomfort.

This may sound strange but I’m also not afraid anymore. Of life or the unknown, I used to be so fearful but didn’t know it.

The Ultimas took care of that.

Stark Q is…something else though. What’s it been like for you recently?


I was running a custom with EoG/HoM on it but I just dropped that as I need to focus on a faster way for wealth so I be picking up Mogul eventually.

Currently in running StarkQ (will be making a custom variant shortly) alongside DR Stage 2.

Considering you’re running two Ultimas this may or may not be an issue. Maybe you can alternate days to get these and The Executive running but I enjoy executive. Helps me get things done with that drive.

Thanks for explaining your experiences between The Commander and GLM, that’s helped a lot.

In regards to my experiences with Stark I love it, it’s one of my favourite subs hence why it’s going into a custom as it matches everything I want however not everything I need so I’ll be making a focused sub with it.

It does however make me indecisive and give me some what of a ‘i’ll do it when I’m ready’ kind of vibe which is great as I love to be care free but also annoying when I know I have stuff to get done. Stark really helped me a while back in terms of popularity and all that jazz which is what I wanted it for. It’s a great sub.



You results with Stark sound fantastic, like a totally different person with such curiously, passion, fun and drive . Sounds like the passivity is out the window. That said
one reason you may be experiencing only subtler pushers to action is the volume of subliminals your using and mixing two Ultimas in a night. Lowering the volume and/or separating the Ultimas (as you mentioned you would do) will likely have the urges and pushes much stronger . Of course only you know your sweet spot but just some food for thought.


Yes. And this path is exclusive to Stark.
Unless you’re planning on running it for a long time, you shouldn’t get too committed in this direction.

This was not a DR recon, but Stark’s.
SQ is the one that cares about being social/famous – how can he miss such an opportunity to party, to assemble his followers!



The results have been tremendous, however I’m noticing I don’t push back in the same way. On Emperor no fucks we given about someone’s feelings if they crossed the line.

I hold my ground but…there’s something missing. I’ll get more into that with my next update. Stark still feels to laid back in moments when you need the knives :hocho: out. Love everything else about it.

As for lowering the volume — I’ll run with that this week. Thanks for that bit of input.


@Simon, I’d really like to run this long term. Another week of testing and I’ll decide.

You’re absolutely right about it coming from Stark. Since adding DR to my stack, I haven’t had anything more than fleeting reconciliation…and even that is rare. It sees to dissolve anything that may come up. When it’s not in my stack reconciliation sometimes hits me hard.


I’ve dropped Stark in all forms from the stack.

While the results are tremendous in many ways it just wasn’t leading in the direction I want to go. Right now I’m listening to Emperor and HoM exclusively and based on the results for now it feels right. It’s definitely lacking the elegance of Stark when it comes to thinking – it’s like the scene in Limitless when Bradley Cooper wakes up after his first experience with NZT. When it comes to complex ideas there is a certain fluidity that’s missing.

But the benefits of this current stack are what I need right now. Before I mentioned investing in property and switching careers.

It seems HoM attracts opportunities. I put an offer in on a property and after weeks of hearing nothing the offer was accepted and I finally got the deed yesterday. So many things could have gone wrong but by some miracle this one came through. Not sure how to explain it but I feel like HoM was instrumental. Also the people involved in this transaction while responsive became…cold. That’s changed completely and already have call set up tomorrow to work on a few other things.

Career wise things a going well, not as fast as I’d hoped and I feel like dropping Emperor and HoM slowed my progress because my focus was divided between finding the “perfect” stack and being blown away by some of the mental benefits I was getting from Stark.

I’ve also eating even better, kind of fell off the wagon before. Drinking a ton of water (before this I couldn’t stand it) and hitting the gym twice a day, I’ll eventually bring that down to once a day but for now it feels right. Even if I am a bit sore all over.

Another thing from Stark I’d like to get back is the PCC component, I see how it can be incredibly helpful in all of my relationships. @Azriel mentioned PCC in a few posts and I can see how it can be useful in day-to-day life.

I’ve used Diamond Ultima off and on – in my case it seems to create a deeper bond with women. Haven’t tested it enough but will keep it in mind for the future. I really want to stick to the guidelines in the new user manual.

For now I’m sticking to Emperor and HoM. I’ll need to figure something out for the mental portion. In the interim I’ll run these two for a few weeks before adding anything else. But so far in a really short time it feels like I’m back on the right track.

On Emperor getting things done just happens automatically. No matter how tired I am or not feeling in the mood to do something gets triggered internally and I just get it done.

Right now this is exactly what I need.


Damn I wish I had this too with Emperor… Maybe my current DR+Emp combo helps me to deal with my procrastination.


Emperor has QL lite in it so it will definitely help with mental competencies especially in relation to your goals. HOM also has cognitive enhancement in various forms for the programs goals. BUt Stark has a highly innovative, technical but creative, big picture weaving into action, fluid thinking brilliance to it that I’m not sure what could emulate. Limitless doesn’t…QL might get closer. BLU or LE Ultimas would probably be the closest thing. Even the modules in the Q store- trailblazer for innovation and I.Q. enhancement but not sure what else.

Anyway glad to see things are progressing well for you and that your clear on the stack for now.
What had you full up drop Stark though given how much you valued elements of it?


I’m not sure it’s capable of miracles or the impossible


Yeah… I think there’s a better chance of me finding a lotto ticket this week that wins me the 90 million € of Euro Jackpot this weekend. Not putting my own money into that.


@Hoppa, it’s crazy how this stuff works. When I first started with Emperor I remember subtle nudges. Like I was aware of what I should be doing, after a few weeks if I didn’t take action I felt a little sick or just out of it.

This just feels like the next evolution.