Emperor Q+House of Medici - [Stacked]


Yeah, these subs changed my life.

I just seem to have some deep rooted issues about procrastination.

Still, this is something I consider a bonus when I “fix” it.

I’ve done the necessary work to get my business where it is now. Hired people to do the jobs I don’t want to do.


A combination of the Stark thought process and Emperor foundation would be awesome.

There were two specific instances where I didn’t stand up for myself and I should have, I can’t ever allow myself to be bullied. In both instances I was just…there and neither did or said anything.

After that I decided to drop Stark – when using Emperor people are clear on my boundaries and if necessary I’ll tear someone’s fucking head off.

Earlier I mentioned wanting to use Emperor, EoG and HoM. May still do that but for now I want really let these settle in. You also made a strong case for PCC so that’s also on my list.


@Hoppa, someone mentioned Dr. Glauberman’s HPP programs in another journal. I used his End Procrastination to very good effect. It’s not a subliminal, he uses Ericksonian hypnosis. It was almost impossible for me to procrastinate when using the program, long after I stopped listening the results we’re still very good.

Might be worth a look.


Thanks. I’m not too concerned about the procrastination. But might still try it.

Don’t know if you saw my post about my results.

I’m doing good.

Edit. Here’s the link


I just finished reading it, loved it – great results. Have been thinking about adding EoG at some point. The name embedded Emperor also sounds interesting, I’m going to look into that.