Emperor Terminus or Ultima


Perhaps God Like Masculinity ?


Yes, all Stacking Modules are to be updated to the Ultima version.


There are pills for that. :wink:

Emperor Ultima may possibly work for some, but we’re looking for results that work for everybody. Terminus sounds good to me.


Can’t wait for a terminus or terminus2 version of emperor. It was a time when emperor was the love child of all experiments, not it seems stark is challenging that :smiley:


Emperor will and always will be close to my heart as it was the first product I bought from SC and it worked with days !!!. To answer the question if there is a plan to unleash emperor terminus then I am all for it.



Any chance of a straight store Terminus upgrade for Emperor in the near future?


I think terminus-by-default for subs is unlikely because of people’s tendency to overdo it with loops. This is especially prevalent among newcomers who are used to “set-and-forget” strategies for subliminals which involve listening as much as possible in a given day.


I would love to have the option to make the classic subs into a terminus version.
No name embbeded, just the regular shop subs but in terminus.


Saint told me before that Terminus May be the new standard but of course that’s all depending on how things work out for the majority. This is why people need to read the support section on the main website. On a regular basis I take vitamins and minerals to support and optimize brain function, I also get plenty of rest most days of the week, I also have the Pragya module in my custom sub, but today was my very first day of running 2 Terminus loops back to back and I found it hard to stay awake and be productive for about 12 hours after the listening session was complete. I already respected even Q strength programs but Terminus IS NOT to be played with.

It would probably take at least 8 months if someone running a Terminus strength sub to be ready for the T2 level of that same subliminal.


Since I started to take vitamins and minerals I have not experienced reconciliation headaches.


Terminus is far too powerful to replace Q as the standard IMO
many people stonewall or get exhausted if there not prepared.
I’m playing with fire with the way I stack and include Ultimas
but have found when I do thing at the right edge it works.
Terminus is to Q even great than what Q was to before Q.
I feel ‘re-written’ on a deep identity level in one week on Terminus.
But when I over do it, its not fun.


Yep. Terminus is only for those who are ready. I mean just look at what happened with T2 and that had a bunch of warnings about it for advanced users.


this is very easy to deal with procedural wise
In terms of warnings and/or selectivity of who may do this.


Exactly what I’ve noticed this past week myself. I didn’t overdo it according to the instructions for running a single program but still found it challenging to handle today.


Agreeable. I’ve been running my custom solo for weeks now (with the occasional loop of an ultima title here and there) and it has been phenomenal.


As many others have said, Terminus is a complicated and powerful format that’s largely unpredictable. We’re working on other formats that are easier to use but still powerful.


I realize now that some people use the phrase ‘set-and-forget’ to mean this; but it’s not how I use the phrase. To me it just refers to any configuration that does not require my ongoing attention or adjustment.

In other words, to me if I set an ultrasonic to automatically play 2 loops every night and then I don’t change that setting, then to me that’s ‘set-and-forget’.


People would be surprised at how much extra rest and good nutrition can help smooth out a subliminal journey.


Just like with a fitness journey…