EMPQ Now PSQ, SpartQ, Aegis



I had somebody try to play me yesterday. The stakes were low and I let them get away with it in this transaction, but since this is somebody who was hoping for a long term business arrangement that is dependent on me continuing to come back for their services, it should dawn on them relatively quickly that after talking to them about an ongoing relationship, I have not again returned. Will they figure it out and be better? Who knows? Probably not, but I will have moved on and don’t care.

I am pretty quick to breaks things off if someone deals with me in a manner I perceive as unethical. No second chances.




Was sitting in an online meeting and after listening to a colleague talk about an issue I could’t care less about, I wondered “Why is that so important to them?!?” This is an inner thought I am so often having. Most of what people talk about seems inane or self-important.


Terrible sleep tonight. Excessive sexual thinking. It is funny, but the first version of Emperor put a dead stop to compulsive sexual thoughts. I have not noticed this with EmpQ, in fact Primal seemed to encourage these sorts of thoughts and with Emperor Q they have continued unabated.


I am figuring when the name embedded Q custom subs become available I’d like to combine Stark, Primal Seduction, Spartan and Ultimate Artist into a synergistic powerhouse of instinctual alphaness and creativity.

Any ideas what the customs are going to end up costing?


I would pay half the cost for a custom subliminal, therefore 200$. But I am hoping for 100$.



Had one of those creepy dreams that can occur as you are right in between waking and sleeping.

Was in a room like a motel room and sleeping facing a window with a curtain on the outside. All of a sudden the curtain is moved aside and there is some menacing dude framed by the window looking in. Immediately I was shocked out of sleep and into wakefulness.

Very vivid and unsettling.


Had a dream about a communicable disease and they kept shifting the rules about what was allowed in how one could interact with others in ridiculous ways.

Dreams mirroring life.


Awake super early on a Saturday with an energy I am not sure how to apply.

I feel like being isolated and mostly staying at home has brought chrobic depression to the fore, but my sub use seems to be at least a partial barrier to it fully taking hold.


Don’t get frightened by not knowing things. I have approximate answers, and possible beliefs, and different degrees of certainty about different things, but I’m not absolutely sure of anything. There are many things I don’t know anything about. It doesn’t frighten me."

Richard Feynman


I am finding you get shifts of point of view that open you up to new perspectives on EmpQ. I am pretty open minded as is, but I had a couple of major shifts in perspective I couldn’t have seen coming.


What is interesting, though, is that these shifts sometimes occur, really, after they could have been useful, but no new news there.


Culture as far as I can tell, is going to make a pretty big shift due to Covid 19. I am not sure what the new rules will be or if a subliminal might be put together to address this.


I feel like for me, everything is breaking down, being dissolved, fragmenting but there is nothing obviously positive coalescing, or presenting itself as a possibiility, or in my creativity that I can bind, assemble and move toward.



Had a dream about being in an armored combat vehicle on a combat mission to take out a military target in a small town. I was neither commanding nor firing the weapon. We missed the main target but sited another in the town and fired on it, when a guided missile moved past in multiple arcing passes as it homed in on our position. Before it could hit us I was shocked out of the scenario. Had a feeling of hopelessness as I observed the missile make its adjustments as it passed us multiple times.


Interestingly a friend and I had been discussing apocalyptic scenarios just before I fell asleep and nearly immediately had this dream. Melancholia by Lars Von Trier was mentioned.