Enter the Dragon - My new custom DRQ


You can always run the whole program along with your custom if you felt you need it after evaluating your results on your current stack within some plausible time frame.


Hi @Voytek. I knew I wanted to use DR, but I struggled with how to do it. I considered buying the entire sub in the regular store or using it inside of a custom. Once I settled on putting it in a custom, I considered whether to start with DR1 and rebuild the custom over time with the other DR’s or just start with DR4. Tough decisions. Ultimately I settled on what you see here.

You are right. I can test this out and make adjustments down the road.


You could also consider stacking DR Ultima with your custom although it could be really taxing. I know it’s not recommended to play the Ultima file before the whole program completion but SC encourages us to experiment so you could give it a try and see if it works for you.


DR Ultima is not available as a stand alone Ultima. You have to buy the entire program to get it.


Yes, I know that. Personally, I’m 100% positive everyone should have DR in their library. We need this kind of healing from time to time. I’m sure I’ll rerun the program at some point in the future. For sue, when they’ve released a more advanced technology.


Whilst I don’t notice too much change on DR besides what I’ve stated I agree with this massively. I feel DR will change a lot of lives once you’ve gone through it and healed the trauma we all have hidden in the depths below. It’s a great foundation for what’s to come.


I’m glad that DR is doing a great job for you and others. I read a lot of journals before making my decision. I look forward to trying it when my custom comes. I may still buy it as a stand alone, so we’ll see.


Hello @RVconsultant et al. And so it begins. Dragon custom (DRQ) came in last night, and I’m starting to listen now. Record time for delivery - just 3 days!!! They must be improving the process to get it out this fast.


Congratulation to your new sub!
I´m very interested in what Dragon st4 has to offer.
Please report on your findings.



Just in case I didn’t present this already…

Your invitation…

The Anthem

Dragon up so you can Dragon on!


I’m too excited for you!!

You’re going to love this journey man.

I didn’t want to order mine of Christmas since I thought they’d be laying low a little to celebrate family time but dear God they’re still delivering. So glad you got it man.


Day 2 Musings

Received the custom yesterday. Ran Limitless Executive Ultima (1x), PSIT Ultima (1x), and DRQ (2x).

I am getting the feeling that DR can be very helpful in overcoming limiting beliefs rooted in the past. I asked myself this interesting question: What’s in it for me to hold on to these things?

Essentially questioning everything. Is it true? What is reality? Why can’t I lift more weights than I ever did, make great new friends, manifest a love interest, etc.? Can I experience profound love? Can I manifest a circle of close friends? Am I entering a paradigm shift?

So I’m questioning everything and wondering is this the path to profound change?


I have decided to consolidate my listening plan into this:

Ultimas: Limitless Executive (1x), Commander Ultima (1x), PSIT (1x) and True Social (1x)
Customs: DRQ (2x) and HMT (1x).

I may not get all this in every day, but daily musts will be:

Ultimas: Limitless Executive (1x), Commander Ultima (1x), and True Social (1x)
Customs: DRQ (2x)


  1. Initiate deep cleaning - question limiting beliefs
  2. Improve health and fitness
  3. Create deeper relationships
  4. Overcome social anxiety


So… I have decided that I want the full Dragon experience. I just bought the Multi-Stage from the regular store. I am going run all of the stages separately - for at least a month - along with DRQ. I am going to limit my Ultimas to Executive Limitless, Commander, and True Social. I will run HMT once or twice a week if I can fit it in. My day would look like this:

Morning: Executive Limitless (1x), True Social (1x) [Set the tone for the day, increase sociability]
Afternoon: Commander (1x) [“Commander Diet”]
Evening: DRST1 (2-3x), DRQ (1x), [Evening devoted to deep cleaning]

I may use the sexual Ultimas as needed.

RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A

I knew you’d love DR. The product is true wizardry.
I like the way you’ve set out your playlist and how it’ll work for you.
As always I look forward to updates.

P.s. The word on the street and from my own experience is that DR stages will normalise and enhance any effect from subs being played alongside it. Would love to know how this works with your custom for you.


I wanted to isolate Dragon on its own loop(s) to make sure it wouldn’t be buried with everything else on DRQ. I am adamant about the deep cleaning. I want to insure a focus on it. I still like the custom a lot and will run it after I get my Dragon loops in. I also like the idea of running all 4 stages as a long term project.


I’m sure it’ll be fine as long as you don’t build up too much density like I tend to do. I’m also sure the healing from both will really cleanse you out like you want/need.

Even though DR is a multistage I like Simon’s view point of taking whatever singular sub you have into a multi stage using DR as the healing point.

Now it’ll turn your custom into a multi-stage program with all areas covering in regards to limiting beliefs, emotional, mental, physically negativity and more.


I’ve got it crammed in a custom with Emperor and it seems to be working just fine. A lot smoother than I expected actually.


:dragon: up so you can :dragon: on!

Thanks for the post and tag!


I have decided to run each stage for 91 days to try to achieve “strong results”. I chose 91 days because it will be 14 weeks per stage, and it’s easier to track that way because I go 5 days on and 2 days off. That way I start each stage fresh off the 2 day break. I created an Excel spreadsheet to track my loops.

I started with 2 loops for the first 2 days. Yesterday I increased to 3 loops. Each night I plan to run 3 loops of DR + 1 loop of DRQ. DRQ feels amazing after running DR.

This represents the biggest commitment I’ve made to a single sub. I am very serious about achieving lifelong results from this sub.