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This guys stuff is awesome. I even went to his site and he has a 16 book encyclopedia for like $50 bucks with this title in it. It was worth it


Textbook example Alpha:


@lowrider - so good that even Rollo Tomassi mentioned this in his Rational Male book in the very beginning





What differentiates boys from men?

  1. Boys wait for permission before they act, men take what they want
  2. Boys talk, men act
  3. Boys make excuses, men make solutions
  4. Boys blame others, men take responsibility
  5. Boys hide their true thoughts, emotions and desires, men make them known
  6. Boys run from fear, men face them head-on
  7. Boys are controlled by their emotions, men control their emotions


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Anything written by Rollo Tomasi will help lay the ground work for understanding women.


With Rollo one must also be careful not to fall into hatred of women.

Many red pill guys can get super bitter…


@renet1 To me that is like saying do not let children play shoot them up video games as it will encourage them to go around shooting people in real life. Or do not allow kids to play with water pistols or it might encourage mass shootings.


It’s not about not letting people read Rollo’s books…

It’s about being mindful of when objective assessment becomes fueled with hatred/rage towards women… and being careful not to cross that line :slight_smile:


Well obviously one has to be mindful thats common sense. If someone decides to develop a disdain for the opposite sex based on reading a book that is their decision. You cannot blame Rollo for that.


I agree. I’m not blaming Rollo. Just shedding a light on an urge that occured to me and some of my friends when first exposed to him : ) I still read him tho and his writing style and representation are fantastic


The hate for women comes mostly from MGTOW and Incel YouTube channels. Rollo himself says that knowing the info in his books is never about shaming women، betas, etc. It’s all about understanding human nature and using the tools he has given. It is okay though to have some red pill rage when we first read his books because it is natural for us to be angry about being brainwashed by society regarding women and men.

But yeah, we ourselves need to be mindful that we don’t end up being bitter.

Rollo Tomassi has a very good youtube channel (name of the channel is also Rollo Tomassi) which I watch. It’s very enlightening. And usually 2 to 3 hours long. Highly recommended.


One of the best pickup channels.



completely agree, there is subcommunication of hatred…