Everything Alpha thread 💪


There is no subcommunication of hatred. He actually says that men and women compliment each other and benefit being together. If people interpret his writings as hatred towards women they are interpreting what he says incorrectly.


I agree with @blackadder. I will add that the hatred comes as part of the red pill rage after we read red pill books like his. It is normal to feel angry that we were taught wrong for so many years. And we also wish that women were easier to get along with. But if we get past it, we can accept that men are men and women are women. Getting angry is no use. It’s like getting angry with gravity. Use red pill knowledge to your advantage. And Rollo’s books are fabulous in that regard. They are pure unadulterated truth. As objective as possible. If you want a more “prescriptive” advice from Rollo, I would highly recommend you guys his youtube channel.


If you are serious about developing your charisma, watch this man. Watch how he moves, how he talks, observe him…



I just love these animals: Dangerous but also love to cuddle



Let’s throw a hand grenade in this bitch:


Just noticed raphael posted it already. Very interesting book but it may seem too radical to some people.


Alright this guy had some good points. If I could go back in time and tell myself to never ever get into this pua alpha shit ugh. These channels do suck at times. But honestly this guy just cherry picked. Nobody should be shamed for wanting to improve themselves. And whether this guy likes it or not, some of those behaviors are subconscious biological things. Now I’m gonna check out this other dudes YouTube channel who ripped on him to get a feel for him. Kinda sick of dudes who had their deck stacked in their favor ripping on other people who weren’t so lucky.


Same here. I feel I wasted a lot of time with PUA stuff a while back, like routines, NLP even checked out Pheromones. Not saying they don’t work, I’ve seen a lot of good reviews about them, but it’s just too complicated for me, if that makes any sense. I’m probably not smart enough to carry all these micromanaged talents and skills in my head.

Hopefully subs would just let me be comfortable with myself and just be myself. If I would go with an oldie but goodie PUA video I’ve seen a while back (blueprint) it all comes down to just being yourself, being comfortable and not relying on others for your happiness or self-worth.

Thing is, I know some of these things, but I have to convince myself, I am these things. I’m rambling here, but I like this thread. Lots of good info here.


i like the idea of focusing your time and resources in your 20s/early years on improvement, bulding something. it doesent mean you have to try and be perfect, it just means your utilizing your life fully. not wasting it on women who would thoughtlessly waste your time, money and sex energy. like david deida said, its not even that good when you get it, insubstantial short term pleasure.
Like jocko said, build something, fix stuff, learn.
Ive never worked on a cars electrical system before, or soldered a circuit board. but im wiring the engine on my 86 mustang with the computor i built from a kit, learning the systems fully so I can do the best job.
Its like the spirit of masculinity. deliberately analytical, shamelessly curious.
oh, and if you want a sort of alpha “hack”, grow mustache and isolate it. completely throws people off…
What is it to you?