Everything Alpha thread 💪


There is no subcommunication of hatred. He actually says that men and women compliment each other and benefit being together. If people interpret his writings as hatred towards women they are interpreting what he says incorrectly.


I agree with @blackadder. I will add that the hatred comes as part of the red pill rage after we read red pill books like his. It is normal to feel angry that we were taught wrong for so many years. And we also wish that women were easier to get along with. But if we get past it, we can accept that men are men and women are women. Getting angry is no use. It’s like getting angry with gravity. Use red pill knowledge to your advantage. And Rollo’s books are fabulous in that regard. They are pure unadulterated truth. As objective as possible. If you want a more “prescriptive” advice from Rollo, I would highly recommend you guys his youtube channel.


If you are serious about developing your charisma, watch this man. Watch how he moves, how he talks, observe him…



I just love these animals: Dangerous but also love to cuddle