Experimental Listening Pattern


This is for every sub. I doubt a 45min sub will have the script repeated 1-2times


You sure about that?


I mean i expect the sub to be repeated many times and not only 1-2


Of course, that’s what I’m saying. Might be a little less on a major subliminal compared to a stacking module. But yeah… definitely repeating quiet allot of times.


I finally added Power to my stack, giving me Khan ST4, EoG ST4, Alchemist ST2 and PCC. I realized that with 4 subs, each needing 6 hours of listening time per day, I needed 24 hours. :slight_smile:

So I went back to running the masked track throughout the day and night. I am now seriously considering merging the masked and ultrasonic tracks together so I get the benefit of both.

I have to say I like the effect of listening at night. I fall asleep faster, sleep much deeper and awake more rested. Even have more “sleep” in the corners of my eyes when I wake up (what do they call that?)

The downside is that I wake up not remembering if I had any dreams and I tend to sleep somewhat longer as well.

I still recommend against following my example and running all those multi-stages in a stack. Or that many major programs in general. I may do something different starting 2020. Or I may keep the ST4’s as maintenance only during either the day or night, while focusing on the other ones the entire day.


Do we have any updates on how to find optimal listening pattern?


No real update from the creators so far but i am realy sure after following all the journals and discussions that it is totally individual how your optimal listening pattern looks like.

  1. We have people on the forum who didnt have any problems listening while working. Others get massive problems with productivity. Naturally not everybody is multitasking capable. Thats a fact i learned 30 years ago at a big airline. I was invited for a 2 day selection process to become a professional pilot. There were some tests i didnt managed well because of that fact. Doing two or three things simultaneously was hard for me. Sometimes over an hour. We discussed that lately and there were some folks which didnt had any problem while others failed. Me too.
    With subs it is similiar. You will get information every second while you try to process your conscious tasks. That can lead to a conflict and will result in an overall drop of performance. The sub isnt processed nor the work is.
    If you notice such a problem i would suggest to run the subs only at night or at times you can relax but not at work.

  2. We have people here who can not run the subs at night because the subs are disrupting the sleep pattern. Well if they are not able to integrate it on daytime there isnt any way left.
    In such a case i would run the subs only the first part of the night. The new quantum tech seems such strong that maybe less is more. There are many struggeling with headaches or other symptoms of overstrain.

Maybe it is wise to start with one or two loops and increase the number slowly until a pattern is found which fits the enviroment and the daily routine.

There will never be a optimal routine for all except they can press the exposure to one hour daily. This would be a real advance.


I have similar effects with my sub but i never had anything remotely close when running Emperor v3 for example

How many hours you think is ‘‘optimal’’ for you in your opinion?


3 hours daily or 4 loops is my maximum i can handle with quantum tech atm.
But it is essential that YOU feel good. Less or more depends on the results you get.
Starting low and increasing over time is imho the way to go.
If i feel an aversion against the sub i take a break until i have the need to start again.
Dont think that we should go with the head through the wall. Better 2 loops a day on a constant base than stopping completely after overuse with negative side effects.
But everyone has to decide for himself.

And very important for me: I didnt bought the subs to feel bad…


I also want to add that a rest day and pauses between loops seem to be pretty effective.
Although I must say that I only got the ticket to the mind-cinema when I listened to v4 ultrasonic for 3 hours or so. Anyway, since there is a lot happening without me actually being aware of it, I will also take the week off and let my subconscious process this


I haven’t tried running Emperor V4 with Quantum Tech overnight. I think I should try it since sometimes my brain will process external stimuli into something in my dream when I am in deep sleep.


You listen ultrasonics through your phone?


When this happened it was ultrasonics, yes. But then I started listening to masked because I thought maybe the ultrasonics will stop working for me like they did on v3 for some reason so I listened to masked aswell.


Listening ultrasonic’s seems to give me headaches as well. Have you listened these through Bluetooth speakers or only directly through your Iphone speakers? I can listen masked all day long without problems. But ultrasonic’s do seem to give me headaches of some sort.


I never use ultrasonics on headphones, but yes, I use bluetooth headphones for the masked version.


I mean ultrasonic’s directly through Iphone speakers may be causing those headaches you’re experiencing.


I thought so too but the pain in my ears also occurred when I listened to the masked version. Even masked through speakers haha.
I really think it is reconciliation. I dont really notice any conflict in my day to day life but under the surface there must be a WWIII or something. I saw it in my dreams and then the deepest layers of my attitude changed. On the surface there is still something left from time to time but I really feel something has clicked and it will dissipate aswell.


Well it’s also an energetically unstable and powerful period, in combination with the subliminal’s it might be overwhelming. I suggest to stay of unhealthy food, exercise and drink lots of alkaline water, meditation and sleep is also very important but those are already obligatory for a healthy, successful life. Try it out, perhaps it would help the reconciliation.


Do we have anymore info on the effects of different amounts of loops of quantum tech subs like emperor and QL? im wondering if 1 loop per day of E4 will be enough so I can do more subs


Just read this whole thread. I’ve also been listening to subs at night. Not from here subclub (just discovered this) but ones on YT, main reason is because I work 8 hrs a day full time and don’t get to listen to subs for long periods during the day. Im thinking of purchasing Ascension and Regeneration to overcome and fix/heal my nice guy syndrome. So most likely the effective results is to listen during the day and take couple breaks in between? Also for ultrasonic, speakers are needed correct?