Experimental Listening Pattern


I like double inductions and have listened to many of them. In fact, I listen to a guided meditation or hypnosis track pretty much every night. I wonder how brief changes of stimuli, like using a supercharger, guided meditation or hypnosis track, might potentiate change using subliminals.

Could these brief breaks or changes in stimuli magnify benefit? I am not sure they do, but throwing it out there.


I do actually take a break from subs for about an hour every day to meditate and listen to superchargers. Maybe there is something in that idea.


Yes. I am away from my subs for 2 to 6 hours per day depending on my activities and schedule. I am wondering how these somewhat irregular break periods might have an effect on sub efficacy.


@Sirchiropractixalot` Didn’t see your post till now :slight_smile:. Your spot on there is no one shoe size that fits all. It was nice of Sovereign to make this information available to users. However I will stick to listening at night.


Without naming competitor names, there is one I’ve listened to before which led to a “breakthrough” of sorts back in 2007…Not that I did as much with that “breakthrough” as I could have…but this stuff is helping me gain clarity on that too.


What a coincidence that you @SaintSovereign decided to make a thread about this subject, because I noticed something that I wanted to share with you guys.

After taking a break from listening to subs I decided to start again. I decided to monitor my sleep with one of those apps that “track” your sleeping pattern. This was just out of curiosty. What I saw is that according to the app I had too little deep sleep. Almost immediately I suspected that playing the subs while sleeping had to do with this. However of course one night isn’t enough to draw conclusions so I tracked my sleep 2 extra nights while I was listening to the sub. Again the app showed that both nights I had too little deep sleep.

After 3 nights sleeping while listening to subs I decided to not listen to the subs while sleepinp for 5 days. And guess what all 5 nights my deep sleep was a lot a better and I also felt better during the day. After those 5 days I listend to the sub while sleeping again, and you guessed it my deep sleep was bad again.

Now I know those apps aren’t very accurate however the difference in the amount of deep sleep I had while listening to subs during the night and not listening , was so big that I dare to say it actually affected my deep sleep. On top of that the percenatges of deep sleep I had were all very consistent on both the nights I listend and didn’t listen.Now of course I don’t know if this is something everyone experiences, so I’m not claiming this affects everybody. I also want to add that I was not listening to the subs at a very high volume or something like that while sleeping.

I also noticed my dreams became way more vivid when I stopped listening during the night. And like you said I think it has to do with the fact that while we are sleeping the only time is that our subconsious has no other distractions. Because of this I always thought that listening to subs during sleeping is not ideal since we don’t give our subconsious the break to process everything, I even made a thread about this a while ago. But without the listening hours during the nights it’s hard for me to get enough hours so I kept listening at night.


How does that app work? That’s very interesting.


Before I took a night of off running Alchemist ST1, it was so smooth before that I thought I had nothing left to purify/heal. The morning after not running it I slept 1 hr longer than normal and felt I had a ton of stuff left to purify. I also could feel the differences between each sub much more clearly that day. Taking a night or day off definitely seems to be important.


Okey. Today I had the most VIVID (incorrect word…INSANELY VIVID!!!) dreams in my whole life. Colors was AMAZING! I saw green, big, volumetric Moon passing near Earth, growing bigger! Black Hole was so real that I said: oh shit, not again (remembering Interstellar), but it was not so frightening to go down as I thought before. Next, orange grass, purple sky…no, guys, no LSD was used :blush:
Pyramid, Archangel Raphael, he was tall and said some nasty words, his attitude was not good, colorful passages, tunnels and all suddenly this whole theme changed to social environment, club, I was with my brothers and five girls. Next scene: I’m in bed and three girls were doing blowjob. Everything was so real, so I said: I had two girls doing me blowjob but three is definitely next level.

Maybe this is coincidence but I listened subs yesterday for a whole day and for about hour before sleep stopped and listened nothing during night.

I’m still impressed with the intensity, reality and vividness of the dream. I remember all my color dreams in life since school but this one was NEXT LEVEL.



I tried not listening to subs while sleeping.

I got better sleep. I feel more rested. I still got morning wood.

No super vivid dreams. Just the normal type of dreaming I get when I listen to subs from here at night.

I think it’s good. Better sleep is important. :slight_smile:


I just took out of storage some ancient dual induction sets I have on cassette tape. Fun stuff.


Took a 2nd night off, ran a couple loops of Primal Seduction which brought a 3 year old limiting belief to the surface that’s crippled my success with women since then. I cleared it the following morning. Not listening during the night seems to have HUGE benefits, if you’re getting a decent amount of exposure during the day (~9 hrs that day for me).


That’s very interesting man.

So does a Buddha have limiting beliefs? How does that work? I am very curious about that.


I can only speak from my own experience. I’ve heard from the founder of Open Heart that a Buddha has no shadows, yet I have the energy body of a Buddha (all 13 bhumis perfected, which is the definition of a fully realized Buddha according to Open Heart) and that does not match my experience.

From my experience, absolutely. I know what I Am (awareness), and I experience life that way, but I have plenty of shadows (traumas, old patterns, emotional garbage) remaining. If I want to change how I act, I have to get triggered to become aware of the shadow so I can let it go. I also still want success in the external world, which I believe is a very rare quality for people at or near this level of spiritual development. If I had to pick a single person I wanted to emulate, it would be RSD Tyler, not a monk in a cave, therefore I still have to face my shadows to have that external success.


Where can you find something about Open Heart? Havent found much on youtube


Go to en.OpenHeart.fi . The meditation they use to pierce the 1st bhumi is here https://youtu.be/U2FHCGt803o . I tried the meditation multiple times on my own but didn’t get very far, the Guidance to Awakening was critical for me.


I took a day off today. I feel very good.

And I will stop listening at night. Today, I felt things were getting processed although I’m not listening to any subs. Plus, my mind is sharper.

Then again, for the last 5 months or so, I’ve been a “Hustler, No Days Off.” Listening to subs 20h+ a day with no days off.


Also took a day off, combined it with dopamine fasting (a bit at least) Cant really say it made much of a different but its the first day I did that after all.


Ok here is an update. I dont know if its me or (the pause from) Emperor, but lets just say it is the latter.
I am so angry right now, I could go on a rant for about an hour how much I hate certain things.
Man… I have no idea how I should go to sleep now. I am really pissed off.