Experimental Listening Pattern


For each subliminal? That sounds like allot to me. That means I need 12 hours a day because I’m listening to Emperor & Quantum Limitless, not even taking into account I’m using Beyond Limitless as well. Which needs to fit in there somewhere tho.


listening for 2hours a day to emperor, leaving one day out. i dont think it is about the number of repititions, but about the persistency to listen daily. actually i think it is about feeding your mind something and then let it digest it


I agree, I’m finding less is more. I don’t listen overnight anymore. And throughout the day I don’t just set it on repeat, but let the track stop and give anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours between listens.

Taking a day off every week too.


Yes, I also do let pauses between listens. I immediately felt a great difference. It is like the effects are more immediate


Interesting. Before when I tried subliminal’s I was listening way less then I am now and I had more noticeable effects. I’m pretty sure listening throughout the night is a no-go zone. I’m going to experiment with pauzes in between tracks and also switching up subliminal’s. As in one play emperor a pauze then a play of Quantum Limitless. It might be your subconscious is creating a tolerance for a subliminal which is quiet possible as this is something that we have with everything in life.




I’m getting probably about 15 hrs from morning till bed time total listening for all subliminals. I don’t sleep with them. In the day time random breaks in between. But I keep mine on auto repeat so if I miss something it’ll just keep playing regardless. That works for me due to the nature of my work. I already know the script so I don’t think it matters what parts I miss cause I’ll catch it again.


How do you know the scripts???


@HappyHero My subconscious knows them I mean.


It’s night time here. Tonight I’m putting the subs off to experiment


I’m pretty sure it was stated somewhere the scripts are multiple times repeated throughout the track. So it does not really matter where you catch on in the subliminal again.


This is for every sub. I doubt a 45min sub will have the script repeated 1-2times


You sure about that?


I mean i expect the sub to be repeated many times and not only 1-2


Of course, that’s what I’m saying. Might be a little less on a major subliminal compared to a stacking module. But yeah… definitely repeating quiet allot of times.