Experimental Listening Pattern


You listen ultrasonics through your phone?


When this happened it was ultrasonics, yes. But then I started listening to masked because I thought maybe the ultrasonics will stop working for me like they did on v3 for some reason so I listened to masked aswell.


Listening ultrasonic’s seems to give me headaches as well. Have you listened these through Bluetooth speakers or only directly through your Iphone speakers? I can listen masked all day long without problems. But ultrasonic’s do seem to give me headaches of some sort.


I never use ultrasonics on headphones, but yes, I use bluetooth headphones for the masked version.


I mean ultrasonic’s directly through Iphone speakers may be causing those headaches you’re experiencing.


I thought so too but the pain in my ears also occurred when I listened to the masked version. Even masked through speakers haha.
I really think it is reconciliation. I dont really notice any conflict in my day to day life but under the surface there must be a WWIII or something. I saw it in my dreams and then the deepest layers of my attitude changed. On the surface there is still something left from time to time but I really feel something has clicked and it will dissipate aswell.


Well it’s also an energetically unstable and powerful period, in combination with the subliminal’s it might be overwhelming. I suggest to stay of unhealthy food, exercise and drink lots of alkaline water, meditation and sleep is also very important but those are already obligatory for a healthy, successful life. Try it out, perhaps it would help the reconciliation.


Do we have anymore info on the effects of different amounts of loops of quantum tech subs like emperor and QL? im wondering if 1 loop per day of E4 will be enough so I can do more subs