Experimental Listening Pattern


You listen ultrasonics through your phone?


When this happened it was ultrasonics, yes. But then I started listening to masked because I thought maybe the ultrasonics will stop working for me like they did on v3 for some reason so I listened to masked aswell.


Listening ultrasonic’s seems to give me headaches as well. Have you listened these through Bluetooth speakers or only directly through your Iphone speakers? I can listen masked all day long without problems. But ultrasonic’s do seem to give me headaches of some sort.


I never use ultrasonics on headphones, but yes, I use bluetooth headphones for the masked version.


I mean ultrasonic’s directly through Iphone speakers may be causing those headaches you’re experiencing.


I thought so too but the pain in my ears also occurred when I listened to the masked version. Even masked through speakers haha.
I really think it is reconciliation. I dont really notice any conflict in my day to day life but under the surface there must be a WWIII or something. I saw it in my dreams and then the deepest layers of my attitude changed. On the surface there is still something left from time to time but I really feel something has clicked and it will dissipate aswell.


Well it’s also an energetically unstable and powerful period, in combination with the subliminal’s it might be overwhelming. I suggest to stay of unhealthy food, exercise and drink lots of alkaline water, meditation and sleep is also very important but those are already obligatory for a healthy, successful life. Try it out, perhaps it would help the reconciliation.


Do we have anymore info on the effects of different amounts of loops of quantum tech subs like emperor and QL? im wondering if 1 loop per day of E4 will be enough so I can do more subs


Just read this whole thread. I’ve also been listening to subs at night. Not from here subclub (just discovered this) but ones on YT, main reason is because I work 8 hrs a day full time and don’t get to listen to subs for long periods during the day. Im thinking of purchasing Ascension and Regeneration to overcome and fix/heal my nice guy syndrome. So most likely the effective results is to listen during the day and take couple breaks in between? Also for ultrasonic, speakers are needed correct?


First, welcome!

Appreciate you reading the thread, you could have created a new thread for your question though. Saint never did definitively tell us what the end result of his research was.

With the current generation of subs you only need a few hours per sub. I’d say 3 of Ascension and 3 of Regeneration should already have an effect on you. As a matter of fact, don’t overdo them.

And you don’t need speakers for ultrasonic, but since you can’t hear how loud they are, it is the recommendation so they aren’t as close to your ears. You’ll still want to calibrate the volume though.


Same recommendation for Stark Q and QL Q?


Thanks for the information man, aprreciate it. I’ve been listening to George Hutton subs on YT so gonna wait and see how that is before purchasing Ascension and Regeneration. But definitely will since I’ve read many positive reviews and that Ascension takes effect fairly quick from what I’ve read in forums here


I have a theory or more like a working hypothesis based on evidence that I’m wanting to experiment with that connects with this.

Solving the “Hard Problem”: Consciousness as an Intrinsic Property of Magnetic Fields

The above video is based on a paper given by Todd Murphy, the guy who worked with Michael Persinger on the Koren Helmet. His hypothesis works with the idea of consciousness, or more specifically complex consciousness, being the subjective experience of the magnetic fields in the brain. The presentation gives a passable overview of his theory. I myself do not ascribe precisely to his interpretation of the facts which support his thesis, although the implications particularly in the holistic nature of a unified magnetic field generated from multiple sources in the body including the brain are far reaching and worthy of deep consideration, particularly in what it says about the potential means of understanding the subconscious.

As far as theories go, considering the fringe research of scientists like Pier Luigi Ighina and Leedskalnin who proposed magnetism as the ultimate motive force operating in the universe, which produces a field effect that never truly drops off to zero and so can be present everywhere throughout a system, its one of the better field theories of consciousness out there.

I prefer to consider the idea that the consciousness rides the magnetic field or is indissolubly linked to it, aka Shiva and Shakti. But this is a minor distinction only required for some of the more advanced speculations.

To propose a hypothesis connecting these results and such field theories of consciousness, consider the subliminal input and its processing as a signal with its own correlated composite magnetic field, one which must achieve integration with the whole gradually, changing the larger composite field comprising the “indivdual”. The purpose of sleep in such a field theory of consciousness would be one of promoting homeostasis in the greater biofield, through the temporary cessation of the non essential functions of being associated with waking consciousness. This is essentially what processing is, changes in the neural network are the result of this balancing process, which can also go on in part during the day but is inhibited by the complexities and continuous nature of the signal input.

Such homeostasis can also be promoted via other means.

Such means include meditation techniques or modalities of consciousness which promote coherence (eg: HeartMath, earthing/grounding practices etc) or union (we’re not just talking left and right brain synchronisation here but whole body/field techniques, or mindfulness techniques like those promoted by the Shiva tantrics eg Vijnanabhairava tantra).

I would posit that use of such techniques would improve subliminal results by at least a similar factor compared to ordinarily baselines, to what this listening pattern of stopping during sleep gives.

Anyone wanna try this out? :wink: :sun_with_face:

Disclaimer: this post was written while listening to Quantum Limitless ST1. Your mileage may vary :sunglasses: If pain persists, back off the subs :rofl:


Fuck Quantum Limitless became extremely powerful since it’s upgrade to Q


Which stage are you referring to?


I am referring to @emperor_obewan


Sharing this to carry on the discussion on sleep versus waking state. The research by this team done in 2013 suggests that sleep is necessary for the flushing of metabolites from the brain via the movement of the cerebro-spinal fluid. The researchers hypothesized that the awake brain has more resistance to the flow of CSF. They also determined that the space between cells increased during the sleep state, allowing for greater clearance for the CSF to perform its function in the glymphatic system.

Commentary: In yogic and Taoist practices we have this whole “microcosmic orbit” process or the spiraling of the energy around the spine in Kriya Yoga practice, exactly mirroring the movement of the CSF within the subarachnoid space. Just throwing this whole detox process and its connection with the microcosmic orbit out there for people who want to experiment :smiley_cat:


Has anyone made more progress finding your optimal pattern on Q?


I feel awkward knowing that no ultra sonic is running all night.

How does this strategy sound?

Further to the following advice,


Alternate your stack across different days. For example, if you have a three title stack, run two loops of two titles each day, then swap them out the following day to include the one you haven’t run yet.

What if I play Admiral and Commander or Social King in the background in set and forget.

Will that diminish my results?, I believe they have not been updated to Q.


I dont read too much into listening patterns with Q anymore. Sometime i run 3 loops other days i run 6 loops. It really depends how busy i am. As a base line i think running 3 loops and taking action is much much more important. I like to think of it as the 70:30 rule. 70% action 30% listening.