Experimental Listening Pattern


I like this A LOT.


Taking rest days now became the new standard in running the new Q subs. Is it still true that not playing them overnight leads to better results, or is this obsolete now?


I’ve been having problems with rest days. Not sure if this is normal, but the more I play the sub, the better I feel. On rest days I feel off and experience heavy reconciliation. I still take the rest day every week, but I’m inclined to drop it based on my experience.

When I don’t play it at night, however, I feel more rested and ready to take on more listening time the next day. It’s not a huge difference, though. I often still play it for a few hours when I go to sleep.


It’s probably still the same. You need sleep to process the subliminal and feel good throughout the day (which will lead to better results too). Still, sometimes you have to run it overnight out of convenience.


@SaintSovereign I know it’s the best to have a one hour gap after each hour of listening.

Hoewer, once I have listened to a particular sub for a long time, is it recommended to reduce the break time to 30 mins and then to 15 mins?


I second this. After many months of looping Q subs on set-and-forget (thinking I’d be able to), I decided “on a whim” one day to stop with looping and I just made a bunch of separately numbered playlists in iTunes. @1, @2 and so on (I’m up to 11 so far).

Most of the playlists are just a single sub from different titles.

I have them in a sort of logical order. I’ll play @1 when I first get in the office, which is Rebirth Ultima.

I’m playing a sub once…on ultra…then when I either notice it’s done or I think to check…I’ll then either run that again if I felt led to, or go to the next one.

The theory here is that me “noticing” when it’s done playing that loop is my SubC saying it’s ready for the next one.

My current order is:
Rebirth Ultima
KhanQ1 and EoGQ1 (same playlist for the healing aspects)
KhanQ4 and EoGQ4 (same playlist for the combined programming/action effects)
Power Can Corrupt Q
Mind’s Eye Q
Primal Seduction Q

I don’t go through this entire thing every day. Just what I felt led to listen to each go-round.

Been skipping subs completely during sleep (which was a harder habit to break than I thought)

Result: My dreams have skyrocketed in both vividness and detail. I had a dream the other night that had so many moving parts in it, it took me a full day or two to be able to articulate it well enough to relate it to my business partner.

tl;dr if you schedule permits, skip subs for sleep. Give the SubC the time it needs to process. If you MUST get time in during sleep, pick out the sub or possibly 2 subs max that you need to meet your goals. One loop of each. Fall asleep while listening to them. Then let the rest of the night be for processing.

On that note, @SaintSovereign. Would it suffice to skip EoG completely since I’m using Khan and it has the money stuff anyway? Or would doing that miss out on some unique goodies from EoG?


Possibly. You’ll have to experiment and see, but we still stick by the official recommendations.


EoG and Khan are very different. While they both cover financial interests, EoG is VERY focused on generating massive wealth. Khan has a ton of sexual scripting in it. You may have to choose which one is more important if you’re having issues.


There’s a Q module that seems to be relevant to this…in addition to the scripting in DR which seems to be related to results enhancement.


Check out Deus and Omnidimensional.



How did it work for you?


I’d love to know this too


My more recent entries cover that sorta. Looping Q on set-and-forget isn’t that great of an idea lol. Set-and-forget just isn’t needed anymore.

My current playlists are pretty much following the new SubClub recommendations to the letter as muhc as possible. I have them as:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

with 2 consecutive rest days in between. I also only do 1X of each major on Day 5 to make it a slightly lighter day going into the rest days.


Thanks for explaining your experience dude!

Yeah I’m gonna follow the alternative plans and lower my loops now. I’ve finished my experiment and feel like I’ve found my sweet spot so I’ll be doing that from tonight onwards.