Experimental Listening Pattern


Interesting. Was the listening uninterrupted listening? I’d be willing to give this a shot, but my exposure time is pretty inconsistent during the day depending on what pops up. I feel like listening at night with no interruption guarantees me a certain amount of hours.


What is the reason for the more pronounced results when listening to the subs awake?
In theory it shouldnt make a difference because the sub targets the subconscious which is working 24/7 right?


But during the day the subconscious also has to process everything that comes in from your consciousness and your environment. When you sleep, it can work uninterrupted.

I imagine it is like digestion. Never stops, but if you keep eating, it keeps having to process the new stuff before it is done with the existing stuff.

Elementary, good question about the uninterrupted listening. It’ll always be a question what the effects are if you keep walking out of the room while subs are playing.


But @SaintSovereign is saying that listening during the day, awake (not at night) produces better results…


Maybe it’s one of those things that can’t be understood by thinking about it, but rather by doing it and noticing the difference. Whether positive or not.


Listening during the day creates a pile of stuff to work through (like physical exercise), which is then processed more efficiently at night because you’re not listening then (like exercise recovery).

In contrast, distracting the subconscious during the day with all the messages that reach it as you go about your day while subjecting the subconscious with subliminals at night leaves it no “quiet time” to process.

In other words, working through the pile of messages is easier and faster for the subconscious when you are not consciously performing an activity (like when you are asleep in bed receiving minimal sensory input).

Did I explain it better now?


I can see that.

I wonder about listening to at night at leaving it to process during the day…


Up to this point, I was only trying to discover the variables that explain Saint’s results, without considering alternatives.

I do suppose we could check off some pros and cons to each.

  • We can take action to support the subs during the day. Would it then be more effective to also run them during the day? Or would that make no difference?
  • The subconscious is being bombarded all day long by both our conscious actions and subliminal messages & suggestions coming from our environment. This would theoretically distract it from processing the subs effectively, resulting in this process taking longer. Unknown variables would be how much this distraction actually affects the subconscious, as well as how much our physical tiredness affects it.
  • The subconscious is able to process more effectively during off-periods like sleep. This could mean that listening during sleep but not during the day would allow it to do more work faster and do whatever is left over during the early part of the next day. Provided you did not also listen during the day.

I suppose you do have a valid question, Sir.

When supposing a fixed amount of listening hours, such as 6, what would be the effective difference be between 6 hours of exposure at night and 18 hours of non-exposure during the day, versus 6 hours exposure during the day and 18 hours of non-exposure the remainder of the day and night?

Perhaps there is a cut-off point. Meaning that if we suppose that when the subconscious is “under load”, meaning during the day when it is bombarded with messages, it will be slower to process the subliminals, can we then determine that it would take for example 1 hour of non-exposure to completely process 1 hour of exposure.

In other words, could we say that as soon as we get more than 12 hours of exposure, it would also take the subconscious more than 12 hours to process that exposure? And since there are only 24 hours in a day, this would indicate things start piling up and we need a rest-day to catch up.

If this is the case, you might see relatively few improvements in people that only listen for 6 hours as opposed to people that listen for 14 hours, for example.

Finally, given the premise that the subconscious communicates with us using the medium of dreams, would it do so more vividly/readily if you were being exposed to subliminals at the time, or if you were not being exposed? Saint’s deduction is that it gives better dreams if the subconscious is in “processing” mode instead of “listening” mode.

I guess you’d need to do far more clinical testing to figure it all out.

So for now, absorb what Saint said and try it out. If you already get more than 6 hours at day, turn them off at night. And take a day off, like Saturday or Sunday. Or that one day in the week where everybody is always planning their meetings.

And of course, journal, journal, journal.


So I’m on Day 8 of Emperor. My dreams are either non-existent or fully vivid. Not much in-between.
I usually listen as much as I can whilst working and whilst sleeping (I’m talking the ENTIRE sleep time).

I’m off work tomorrow, and I’ve already had 9 hours listening time today while I was working.

I will forego any listening tonight and see how my dreams change, and I figure I’ll do that for a week…all listening during the day, zero at night. Just to see how it happens.

Kinda excited now to see what happens!


We also need to consider that everyone may not respond to the same sub identically. Person A could listen to Khan for 6 hours to get maximum benefit, while person B could need 8 hours…


thanks for the info!


Its just not practical for me to listen to the subs during the day. If i did attempt this i might get 2 hours listening but with interruptions.

Its best for me at night time.


It seems correct for me too. When I listening during day and rest at night, my brain has a time to answer the questions its being asked during the day of listening.

Day of rest makes listening another day much more impactful, I feel subs more and have this “reality-bending” feeling that the world (and me) changes.

Anyway, I tried to overload my brain and that was my mistake.

Now I will use this new listening pattern and report if something interesting occur.


today was the first night I slept without listening to the sub.

What I have noticed so far ist that I dreamed more. Actually I stopped dreaming while listening to subs during night. Only at the beginning when I started with subs, I dreamed while listening to the subs.

And another thing I have noticed is, that I slept much longer.


When I used “competitors” subliminal program I have been motivated “to go through, no matter what”.

I literally fucked my system just following the instructions,had panic attacks & anxiety, almost lost all my “magic”. Saint, said good thing in ebook about literally wasting time trying to conquer subconscious, to make it under control, what “competitor” do with “outdated technology”. When I found out that “competitor” had cancer, which metaphysically was represented as inner conflict, I decided to stop using his subs.

Thanks God, I don’t need and want to pull pressure on myself now. All my greatest manifestations (even without subs) occurred when I was in harmony with my subconscious mind.

So, thats another reason for me to try new listening patterns.


Something to consider. Sleep is very important in humans. When sleep is limited, it inhibits neurogenesis. Humans haven’t really evolved for constant sound exposure during the night, so it’s possible listening to the subs at night keep you “up” at a level of awareness so to speak. They’ve done research with noise exposure in areas with high traffic (cars coming and going all day). They found people had significantly higher cortisol levels, but people didn’t comment on higher stress levels. Those in more quiet areas had significantly less.

So much like the bodybuilding analogy I’m guessing the brain needs enough rest at night to go through healthy neurogenesis. The more active neurons, the stronger the ability to “connect” new concepts. That’s all belief restructuring really is when you think about it. Our subconscious is super powerful, but it does exist in a physical structure that needs to be working to the best of it’s ability.

All theory of course. But I think in general 24/7 nonstop could be evaluated more. There’s not many things you can do 24/7 without burnout or issues, so why would subliminals be excluded from that? Definitely unknown territory, but I think the strength training scheduled approach might be the way to go.


You’re so right. Although some natural things are often an exception: nail growth, heart beating, breathing air, the cycle of the female menstruation, the rotation of the earth, the flow of chi in the body, the blood flow into the brain, etc etc etc.

How do you think these relate to the metaphor of the gym?

cc @DarkPhilosopher too.


I guess it doesn’t feel to me that having Subs going 24/7 leads to any overload or burnout, and this from someone who literally has had subs from a variety of producers and with a range of themes running all the time for years. We are taking in stimuli and unintended programming all the time. We might as well have some deliberately chosen stimulus along with everything else.


I agree, it is person depended. Somebody can run 24/7 and have results, somebody maybe less.

What I love in Subliminal Club that it is encourage experimenting.

I remember listening Sex & Seduction ONCE and seduction was smoothest I ever had.

Listening Limitless a couple of times made me so knowledge hungry that I literally study for a whole day like Neo in Matrix without exhaustion.

Experiments, experiments, experiments. Experience of other users are precious but only personal experience what is really true to oneself.


Very true with the natural stuff. The way I see it what the subs promote is an extension of our natural abilities. However the stimulus itself is not. As anyone who works out has encountered that your strength is obtained in recovery and regrowth of muscle tissue, not in the constant load of it. But working out can also tax the central nervous system, so while your muscles aren’t sore or in a recovering state it’s possible your neurological functions arent performing optimally at carrying out the movement patterns for exercises. If anyone here knows more about this than me feel free to call me out on it lol. I briefly dabbled in this stuff when I used to be a lot more into strength training. There was wayyyy too much bro science and “no pain no gain” stupid routines.

So in that regard I believe with subs it would be beneficial to know how to “load balance” so to speak. Know when to back off or push more. Unfortunately that seems more highly intuitive to get the answers. And in my case I know I often have this fear that if I’m not hitting my subconscious 24/7 I’m not getting optimal results. But as we’ve all seen on this forum reconciliation can be a bitch. And it’s possible if you’re worn out/overly stressed your mind can’t process information as well. Common wisdom has been to run subs as much as possible by most other producers. Maybe it’s time that assumption was challenged? Doing things just because that’s the way they’ve always been done is never good. I guess my main point would be deep restful sleep is very important to building the brain up.