Experimental Listening Pattern


Also took a day off, combined it with dopamine fasting (a bit at least) Cant really say it made much of a different but its the first day I did that after all.


Ok here is an update. I dont know if its me or (the pause from) Emperor, but lets just say it is the latter.
I am so angry right now, I could go on a rant for about an hour how much I hate certain things.
Man… I have no idea how I should go to sleep now. I am really pissed off.


The Open Path material looks intriguing.


So thinking of double induction hypnosis I am wonder if it could be efficacious to listen to a hypnosis track while running through sets of 108 repetitions of a compatibly themed mantra or even possibly just repeating affirmations.


I’ve been listening as much as I can day and night. Looking at the results here, perhaps I will try not listening to subliminals at night when I sleep.


That sounds like an excellent idea @dorfmeister. Did you test it out?


Yes. I ran the Vince Kelvin hypnosis track I have been using, while counting repetions of 108 of the Ganesh Mantra, Om Gum Ganapatyei Namaha on a Mala.


I bought a couple of Lloyd glaubermans hypnosis. He’s good but I did not like going through all the stories just for a few suggestions to try to get them in my subconscious mind. I never heard of Vince Kelvin is his dual induction similar to the eriksonian style ?


I’ve got a bunch of those HPP titles and like them. They are really good at creating trances. I do not know if the Ericksonian approach is more or less effective, but it is a different strategy than more direct suggestion.

I have not heard any Vince Kelvin double inductions. He is not story oriented in the way the HPP titles are. It is more direct, though I am pretty sure he also uses elements of the Ericksonian approach as do many hypnotists.

You can also find dual induction stuff where the hypnotists are more direct rather than story oriented. I remember listening to some Hypnotica dual inductions with another hypnotist and it seemed like they stuck to themes rather than using the dual inductions to form a story.


The Hpp procrastination hypnosis worked good for me. But I’m really liking listening to sub club’s ultra subliminals more because of the amount of scripting going into my subconscious. But Lloyd’s hypnosis were the best out of all of them that I have tried. I currently have a scalar wave theta hz emmiter that works freaking awesome and always puts me into trance. I like the trance state very much.

Direct dual induction based on themes sounds very nice. Do you regularly listen to hypnosis?


I guess I don’t see the hypnosis competing with the subliminals.

I listen to hypnosis and/or do a meditation every night as a discipline. I figure it complements my sub listening.

That scalar wave device sounds compelling.


That’s great.

Here is the link to it.

I like it. I don’t have to listen to binaurals I just plug this thing in. They make many different frequencies too. It’s like the size of a USB stick.


Intriguing. Which frequencies have you used? I wonder what might be the best multi-purpose frequency?


I’ve only used that theta one. I want to possibly get the gamma one and use it in my car on my way to work to wake up :grinning:


I think alpha is a good multipurpose frequency.



Really bad photo above, but I have an orgonite device with a coil in it and an audio input that I run subliminals into. I have had it quite a while but am not sure it really has any effect. It is about the size of a bundt cake and is made up of powdered copper, iron, quartz, secret ingredients and a large copper wire coil that the audio input is connected to.

I find a device that would actually have an effect on my sleep and/or meditation to be really intriguing.


I wonder if you can transmit a scalar wave through that. There is an app that emits the scalar waves through the audio phone jack but you would need to route it through an amplifier to be able to emit through it. That’s cool


I generally use the audio from an mp3 player. I have my subliminals running from one mp3 player and then into a splitter and then going into four different sets of powered speakers in different parts of my home + the orgone generator. I have no idea how much amplification the orgone generator could handle before the circuit would blow out.

I will say, though, that the effects from the orgone generator have been underwhelming.


Sounds like a cool setup. Is there any amplification going to your orgone generator?


Only the amplification from the mp3 player at this point.