Experimental Listening Pattern


Oh ok. You may want to try giving it some amplification maybe through a sterio output… I wouldn’t think the MP3 player has enough power going into it.


A blurry view of it in action + a couple of other unpowered orgone radionic devices.


Yes. I suppose I should try running just that output through a headphone amp.


Yup and here is a scalar wave app that you can try it with. I’m not sure if it will emit the scalar wave or not but this company makes a scalar wave emitting device to go with that app. It basically sends the frequencies through the headphone jack. You could try running this app through a headphone amp and then connect it to your orgone emitter.



That’s awesome man


I need to try it.

I’ve got a battery powered portable headphone amp around somewhere. I’ll need to dig it up and try it out. Or I could run the headphone out of my receiver into it.


Let me know how it goes and if it works. You should know by feeling it when you go down into theta. Also the scalar field gets stronger the more time it’s emitting. :grinning:


I took a full week off, not on purpose but because of an intense travel/business schedule. (Or maybe it was this thread affecting my subconscious to cause this coincidental travel + break??). Played a loop of EOG here and there, around 5 loops total over the course of 8 days.

Granted this is after 5 or more months straight every single day of 17+ hours per day, often 20+ and only very minimal unplanned days off.

But it seems and feels like EVERYTHING has been being processed by my subconscious. Crazy and effortless flood of women into my life. I made two fairly significant and unexpected sums of money this last week.

And most notably, my mind feels like a super computer processor with tons of memories coming up from childhood that I had long forgotten. All these contemplative thoughts of how I’m living my life and where I want my life to go, and ideas for business - some out there and crazy, some very feasible.

I’m going to follow my intuition here and take a couple more days off before starting subs again probably on a 10-12 hour daytime playlist while taking nights off.


We’ll be announcing an official alternative listening pattern, with explanations very soon. :wink:


Intrigued. “No Nights Exposure” does miracles for me already.


Story behind? What difference do you observe?


I have gotten used to the 24/7 routine and sleeping with the subs playing😫. However I will have to try this out when the new instructions are posted.


First of all, the quality of sleep (according to Sleep Cycle app) is improved from 50-60% to 80-90%. Next. Dreams are vivid and informative like on DREAMS sub. Next. It is very hard to explain in English but…I feel that subs processing is complete itself as finishing a gestalt and I have this feeling “okey, I changed so lets practice It in real life”.

Each and every daytime interaction (seduction, studying, learning new) is being processed during night and I wake up with fresh feeling “let’s see whats changed”. AND I SEE CHANGES! My interaction with girls changed, I see those little changes that make me relax and think that everything will be okey. Working with clients shows that I’m literally pattern-sponge, my thinking, comprehension is high above average. I’m learning quickly AND integrate and use this in my real life instantly.

When I listened subs for 24/7 I had this feeling that subs programming is endless and I don’t know when to try practicing in real life. Now, each day of exposure, when night of rest and next day actions are improved, updated.

Gee, its hard to explain in Russian, and in English its hard twice more.

For me, “No Night” make subs about 10 times more effective. No overwhelming feelings, no tiredness, no “subs listening & no real life” -> “subs reprogramming & execution in real life”.

I have something to say to guys who are “waiting mode: first, I will update everything and only when will act in real life”. Don’t waste your time! Just try something what you tried before running subs and failed. Try it now! You’ have only options/reactions: 1) nothing changed BUT subs will more precisely reprogram you in this are, 2) you already see changes (sometimes its hard to believe that, fuck, ITS WORKING!!!). I have both experience, and eventually, you will see changes in all areas of life you are interested.


Thanks @Dmitry that’s very encouraging. I will do it from now on. Also your English seems better than mine. English is my first language :rofl:


Said it better than I could have @Dmitry and English is my native language :+1:


How you measure results? What you observe to understand what is better? Is there any person who performed better listening while sleeping?


Thank you for the detailed report. It is very helpful :slight_smile:


Thank you, guys! :slight_smile:


«This misconception taken to the extreme is “sleep learning,” where tapes are played during sleep to learn a new language (or new information). Many people who try this notice that not only do they not learn much, but they become confused about what they already knew prior to listening to the tapes. That is because sleep and dreaming, in particular, are great times for consolidation, but not for recording. The wrong tide for recording is running during sleep.»

Dreaming Realities: A Spiritual System to Create Inner Alignment Through Dreams
Julie Silverthorn.


That’s great but I thought EoG keeps people who are not related to business away?

I also want to share something I have noticed especially with Emperor. When I listen to it for lets say 20-30 minutes and stop I notice the effects very soon. But when I keep listening, nothing happens. I guess this is the time the subconscious needs to process and reflect it in your behaviour.