Experimental Listening Pattern


Man I’d love to get an official consensus on this. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between listening at night vs not. If the limited exposure during the day is offset by the processing at night or if high exposure is still the best.


@SaintSovereign any updates on this?


Nothing official, but evidence is piling up that the alternative listening pattern is still more effective.


Can you tell us which is the alternative listening pattern?


So by Julie Silverthorne’s logic, listening to Subs whilst sleeping would be damaging to ones development rather than helpful.


Yes, I’m coming to the same conclusion. I will say this, the experimental subliminal @Fire made for me, Codename: New Beginnings, is so powerful that it sent me into a near breakdown for two days after attempting to listen to it non-stop throughout the day and night. I had to stop running it for about three days now just to get through the reconciliation. Now that’s it’s passed… I feel… absolutely astounding, like negative parts of my humanity has been stripped away.

He’s holding this technology so close to the chest that even I don’t know what’s in it, and that was intentional.

I’m going to test again doing 4 loops today, none overnight, 4 loops tomorrow, then a two day break.


Good to know. I guess part of integrating these subs well is knowing your limits and when to back off.


So would you be to the point of recommending against “set it and forget it”?


Not sure. The idea with “set and forget it” is that you’re playing it non-stop in one room, or on your phone and when you’re walking around, there’s gaps in your exposure. For those of us that have a very regimented listening schedule (like myself, I play off my phone, but when I go somewhere, I put headphones on and keep listening), I might recommend moving away from it.


What if the only time you can listen to it is at night while you sleep?


Awesome name for a subliminal

Hope 1 day we get to see a version of it


You may have to cut back on the number of loops or take rest nights where you’re not listening to any titles.


I am experimenting with listening only on one half of the night. For example, only for the first 4 hours or for the last 4.


I’ve got the subs playing 24/7 in multiple rooms in my home including the bedroom from one mp3 player split out to multiple speakers.

I guess maybe I’ll need to rethink my set-up.


Ha! I laugh in the face of danger! I am willing to put the symbolic amount of one dollar down on Fire being unable to create a sub that causes me to break down after listening 24/7. There are not enough words in the English dictionary to create that density. :slight_smile:

Unless it contains specific damaging instructions of course, then I might end up with a bad headache. And it would be bad sportsmanship. Otherwise I can take it.

It’s like hypnosis. Every time I meet a professional hypnotist I ask them if they can do something like making me forget a number, be stuck to a chair or something like that, something to prove the power of hypnosis to me. And no matter how cooperative and willing I am, I have yet to meet one that succeeds. And I’ve met some good ones.

I asked them why and so far we’ve come to the conclusion that my sense of reality, my image of what is and must be is so solid people can’t break it unless my critical mind agrees. Very peculiar. And possibly detrimental to rapid change. In order to change, I have to convince myself that the change in question is good first. As you can expect, I do a lot of mantras and affirmations.

As for the listening pattern, I do notice I sleep a bit better if I don’t listen at night. Could also be because I instead listen to a playlist containing one hypnosis track followed by a series of tracks that are supposedly charged with healing energies.

Problem is that I get less hours a day now, plus I’m only listening to ultras, when before I used the masked at night. Since I don’t know how each works on me, I like the idea of using both.


I want to add something. “Set and forgot” method was introduced when Subliminal Club’s titles had much more simpler scripts and output. Then New Dawn was introduced with complex, massive scripts. And output was maximized, especially in Complete, ST4 stages.


New Beginnings is designed to force you to face and overcome your deepest fears – specifically a fear holding you back from success. In my case, it’s this longstanding subconscious link between “success” and “death.” It’s been plaguing me all year, including manifesting physical symptoms. Right now, it’s written in a way to address that one issue. It’s also name embedded and tailored to me in every way. Just because one of the general titles doesn’t have that effect on you doesn’t mean a program like this wouldn’t.

I would NOT take that bet. :stuck_out_tongue:


So that is one of those titles that is custom built that cost a decent amount for people.


You shouldn’t, it’s so geared to you it would do nothing for me and you would owe me a dollar. :wink:

But I did say I was willing to bet Fire would be unable to create one. I never said it had to be that specific one. Although a sub for overcoming one’s deepest fears sounds like a perfect companion for Halloween.

I actually have a few dollar-bills in an old wallet somewhere, I could mail one if I lose (it’s more dramatic to use actual money). It would cost me 5 dollars for the stamps, but at least I’d have proof beyond doubt that subs do indeed affect me. It’d be so worth it. And as an added benefit, I’d give those poor USPS guys something other than brochures and bills to deliver.

Success and death? Reminds me of a guy that had been told by a fortune-telling relative that he would win the jackpot in the lottery one day, but he would die before he could enjoy it. He believed it completely, especially since her previous predictions had come true. So he’d already planned to leave it to his sons. Which makes me both happy and sad, since the guy in question is my estranged father…

PS. I’m not intending to diminish the work you’re doing in any way. I wish you strength in dealing with your challenges. Saying this just in case it seemed otherwise.

@Floridianninja I believe I heard Saint mention somewhere that he and Fire both run custom named subs to help them grow the business and sync with each other. The advantage of idle computer cycles and access to Fire’s brain. If I had the time to spare, I’d be envious.


“New Beginnings” part of Quantum Limitless?!