Experimental Listening Pattern


Fascinating. Any plans to release this as a general “face your deepest fears” sub (not success specific)? Khan seems to have wiped out my surface fears, but I’m sure there’s some nasty stuff hidden really deep down. I’d love a way of uncovering and facing those head on.

Although I suppose any general release would be watered down to make it palatable to the general public anyway?

Incidentally, I’ve been following this listening pattern for the last few weeks and it does seem more potent. I wish I had used this when I was running Khan.


I have been playing non stop in the day then for the first two hours of my sleep at night. It automatically stops after 2 hours so I get sleep 6 hours with no subs. So far I’m noticing more results. But I am not getting vivid dreams like I used to when I slept with subs and nonstop theta binaural entrainment. I’m not doing any entrainment while sleeping anymore. But even though I’m now getting the vivid dreams I’m noticing more results listening like this.


Any thoughts on if irregular listening breaks could be a useful strategy for listening? Normally, when I travel I will run an ultrasonic playlist at night and when able during the day. The last two nights I was out of town and I heard no subliminals at all for approximately 43 hours. Do you think irregular breaks of this sort might be beneficial?


well…I just did that two days ago…and I felt like a new person …the next day I felt the burdens on my shoulder had been lifted…I felt much more relaxed…and the emotional state and thought pattern that I had changed to a much more positive way…and the night I broke my listening pattern…I had lots of dream and they were all really vivid…this is something really hard to put into words…suffice it to say…you just feel it…this is what I experienced …I dont know if it works for everybody…but i think it is worth trying…


The new results regarding the listening pattern suggest that less is more.
From 24/7 to 6 hours a day is a huge step. There are also hints that sleeping without subs is more effective. Taking breaks should be helpful. Like others i stop listening if i reach a point of discomfort and take a short break.

I realy hope that in the future we will have subs that only take 1 hour a day listening time.
That would be great.


Where did you read that?


Id also argue that this day-off really seems to be a thing. Right now I am experimenting with taking 2 days off in a row for major programs like Emperor and stuff like Rebirth and only listen to for example Ultimate Artist


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> Can you tell us which subs you were using during the test?

A wide assortment, no pattern based on title was discovered, though most of the testers have a multi-stage as their “base.”

> How many hours of exposure during the day are needed to make playing them at night inferior? 4, 8, 12+ hrs during the day?

No less than 6 during testing.


So 6 hours per day seems to be a solid alternative.


Now testing 5-6 loops, during the day, starting at the same time (noon) without any subliminals through the night.

Will see how this will work.


I have the assumptions that it is more about loops and pauses inbetween than about hours.
Is that correct?


I understand this as 6 hours or more. No?


No less than six sounds like a minimum effective dose. I take that to mean that more than six will probably be more effective and the essential key along with that is not listening at night.


I understand the same


Think its realy hard to determine if 8 or 10 hours are more effective than 6. In regards to results with subs it seems that they depend on the person itself. Seems to be that there are good and bad responders. Following the results in different forums since years does not allow any other conclusion. For some people subs work with a minimum amount of time and for others they never work.
Imho it doesnt matter how long you are exposed to any subliminal. If the core message is true for your subconcious it should work instantly.
Unfortuanetly subs are dealing with limited or false beliefs. To convince the subconcious from another reality you need repetition or a real good story. Creating another reality for the subconcious than the real one is the trick. In the long run it doesnt matter how many loops you run daily. The results will show up sooner or later. Maybe it needs more time with less loops but feeling good with enough uninterrupted sleep is much more important.

You can speedup the messages. You can condense them in any way possible but here’s the kicker: The message itself.
I am also certified hypnotist and i know how to communicate with the subconcious. You have to touch it on a deep level. You can not change experiences. Good or bad. You can bring them into another context. An ugly looking guy will never believe that he is a handsome guy but he can believe that appearance is not that important.
Wording and finding the right approach in communication with the subconcious is much more important than any repetition.
A real good advanced subliminal should work with the first exposure if the subconcious take it for real.


That reminds me of the awesome discussions I often have with hypnotists about the possibility to make someone under hypnosis jump off a building. Surprisingly, only very few give the answer you’ve given here.

Anyways, we don’t know how large and diverse the testing group is, what the environmental conditions are and how true to the testing protocol they are. The variable here is the one thing we simply don’t have the capability to measure: how long it takes for a person’s subconscious to process the message. Ignoring for a moment your very important distinction of how aligned the message is with the current dominant programming, there is a much simpler question of how fast it would process any message. For some, one hour of listening would take one hour of processing. For others, two hours or 30 minutes. I mentioned this somewhere higher in this topic, I believe. We would need to give our subconscious the time to “digest” the messages before we feed it more. Hence the rest/recovery period.

But until we can actually measure that, we’ll likely work off the conservative number. One that works for even the slower minds among us. Even though some among us can listen to three overlapping subliminals for half a day (another thread investigated this phenomenon), the vast majority would likely have better results listening up to 12 hours a day and not at night.


Its simply not possible. Anybody who experienced a real hypnosis session know how this feel. You are totally aware of who you are and where you are. For sure the awareness is different but you are still there. If you black out in ultra deep hypnosis you lost consciousness. No way to make you do things you didnt want. If you have the deep urge to suicide it could work but otherwise you will not jump.
If you look at show hypnosis you will see people who want to be on the stage doing crazy things. They enjoy it. Normal or shy people wouldnt do anything on stage. Hypnosis can only strenghten predispositions or can correct false beliefs.
Its also very helpful in trauma therapy if an event is locked by the subconcious.
But there are different opinions of dealing with such locked events. Sometimes its better to leave them alone.

I dont know how the subs are scripted but i dont think that there is something like a different speed in processing. The rate we all hear and absorb the messages should be the same.
But the consequences of the information are totally different from person to person.
Subs seemed to be more like brainwashing atm. Thats the reason why they need so much time to change the reality of the listener. The subconcious has to be convinced of the information with endless repetitions. Also the sub must work for nearly everyone. Different age culture social background. That makes it more ineffective and is the reason why custom subliminals may work better. Like a good hypnosis from a real person who can interact and deal with the subconcious.

You may want to be an alpha male with all that kind of status and money but under hypnosis you discover reasons why you didnt want it for real. Maybe you are much more satisfied with the actual status than you think. Maybe it fits your destiny much more.
What can an alpha male subliminal in such a case do? Not much. Its against your deepest beliefs and maybe against your destiny.
If you think that there is no such thing like destiny your subconcious can have a totally different opinion. Under the assumption that your subconcious is much more intelligent and wise than your ego its obvious that you will only achieve results that will benefit your development as a human being. Its protecting you every second of your life.

Subliminals are realy interesting but still too slow. Its boring to keep the headphones on for hours a day listening to that water sound. I realy hope that all the subliminal experts out there will find a way to speedup the process. Like i said before one hour day would be great.
And the job for the user is to find subs which fit their aim in live. Like tools you can add to your toolbox. With better tools you can do a better work.


Would this day time listening of perhaps 6 hours be recommended for all subclub sublminals? Or only the more recent and heavier subliminals like Khan, EOG, Emperor?


At the moment there is nothing official even though i asked multiple times what are the results or how they measure results. I would wait an official response to change the set and forget method which i believe it will come when they are confident enough to say


@Hannibal So I’ve had a theory for a while now that those with a more emotional core who feel more have greater difficulty with change. And if their past experiences were overwhelmingly negative it’s harder to believe the polar opposite of that. So based on what you’re saying we’re limited on what we can program into the subconscious with the current state of subliminals? Because if a powerful emotional state exists within the subconscious that pretty much anchors the negative belief and makes it harder to change it to something positive.