Experimental Listening Pattern


For now I am going to do as I have been doing and simply continue to listen as much as possible.


Hypnotists are not able to make people do things against their willl like jumping off the balcony if they aren’t suicidal.

However, what if the hypnotist can convince his client that in front of him is a swimming pool and he should jump into the pool?

Will the client jump off the balcony thinking that he is jumping into the pool?

I have never encountered such a hypnotist who can convince me I am in a really in wonderland, in a sea of flames, at a beach or at a concert when I am actually sitting in a chair.

Would love to meet one of these chaps if they exist in the world.


Not possible because the client is always fully aware of his situation.
For a better understanding of hypnosis its essential to be hypnotized.
I was often hypnotized from our teacher in my hypnosis education. He gave me commands like lifting the arm to demonstrate the state. Deep in hypnosis i had the choice to do it. I thought ok why not and lifted the arm. Like i said before you are still aware of your surrounding and the whole situation. Doing things or in therapy session telling the hypnotist your deepest secrets will only work if you want it. If not nothing will happen.


How would you convince the subconscious there is no such thing as destiny?


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They seem to be doing it with the terrorists. Convince people to kill them selves and others all together. And you come to find the person came from a normal household and no mental issues. How did he get that brainwashed?

You can always get people to do anything so long as you make them believe that it was their own idea! The best of hypnosis happens when you don’t even realize it.


Just like Goethe said, the best slave is the one who considers himself free


I think subs are working better for me when i sleep. I didnt listen at night for a week then i tried again the last two days while sleeping and i feel more motivated


I bet that this is similiar to the fact that someone has better results with ultrasonic vs masked and vice versa. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.


Yeah i agree for sure. I do think subs are working different for everyone. Same concept why people can handle three subs while others cant


I really wonder why this is tbh


Official results will be issued soon – although, it will be less of a “run it for six hours straight, at this time and sleep [x] amount of hours,” and more of the process I took to discover my optimal listening pattern. Right, it seems that five loops of masked per day, starting at around noon each day and taking a rest day every three days is my optimal pattern. More loops or skipping the rest day leads to deep reconciliation that hurts my overall productivity.


Does that mean that if we’d skip the rest day the subliminals would sink in deeper?


Gave this a try last night with no subs playing. What do you know? Better sleep and less fatigue. Started playing the subs during the day, the fatigue has come back. There’s something in this.


Since it is no longer about a testing group’s results but rather the results that Saint came up with, I interpret this as getting the testing protocol instead so that each of us can discover what works best for us?

As for me, I tried it for a while, but the difference was negligible and with 3 subs in my stack I get too little exposure during the day only. Plus I only listen to ultras during the day. So I will be adding the masked tracks back in while I sleep to have both (still don’t know if masked or ultra work best for me). Maybe I will divide the tracks with iAwake tracks to take short breaks in between.

I might still take longer breaks once a week though.


I wish there was a reliable way to test if masked or ultra works better on a person. I may have to go back to merging them together so I can do both at the same time…


Any suggestions on something to listen to while sleeping that might enhance the subconscious processing, or perhaps dreaming ability, if we’re no longer listening to subs overnight?


if I’m understanding this thread correctly, I think the idea is to not do ANYTHING while sleeping so the brain has a chance to process that which was learned during the day.


Maybe listen to the DREAMS supercharger before bed? :thinking: