Experimental Listening Pattern


If you decide to stop all subs at night it would be better to avoid any other sound source including ultrasonic. If you are someone who can better sleep with any noise in the background instead of the ambient noise it doesnt matter. You can put on a sort of relaxing sound or music. I wouldnt play any sound which actively alters the brainwaves like theta or delta or whatever. Let the body rest and dont interfere with the natural sleep pattern.
Imho its essential to be COMFORTABLE with any listening pattern you choose.
If you feel good all is fine. If you are exhausted after sleep its counterproductive.


I find the the Iawake Delta track, when played on a loop all night, to really help me to maintain a deep level of sleep.


You need headphones for those right?


Many people are using it without. I never tried to use waves at all. Have you?


I used the free samples, highly effective. But since they are binaurals, they cant work without using headphones. I just think it may be very uncomfortable sleeping with these things on


I don’t see a problem using a non-subliminal product overnight, since it’s not providing any additional instructions to your subconscious.

I have Dreams already, but unfortunately it didn’t have much of a noticeable effect for me, but then I struggle to remember my dreams anyway.

My sleep isn’t that great normally, so something that helps with deeper sleep would be good. I might give iAwake Rainstorm Sleepwave a shot. I can’t use headphones while sleeping, but I’ll see how well it works through speakers, since it does also use isochronic tones.

What about Solfeggio frequencies? Anyone used them? Do they do anything or are they just another gimmick?


@SaintSovereign (or anyone else), what is this New Beginnings you’re talking about? Is it out yet?


Yes for me theta entrainment does all of that.


The Iawake tracks do not require headphones for entrainment. I find the delta track to be a great sleep aid.


Thanks, didnt know that. Will try them


Could you tell how that works? Thanks


It is an experimental subliminal Fire have created and Saint tried it with quite powerful results. I don’t know what is inside this thing but resolving the counter-structure of “success = death” means that Fire managed to apply very deep esoteric findings in subliminal format.

The prospects of this findings are… HUGE.

And thats why.

We can have DUALITIES (aka POLARITIES). I.e. Wealth OR Love. You can have only one of them, not both. When integrated, you can have both.

Counter-structures are different. They have MEANING logic. Saint, for example, had SUCCESS = DEATH. If somebody will try to get, for example, a success that will mean death in someway. Maybe it is a logic from family systems i.e. “everybody in out family who were succesful - died”. A loyalty. Or from past lives “my relationship with God costed me a life, so no spirituality in 2020”.


Fire somehow managed to deal with this ultra-abstract level with subliminals. I can’t explain more deeper, but this means a revolution in subliminals. No kidding, if I’m right.


@Sarshet We’ll I would use theta isochronic tones preferrably 4.5 hz. This is a prime frequency for trance states. What happens to me is that I dream more, remember my dreams, and feel like I’m dreaming about the script in my sleep. It will prolong that theta twilight state that you briefly pass through before you clonk out and keep you in it. This is the trance. It seems to me that when your in trance and listen to the subs it removes the resistance you may experience from running it. Durning the day time I’d feel like I’m living the sub script. I also get crappy sleep and wake up feeling exhausted. When I sleep in theta I wake up feeling rested, unlike most people who feel the opposite.

Try it and let me know how it works for you.
Here is a link to an isochronic 4.5hz


Thanks @lowrider.

Do you know, will this prevent you dropping into delta during sleep?


It probably will but I can’t say for sure. You may want to get a Delta track to play after it. Experiment and see what works best for you. For me I don’t sleep any better in Delta, but that’s just me. I wake up feeling best when I sleep in theta the whole night. I’m not sure why that is.


I’m convinced about this new listening pattern. Set and forget felt like a constant grind with all the reconciliation, but this way is both much easier and noticeably more potent.


Up to now, I have had no NOTICEABLE adverse experiences that I can clearly link to subliminal use. Nothing that I could clearly label as reconciliation. I’ve also had little dramatic response in general. (But I’m also a beginner)

Instead, I’m just finding that it seems to be working. I’m listening to Ecstasy of Gold Stage 2 and I’m finding it’s easier to have insights about my interests, motivations, and life direction. I’ve tried to listen at night but my air pods only play for 4 hours so by the time I wake they’ve already run out.

I’ve tried both masked and ultrasonic. About 70% ultra to 30% masked. So far I do not yet discern a big difference for me.

Things that could possibly have been reconciliation have happened. Caught a flu that my son had. Sometimes got tired. So on. But nothing unequivocal.

I’ll just keep paying attention.


A bit late but thanks for this. I have issues with my sleeping schedule being a complete chaos.


Question for all those who have been doing the experimental listening. How much are you averaging during the day roughly? I can usually manage about 4.5 at work. Then I listen at home for maybe another 3 hours. Not sure if that’s too little.


6 - 8 hours in a day minimum is recommended by fire and saint sovereign @elementary_vision