Exploring Love, Sex and Attraction?! - The Libertine Ultima experiance


I would like to see that too @Shadow2200 but it does raise some questions. The girl i was on a date with told me how badly she wanted to have sex with me and how close she was to coming with me. When i asked her out she even said she knew i would do that. When we kissed she was so passionate It felt like my mouth was a drug she was craving for weeks.

She even said that i am dangerious and probably amazing in bed. All in the date. For me, at the very least, the aura did its job. She was soaking wet when i was touching her…

Hell she even said ” if only it was night and nobody was around ” when we were out in public…

The question is… i tried taking her home which was 15 min away from the date… i persisted… i even told her we can sneak in my office which was around the corner if she was conserned with time.

But she said i dont want to do it on the first date… and told me of a bad experiance she had in the past.

I respected that and stoped trying to get her home. I could have gotten her home with me, but it didnt feel ok with me.

The point im trying to make is. Libertine Ultima has made her attracted to me at the absolute limit of healthy attraction and lust. If the aura was stronger… yall wont handle it :joy:


Seems like the universe was throwing a little test at you to see if you would pass it and you did :slightly_smiling_face:it was like I know you moved on from her but let’s see if you really moved on from her. I’ll have you see her in person and see how you react.

Makes sense @Grimm1390 :smile:
I read in the way of the superior man that life is like a woman throwing tests at you. How fitting and i would t have it any other way

I wouldnt want good ol life to go easy on me this late in the game. Lmao


this is what I m afraid of, its hard to get over the breakup especially when we love someone so much and being loved so much. all we can do just moving forward although here’s a part when we still doesn’t want to let go. But I guess it takes time to forget at least time will numbing down the pain little by little

Thanks a lot @Grimm1390!!!, this article enlighten me


I owe a lot to Rollo Tomassi. Besides his books, I always recommend his youtube channel to anyone who is remotely interested in knowing about women. And understanding ourselves as men.

We can’t redpill everyone since the truth is a bitter pill indeed. But once your eyes are open, you realize the propaganda of love, soulmates, feminism, and many other myths.


I honestly am not a fan of the fact that many people don’t know how to handle this. So many prefer to live in delusion and ignore reality. What’s worse is that stuff gets screwed up not only for themselves but the other people around them. This is a result of a society that been sold and brainwashed into many lies, lies which exist because the underlying issues are not actually being addressed and whoever could address them, don’t want to address them.

What especially sucks is when individuals become aware of these illusions and go against the grain, others try to drag them back down. Some people need to just shut up and let them do their own thing. I could go on and channel my inner @JCast but I believe you get the point :smiley:


This just keeps getring better and better.

The girl i went on a date with is seems confused on text, she is madly attracted to me yet scared because she seems to have intimacy issues. She says ” i need to see you badly you have no idea ” and the next thing ” just so you know im not looking for a relationship ”

I fiqured she wants things done in her own time. So i made it clear that im attracted to her and i think she is very fun, and that im not looking for a relatio ship too. And if she wants to go her way its completly fine. Tell me when u want to meet up, and if im available, we can and it will be amazing. And i think its time we stop talking about the ” i dont want you having too mich expectations ” and the ” i cant let people in easily ”.

She agrees and says yes. So i will be smashing her on her time, if i have time and its fine. You dont chase cats you let them come to you.

In other news, and old flame reached out to me saying that she misses me and we text for a while. I told her that im having i have an open relationship with my girlfriend and she says stuff like yes you should be honest and you cant deny your desires.

This seems to be some sort of manifestaion from Primal Seduction enhanced by Libertine Ultima. Go team

So now i have 3 girls on my plate. Lets see what happens next


You are kicking ass… my question is would you think this will integrate permanently in your psyche? I mean even if you stop doing it… do u think u will have the same results? I have some experience with aura generation and normally they are temporary.

What stacks you are using right now? Thank you


I have used it enough to be sure but the mindset shifts can carried on without the sub. With sex mastery its the same. It has physical effect and mindset. Without sexual mastery i wont be as good but i remember clearly how i did certain things.

It is a good thing though that Libertine Ultima is potent and requires as few as 1 loop a day and can persist many days later.

If im this way 24/7 i dont think i can ever have a serious commited relationship. Every beautiful woman i see that make me feel something, i cant ignore them. I cant just go on my day… Its too intense. I have to text girls or interact with them.

The first 3 days i used libertine ultima alone. Now im using it with Primal Seduction, which added some nice manifestation. I will be using sex Mastey if i know that im having sex.


Any reviews you have of primal seduction?


Not on its own, Lee has been on it for 1 year i think. He can describes it best

Edit: I know for a fact this version of Primal Seduction has some Spartan programming in it. In the gym, i dont tire and my breaks are short.


This girl, the one i went on a date with, is so open and fun. I have never had so much fun just talking to someone. We talked about everything from jokes and memes to deep subjects and even sex. There is something irresistable and pure there. She legit cant stop giving me compliments. Imagine the things your ego withes it could hear: you are amazing, you are handsome, why do i like you so much, i just want to have sex with you and do everything you want…

I never ask or expect yet this is just unbelievable. Its way more than sexual attraction, she is attracted to everything about me.

I cant wait untill i see her and enjoy her company. I keep busy with my allready busy life but the suspence is killing me. To think if i wasnt using Libertine Ultima, she would sit by me in the train. I would be stuck in my head unable to notice her. I would still settle for things i thought were great, without knowing whats out there.


So inspiring,
love learning what you didn’t know is on the menu
super happy for you :slight_smile:


Been on Libertine Ultima for almost two weeks now. Not miuch else to report at the moment. Im sleeping around 9 hours everyday now. Currently my stack is

Libertine Ultima
Primal Seduction Q
Sex Mastery Q or Daredevil i tend to alternate them

So 3 loops of each. However i plan to decrese LU for 1 loop a day and then 2 to find whats optimal. The energy drain is no joke. I also want to see if it works better with fewer loops.

I may do 3 loops every other day. My overall mood is far better than i could remeber, i have never been sad or in any degree depressed or fustrated since starting LU. Life seem simple and almost fluffy.

I sometimes have a problem with my roomates teeling them what to do. They get sensitive and argumentative, or i get argumentative. But ever since i started using LU my authority is almost unquestionable.

The girl i went on a date with. She is ENFP which isnt a suprise considering our connection. She is far more intrested in me than i am in her. Not only does she complement how amazing or sexy i am. She says nobody she knows have the same way i do with words.

If only we lived closer to each other. She is intoxicated with me. Thats all for now i suppose

Oh yeah. Been using face moistraizer for almost a month now, i am 25 and i look 19 without beard thanks to it. Drinking pleanty of water is also very underrated. Just some random stuff for yall :slight_smile:


For me it seems that less is more with Libertine Ultima. Before yesterday i used one loop, yesterday i didnt and then something unexpected happen. I ran into my ex again and we where at the same place for 10 min. We didnt talk, but then she texts me saying how she saw me by the lake the other day, she knows im over her and its for the best… and then she starts going on how much she misses me and how ” hot ” i look now.


Maybe alternating it every other day will be beneficial…


Seems that way, a while ago @pacman you asked about primal seduction… now that i have more wxperiance with it i can say that with libertine ultima you will attract anyone you are thinking about… be it in a sexual, good or negative way. Primal seduction has some manifestation what work wonders with Libertine.

As for the libertine part. The more you interact, text pr see someone… the more they are exposed to your presence the more attracted they will be. It can go beyond wanting to sleep with you, they will be lusting non stop over you.


I am running primal seduction also with libertine…lol
Now that you confirmed that i am going to talk to co workers alot and let them drown in the aura…lol


How are your co-workers?


They want to talk nonstop…lol and keep coming back to talk…


Talk is cheap. lol