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Its starts there…


Talking is expensive.


Logistics seems to be the only thing keeping me from getting laid. The girl i met the train, she lives 2 hours away by train… we talk everyday but she wont come over unless she is free. What im saying is i doesnt matter how attracted she is, she is still busy with work and with her friends on off days. She busy with friends and birthdays and someone is visiting.

When my ex texted and showed intrest i got her to admit that she is horny and wants me. Because i know she didnt just text because she misses me, or was actually happy to see me.
She agrees on how badly she wants me, but nothint else. I asked her to meet up but she said no.

They both want me badly and its undenyable. Yet no one is doing what it takes to make it happen, i dont think its a coincidense that both seem to rather ” text ” than anything else. Even if turns sexual.


I find the similar situations happening to me…
They ladies talk alot and smile and some talk out of the blue but no one is going sexual…
But they smile througout the conversation.


To be honest its hardly the same. Im interacting with 2 girls, one used to be my ex and the other lives hours away. If i was talking or interacting with someone close by and no history… it would have been a done deal long before.

Talking is not enough, being proactive is everything. No subliminal or aura i know of will ever change that.


Sometimes with these forums I wish there was a “Haha” or “Head nod” option like other social media sites. Particularly haha sometimes.

I can see the similarities and link-ups between those two scenarios: and its why I liked the last post because I’ve seen that outcome too before. Like Saint was saying, except on a different level. Sexual energy or appreciation of the vibe you’re putting out, when it can’t come out sexually due to societal conventions or practicality will come out in other ways. “Smiling and talking out of the blue” – I had that experience with someone else’s partner, with a rather unconvincing topic (“do you sing? No, not at the moment? Well you should!” with big grins and smiling eyes) on one of my first runs or sets of runs of LU. The content of the conversation and the powerful positive reaction in terms of body language seems disconnected from one another, you could be talking about taking the trash out and they’d be laughing and joking.

Its the same with the texting… its the “safe” disconnected option that keeps them away from exposing themselves too much at once. The “appropriate” level of interest to not look like [insert pejorative name for someone who likes sex here]. The battle between the good bird and the dirty bird :wink: just wait to find out which one wins :sunglasses:

Edited to say: I watched a music video which kind of expresses that sublimation of that drive well this morning;


Bro i re-read your comment 3 times and i still dont understand what are you talking about :joy:


That’s okay maybe it wasn’t intended for you then :smile: I reread it myself just to make sure and it makes sense. I’m not going to waste time explaining the concept again :wink: already moved on to something else.


Its been a while. I have been busy with work for the last two weeks. Also had some problems that kept me busy. Its all good now. I have been using Libertine, Primal Seduction and Sexual Mastery X every other day while sleeping on loop.

Today is the day, im going to the Train Girls place after a month of intense sexual tension / fustration. Will report back later on how it goes.

On some other note, Libertine with Primal Seduction manifestation is very underrated. While its a little tricky its also simple, think about someone and they will text you within hours.


I totally forgot reading that Primal Seduction has a short and long term sexual manifestation module in the module list! This would explain some things…


Is PS included in Khan or is it a modified version do you know?


Do you mean are the sexual manifestation modules in Khan or other subs? That’s a good question, one that maybe only @Fire or @SaintSovereign would be able to answer with confidence. I do know Sex and Seduction also has Sex Manifestation on the module list, but Primal Seduction is the only one I’ve seen that has a module list which lists short term sexual manifestation as one of the included modules.

That finally made the decision I’ve been waiting to make about getting a non name embedded version of the PS core for current and future use to get more targeted sub exposure without focusing on the other 14 modules in my custom…


A tailored version of PS:IT exists in Khan.


Havent used Khan or know how well it works, if it does have sexual manifestation im not sure how effective it be compared to Primal Seduction. Khan’s seems to be far more than any sub on its own.


So i met up with her, she was waiting for me at the station. We went to a bar for a glass of wine and dont need to say a thing about the sexual tension. We both wanted to dig in into each other, but she likes to have her mind stimulated. I didnt need to do a thing either except talk and be myself.

The compliments i kept getting were too much. ” I have never with anyone who could stimualte my mind and sexuality at the same time ”. She even asked if there was space in the bathroom for a quick sex right there.

We talked alot. She can see through me, her inner fixer upper was stimulated as well. She kept saying how much potential i have, and i need to let go more and that i am like a puzzle she can’t solve.

We went to her place an had sex. Alot of hot, dirty sex. She has no limits. It was way too intense. When i put it in she keeps rock her body faster and faster. I went so hard and so fast my dick went numb. Litterarly i could feel a thing, i had to slow things down. So i went on full dom mode. She doesnt orgasm easily. Long foreplay could not do the trick, she wants it rough and fast.

I made her orgasm eventually, the trick is too much input at once. The sex was amazing but it was hard work. I had to be completly dominant and unpredictable and match her intensity.

We had sex, talked and had dinner. Then we had sex again. I wont bother training her to orgasm easily, its too much work and we live far away from each other. The next day i made her orgasm twice and she squirted. That was the first time i have ever made anyone squirt. It felt a little too much for me, like i need to take a long break. But we had sex again and again untill my dick could not stand.

I could not, however, feel completly comfortable with her for some reason. Maybe because she is too intense. Not to mention all the repetitive talk about ” im not used to this, i never have anyone over… i never have never shared as much with any man before.

We both need some time out i suppose. But i felt proud of my self, who knew a man who doesnt need any external validation can make someone feel like that.



can we get an "Iron Dick’ upgrade in the next Libertine version please?


I think I get this, almost like she wasn’t even present and it’s hard be fully comfortable with someone like that.


Cheers for that lmao


She certainly wasn’t. She could not let me go slow, almost like a what a guy would do after seeing too much porn. The fact that it took me to AK47 her pussy for 4 minutes stright just to orgasm once proved this. The next day it took less time tho. Cant fault her, she had a past… everyone does apprently


lmao :joy:

I’ve had this before, I don’t like this, cause it puts me in ‘performance mode’. Which is fine, and sex can be really good like this, but not ecstatic, and not connected. Which behind all the conquests there is still a part of me that actually really likes …connection lol.

But whatever the case, awesome stuff closing the first chapter on that one, and hope it continues to unfold well.