Exploring Love, Sex and Attraction?! - The Libertine Ultima experiance


Today i woke up super motivated for some reason, i felt power surging through my veins. At work, everything went super smoothly. I did fuck up with something yet my boss acted like it never happened. And i just feel all around better.

Why is that? I accedently played StarkQ last night while sleeping. So yeah, i think ill keep StarkQ there :smiley:

Current playlist on repeat:
Libertine Ultima Q
Primal Seduction Q
Stark Q


Yesterday i was sittng in the park and a cute girl was walking by, I felt like saying something so i went for the most boring the to say for fun

  • Excuse me do you know what the time is?
  • Aren’t the phone you are holding right now showing you what the time is? Or are you asking for something else.
    I was intrested because she didnt give a boring answor and showed some personality, she was a little suspicious because thats how swedish people are in nature.
  • How perceptive of you, the guy who clearly has a phone is asking about time. What does he actually want? This suspicous park sitting guy?

She started laughing and said:

  • You wanna ask for my phone number or snapchat arent you?
  • Actually i wanted to talk to you and see if we have a connection before asking that, but since you have a sense of humor i may end up liking you too much.
  • Is that a bad thing?
  • Well lets just say that at one point i may text you twice in a row, and maybe after we have amazing sex toghether i may cook for ypu breakfast in bed… can you imagine that?
  • Yeah i am… and to honest its not the worst thing in the world.
  • Oh cool. So ill have you snapchat now if thats ok with you…
  • OMG you are actually intresting… doing good so far mysterious park stranger…
  • You are intresting as well, where do you live?

We talked a little bit more then she went off. I texted her and she asked me if i was free today, since she lives close to me i invited her out in the area. My idea for the date is that i buy clothes and she helps me buy good stuff. We made out in the changing room and it was amazing. I went to her place around 18:00 and left at 23:00

During the entire interaction i was just being me. When i talked to her i wasnt in a good mood and just went with it. libertine ultima is really amazing…

But something felt off. I had sex with her a couple of times, before that i had the train girl over to my place over the weekend. All this sex is getting me too clear headed. Its amazing yet not as a big deal as i used to think.

Now i dont feel like seeing anyone for a while. Maybe i will see someone once a month. Im thinking more and more about my life and the future. Women is least of my priorities. Its this thing that feels good because you dont have it. For me at least

So as of tonight i will be using ascended mogul, stark Q and libertine ultima sometimes. I dont even feel like using sex mastery x. It makes no difference for me to have good sex for 15 min. It doesnt need to be a 1 hour marathon. I have nothing to prove to myself when it comes to women anymore.


For a while now i feel like im in a permanent post” nut clarity ” mindset. Today i talked to a very hot girl on the street. I was a little awkward but i was like whatever and she was so intrested in me. We talked for over 20 min until she had a call from someone. She said excuse me and talked for about half a min. She started talking normally but for whatever reason she got angry and started swearing on the phone, i felt so much toxicity from her by the time she hung up her phone i said excuse me and just left.

She was so hot tho, but it couldnt care and it suprised me. Im just feeling like im so picky with women. The old me would still talk to her, feel her vibe to decide if she is worth a shot or not. Now i just left and i wouldnt do it any other way. Its all so intresting, i so dont feel line trying anything at all i could go all day without thinking about sex or women. Not even once.


Commendable results, looking to see how you fare with V2.


Results like this one trump about 600000 results that sound like: “I’m a god everyone stares and wants me”

This is very amazing because for a shift of mindset from average 90% guy to the 10% guy that would walk away like that literally shows insane abundance and value and it took me 4 months of a program like khan to feel that way.

If you’re feeling like that then I can only assume that you’re not just being carried by some aura but you have a very attractive inner mindset that women want and that is amazing to read.

Does anyone actually get results?

Thanks @Yazooneh

With that being said tho, im noticing i have so much more space in my mind. Like the constant thinking of women or sex was now gone and im thinking about my future and my company more and more. In a way its hard because now that im not being distracted, i must choose to focus on what matters everyday.

The girl i started seeing august 2019 ended it yesterday. Our relationship was never serious but it was more than just sex. We loved each other in our own way and when she said she cant see me anymore. It hurted a little but im more or less okay, i treated her good and never once hurt her or made her feel bad. My presence made her life better. And for that im happy

But im not in pain, and im so happy condsidering how hard letting go used to be for me.

Edit: Man i really do want to try Khan one day. I have reached this point thanks to Libertine Ultima and my previous 1 year on emperor.


Gonna start with V2 today :smiley: i hope i get to meet someone of quality or someone who is unique in a way i have never experianced. Since i dont care much about random hookups anymore. They are cool and fun to report but i kinda hope for more now.


@Saiyan4Blue I have to admit, your results are very impressive considering you ran just Libertine and Emperor, because it shows how much Libertine can do on its own. I do get Emperor helps in this regard though it seems to be a less social sub.


@SubliminalUser thanks man. I did not run emperor for any specific reason or for a certain result. I was like many jumping around from one sub to another, trying the new or trying on new stacks without any consistency.

Untill i started seeing @lee_mdk ’s results. He ran Primal for 8 months at the time and displayed true live changing results. At the time i was messing around yet always felt like Emperor was doing something very important. So i went offline for almost a year barly posting and kept using Emperor.

It didnt hit me untill way later untill i discovred that among many things i got from emperor, it did one thing that stands tall above everything else.

It eliminated my need for love, approval and attention from anything and anyone. I honestly cant care about anyone the same unhealthy was i used to. I cant even be harsh on myself anymore. Im just contempt and relaxed, almost to the level that i cant even punish or scold myself whenever i fail at something important or when im being lazy.

Im just that contempt, i dont want to throw around words like Zen… but this is as close to ” what zen is supposed to be ” to the best of my knowledge.

Coming from that place, it makes it easier to absorb subs like Libertine. Since i really dont care about sex or impressing anyone anymore. Im not even as sexual as i imagined myself to be. Having sex 3 times a week, once at a time is good enough. I could go for more but that feels like time wasted.

Speaking of sex, my ex ( who broke up with me around the time i started using Libertine V2 ) asked me to hang out at her place. During those 2 weeks she was texting here and there and i was responsive but barly reactive. She slowly started showing more and more attention sending hearts and selfies. I went there because i missed her and her cat. I expected and wanted nothing, just to have a good time. She was full on touching, and being sexual with me. I layed on the couch she layed next to me and we watched a movie, during the 1 hour movie she kept getting closer and more touchy, untill she grabbed my hand and put it around her waist.

I knew whats going on but played it out curious whats going to happen, i didnt respond to any of her attemts untill she went to kiss me i stopped her and said:

Is that really what you want? She went quiet and nervious just as she normally does when she gets emotional.

I asked what do you want?
She said ” you ”
I said you broke up with me, you could have asked for a break or a time out but you just ended it.
She nods sadly, and i ask ” you want me but what do you want of me? ”
She said i dont know

In my mind i know its both Libertine v2 and her totally confused about how indifferent i am.

I said ” because i gave it my all with you, i have zero regrets and i want nothing from you. Untill you realise what you want with me, it wont be the same. Im just a friend here. And im not waiting for anyone. So fiqure out what you want, be clear about it and we will take it from there about what i feel like doing about it ”

Eventually i gave up and we had sex, i was waaay more rough and dominant on Libertine 2. She was screaming like never before… her moans sounded like pleas for more…

That was all yesterday, i went home and today she is texting me things like ” im horny, i wonder if we can hang out again ”


Yeah my ” Ex ” is over at my place right now waiting for me to come back from work, wearing what she calls ” her new sexy underwear ser ” and ” looking her best after asking me if she i want want her to look extra good.

She dumped me 2 weeks ago, i was hurt thinking that i hurt her because i care about her. She made it clear it was her choice and i was relieved. I was happy, i like my life. Im contempt with the everyday trials and challenges. So Libertine Ultima will get you your ex back, granted you give her space. Just saying it for anyone doubting the results. Personally i dont actually care since im good either way.

I thought i wanted it all, an epic life where everything is amazing 24/7 but i never did. I dont even want to be rich if it means doing something i dont like. I dont even feel the anger that made me hit the gym hard, which is why i need to find actual motivation to go to the gym now and find the work gym free time balance.

Home excersises are doing for me for now. I did start using Gaming Mastery X while playing Leauge of legends. Will post later more about the results if anyone is intrested


Cool stuff there dude

Would you say Libertine is affecting her remotely or only when you are together since you started using it?


So basically she’s only here for sex. Are you fine with that, that she dumped you and now she’s back because you got aura of lust, seduction. I may be wrong but i think you are fine with that.


is that LoL Wild Rift? me and @Vanno interested :smiley:

Just started GMX this week :slight_smile:


It could be just sex, it could be that didnt expect to see me not affected and wanted to feel wanted again, it could be that she didnt mean breaking up with me and it was a mistake but it makes no difference to me. We are just hanging out nothing else.

Im not making any decisions mearly in the observer role. Its like a friend asking you to go to the bar every now and then. You do it because you felt like going.

Since i dont care about a relationship again with her, if i feel like it or not is a matter of another time. I dont mind the sex.

Edit: I do think that the sex might be the main reason, when we had sex for the first time after breaking up i was way more dominant and i gave it to her really hard.
She keeps asking me to hang out and says im horny all the time, she keeps saying i still love you for some reason. I cant be bothred to think about it do because i dont care. My job here is to report my results but i cant care less about her honestly.


@Yandamie The phone lol is not even out yet :smiley: im only playing on PC. Im currently Silver 2 EUWest.

Im using an old version of gaming mastery X since the newer ones are too strong i dont want them interfearing with my current stack. I started playing GMx while playing for as long as i play, since its ultrasonic i dont notice it.

After starting yesterday i played 4 matches. I played considerably better with my Pyke and im landing way more hooks. I felt like i was in the zone which rarly happens when i play this tilting coin-flip shitfest of a game.

If anyone is intrested enough to follow my progress in game search my LoL account to see my match history.

Its ” Autismo ” in EUWEST


Yoo I’ll add you! I’m currently trying my best to improve and climb until the near end of the season.
Wild Rift is only available for some at the moment, it’s not completely accessible for everyone yet.
Wishing you glhf on the rift! :muscle:


Lmaoooo cracked up at this part


Just got lucky i have one of the Wild Rift invites :smiley:

I’m using Ezreal, still working on it :sweat_smile:

Regional Open Beta will be on the 27th but majority on SEA.

For the GMX Q version, how much interference did you notice on your major subs? My GMX Q sched is MWF 2 loops only.


After using Gaming Mastery X for about few days i have promoted from silver 3 to gold 3 with a whopping 80% winrate so far. Not only that, the games i lose are very close tired.


Nice job!

I know some people whom play League and they have struggled with Silver to Gold, so I guess that’s a testament to how good you’ve been and the sub has been working, keep up the good work