Exploring Love, Sex and Attraction?! - The Libertine Ultima experiance


@Vanno you should see this


Thanks for the mention @SubliminalUser
I recently added @Saiyan4Blue on League and started following his advice by listening to the ultrasonic version of gmx during the game. The masked version is too distracting so I listen to the ultrasonic one at low volume on my headset. However, I use GMX Q unlike him, so I still am unsure about how many loops I can take.

When I started with GMX I was hardstuck gold 4 and now I’m close to reaching Platinum being in gold 2 currently, but having peaked at gold 1.


amazing! :smiley:

and me still getting pawned in Wild Rift :sweat_smile:


Today i went to the store after working long hours on my buissness. I was dead tired but i saw a new cashier girl working. She looked insanly hot, the type i would never dare think i could be with.

I just asked her for her instagram. She gave it to me. We talked a ton. She kept sending selfies with ” accedental cleavage ”

Tomorrow we are hanging out in my place. Yeah just like that. Thank you Libertine Ultima


Awesome @Saiyan4Blue. Which others subs are you running or have you been running before Libertine Ultima?


Quick question about your Libertine U results. Do you have to play it every day for it to be effective, or do you think that it would still work for you didn’t play it for a week and then did e.g. three loops before you went out to meet a girl?


My apologies if I missed this on your journal, but are you using Libertine V2 now with your recent results?


I use libertine ultima with primal seduction. I use sex mastery sometimes. For now its those two ans im having fun with gaming mastery x.


I play it 1 loop every day with primal seduction, i may go a few days without playing it. Otherwise i would say less is more. But im not sure about 3 loops before going out once a week. Give it some consistency


Been using it since V1 came out and still doing so


The cashier girl is an angel sent from heavin. Having sex with her felt like the world forgave me for all my sins and all my trouble. She is extremly sexy, soft, cute and she smells amazing. Her wanna be stoic attitude is endearing. I have never been with anyone as beautiful as her.

She came over today, we cooked food while pretending to dance ( we cant dance ) then we watched a halloween scary movie. I thought of a dum fun game. I was like ” every time someone does something stupid in the movie we take a piece of clothes off. It wasnt long before she was left with her tall socks on and skirt… and nothing else

I was naked long before that. It just turned me crazy how she took off the panties while the skirt was still on with the socks.

Thanks Libertine, thats Subclub… i have been blessed. Having the balls to ask for her insta despite not believing she is too hot for me. Amazing things lay on the other side of fear if we only dare cross the bridge called ” courage ”


way to go cant wait to hear more from you, with these type of results v3 is going to be something very special


Turns out the cashier has a boyfriend and is playing uncertain about what she wants. I asked her if she was down to hang out again and she hit me up with ” i would like that so much but you should know im seeing someone and im not sure about this, but maybe i will see you ”

This shit is a turnoff and im putting zero eggs in that basket. Ill have to say, running Libertine Ultima gets me really loaded and pent up. I can barly stop myself from hitting her or someone else up. If the situation was better id go out to a bar and chat some girls and have fun… this game is unplayable at the moment.

I have been feeling werid for the last week. Im sleeping 10 hours a day and feel exhausted all the time. My joints are starting to crack at the smallest movment. I want to go to the gym again.

My brother reccomended Chia Seeds for me saying they are super healthy and got his energy back. So ill start using them today. He also said the lack of vitamen D is starting to affect me.


I wanted to play Primal Seduction and Libertine ultima on loop yesterday while sleeping, normally i play them 1 loop each…

Woke up horny as hell, i texted a girl im seeing now then who lives in another city. We dirty talked all day… she kept saying how she keeps touching herself while on work reading my texts…

As i was taking the buss to the gym this morning, a cute girl started a conversation with me. She seemes very intrested as soon as i came near the area. But she wasnt my type we talked for a min and thats it.

After the gym i went to a pharmacy to buy more suppliments. I saw this hot girl wprking there and she was on my radar. As i was checking their stock to find what i want she stood near me for no reason. I asked her about what i want to buy, she seemed stiff but was slowly laughing and smiling. It was on. I asked for her insta

” If you feel like giving this hot stranger your instagram and eventually go on a ( hopefully ) corona free dinner then i wont complain ”

She laughed and said i may but we cant hold hands

I said its ok to not hold hands but i may feel like kissing you so dont wear a facemask.

She laughed and said your funny, and gave me her insta…


Sorry for the hiatus. I’m working almost all day on my company and that’s all I have been doing for the past few months. I am using Libertine Ultima, Stark Q and I’m trying out the new Diamond Ultima. I’ve used it a couple of times but with zero sex and it’s NOT recommended. You will be hard as a rock 15% of the day. But the dreams I have been having. THE DREAMS are so surreal and weird… They, unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Now take a seat because I have one hell of a story to tell.

Yesterday I had sex with a celebrity. You heard me right. She is the equivalent of Ariana Grande in Sweden. How did it happen? Well, my younger brother makes music and beats for a hobby who went to the same school as one of her music producers. He invited my brother who took me with him to a private party with a bunch of her old high school friends. I went completely blind and knew nothing about her at first since I don’t watch tv, festivals, or listen to the radio. My brother lives and breathes rap and never liked mainstream music but he isn’t as oblivious as I am.

I’m 25 and I’m this party filled with 22 / 21-year-olds and I see this blond hottie who was the center of attention. I was with the boys most of the time striking small conversations and having fun with everyone except her since she was surrounded by a small mob at all times. She kept eyeing me across the room but i didn’t make it a big deal since I’m used to attention at this point. A while later she comes to us and her producer introduces her assuming everyone knows her. I was like nice to meet you while my brother was freaking out and soon the whole conversation was about how surprised they were that I don’t know her. My brother said she is a famous singer but I all was thinking that she is like an aspiring singer or something.

She was so surprised and was so focused on me and kept saying how popular she is. I jokingly kept saying yeah you will be one day and taking it lightly. Because the party was loud she took my hand and dragged me outside. She wanted to show me proof of her performing live in front of thousands. It was cold as hell and we sat on a bench and she was hugging my arm saying she is cold while watching one of her concerts on youtube.

I saw it and once I realized it I was deadass sitting next to a girl who sings in front of thousands meanwhile 5 of her friends watching us from the windows. It felt amazing, weird, and cold as hell at the same time. I was so shaken I barely said a few words but she took my silent reaction as if I was barely impressed. She kept asking me questions and I regained my cool somehow. I talked about my passions and what motivates me since she is a singer and that’s something she could relate to. She then says let’s go inside and she goes back to her friends.

My “”""" the next few hours were some of the most hilarious/uncomfortable hours I have ever experienced. I felt eyes on me like one of those animes where the guys beat the popular guy who can get girls. But the alcohol made it bearable. 4 Hours into the party and went to talk her after the boys hyped me up. I was so annoyed by everyone pretending not to look at me while approaching her. She seemed so comfortable in with all the attention which makes sense. She was much more playful and assertive this time it turned me on so much. Diamond Ultima made me a walking boner and thank goodness I was wearing black jeans. She suggested that I should follow her insta and I said maybe if I could hear her sing for me in private and she said sure but it’s loud here and I said not loud upstairs. She laughed and I told her to tell her friends to not go upstairs and ill wait for her there.

I went back to the boys and told them that anyone who calls my phone, calls my name, or interrupts this in any way is a deadman. At this point, my mind was completely free of thoughts except her naked under me. I go up and she follows me to a room that was so pretty and smelt so nice. It had a big ass makeup desk and closets full of clothes. I have never been to a fancier room in my life. She goes in first and I close the door and she sits on the edge of the bed leaning backward on both hands asking what song do I want to hear.

I pull the trigger and what happened next was a mixture of a soft and hardcore scene. Her playful confidence and her energy was the biggest turn on and her body was toned yet softer than silk. And it felt so amazing. I went slow and passionate for 15 min mixing it with intense eye contact, some spanking, and tons of teasing. Then I went Jhonny Sins for close to 40 min straight. I have had sex while drunk before but nothing like this while on Diamond Ultima. Im using it once every day while sleeping. I was so hard yet relaxed I could feel everything. I made her orgasm over 5 times. After finishing we cuddled for a while. That was the best sex I have ever had. She was wild but seemed uncomfortable in showing it in the beginning and later she went even wilder. Her whole body was shaking so hard had i not covered her mouth, which made her orgasm even harder, I’m sure everyone would have her screaming over the loud music.

While laying in bed I jokingly told her to not make a big deal out of this. She had stood up surprised and amused and said that I’m so mean. And I told her it’s ok she can have my number. She wrote her phone number on my phone and told me to never give it to anyone. I assured her that no one will know about this, and the jokingly said " except everyone in this party " she laughed… and then I said " unless that’s how you earned every one of your followers " and she laughed even harder and called me a dick. The party died down and people were leaving. we talked some more. I didn’t want to stay over unless she asked me to, she didn’t so when the time felt right. The boys waited 1 hour for me in the car and once I got in everyone gave me the nod of approval.

We haven’t texted and I don’t suppose we will but who knows I’m fine either way. With that being said I would like to thank Libertine Ultima, Diamond Ultima, and my dislike of mainstream music. I’m sure as hell it wouldn’t have gone like it did if I knew how she was. I would probably be way too intimidated but this a lesson for me to remember. Its all in the head.

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Her friend: “What was it about @Saiyan4Blue that made you have to have him?”

Her: "Well… he had one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life. It faced, or seemed to face, the whole external world for an instant and then concentrated on you with an irresistible prejudice in your favor. It understood you just as far as you wanted to be understood, believed in you as you would like to believe in yourself.”


I could comment on so many points of why this went so well, but I’ve done enough analyzing the dynamics of attraction for today. Bravo my friend.


Her: "Well… he had one of those rare smiles
His smile:


Crazy story and congrats …i think that’s proof of how powerful these products are !

How long have you been using the ultimas ( diamond and libertine ) and how many loops per day ?


WOOOW you fucking killed it! Saiyan4Blue you definitely have my utmost respect for staying so nonchalant! Very inspiring post, thank you for sharing with us.