Face Morphing Technology and Serum X


@blackadder - am not in a hurry, to be frank. As much as I love to buy them, I have other priorities now.

Who knows? I could be tempted to purchase them when they come out. In which case I will buy what you have chosen too. Also male enhancement. And in case there is height, health and eyesight related modules, i would get them too.


Disclaimer: combining those two in the same sub may accidentally morph one into the other. :wink:

Saint, mind telling us how many modules can be combined into a sub?


Still testing, but we believe a maximum of 20, depending on the modules you choose. That number may go down if you combine the various “cores,” like Emperor Core, et. al.


I wonder what a sub with Emperor and Stark combined look like.


How will we know if the “cores” contain the modules we want to add?


I laughed harder than I should have at this comment. Saint is like the Mom who just shot down the grand plans that we kids made on the car ride to disney land. And fire is like dad that just drives and let mama be the bad guy :joy::joy:


The “cores” are modules. They aren’t compilations of different modules, they are the core/foundations of the major programs. And they should (depending on how complete those are when the Q-Store opens) contain enough description to know what they do.

Are we there yet? Why not? How about now? I need to go! No, I can’t hold it! :wink:


So will stark and emperor for example be the “cores” that we can add more modules too? Even with the existing modules that stark and emperor come with?

Wow, It seams like subclub has been advancing soo much lately, im glad I discovered it when I did and got some basic sub experience under my belt so I can plug in the big guns now haha.



Stark has a “core script”, with lots of stuff on top of it that makes up the Stark subliminal as you know it. Assuming this core-module is available, you can add it and build stuff on top of it.

But no matter what you build, it will never be StarkQ as you know it. Same goes for Emperor.


With enough description of each module, the questions about the cores should become obsolete.

I am hoping that that subclub will deliver on the description :smile: