Falling into the light (thought and observations about Khan's Journey)


Right after I finished my 30 days at Stage 2! I will run 30 days Stage 3 and then run Stage 4 to push everything together!

I think Stage 3 is for me the most important stage since I have a tendency to start dwelling and finding excuses not to go out, not to push myself…

The sub that pushed me the most for now is Emperor. Usually there is a snowball effect that goes on with taking action!


Yeah, I feel like Khan works differently than emperor! Emperor made me feel strong, confident and horny… Khan… well my libido is not so high. I don’t feel like Stage 1 & 2 of Khan are focused on building strong drive within yourself, much of the focus is on inner beliefs.

I thino the switch from Emperor to Khan will not be rewarding in the shorter term, but will build something stronger in the longer term!


Started Khan St3 yesterday, I decided to meditate… this morning, woke up early, cleaned my whole appartment, re-install the old wordpress I had on my computer and searched for a page I built with it last year (found it). I was thinking about re-launching the project… and on another note, have any one of you guys heard about red light therapy?

Then called one of my friend, told them we are going to do cardio… we went! then came back, got called by one of my friend to go and chill outside, it is waaaaay to hot!!! didn’t drank any alcohool at all!

Strong start for Khan Stage 3, a month ago I was complaining that I had zero drive to do anything… look at me now hahahaha lets see if Khan Stage 3 can manifest a twin sisters for me and @AMASH we’ll have to call god and tell him we’ve broken the world! World.exe has stopped working…


YES! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


A while ago I helped a man pay a parking ticket for one of his employee, he told me to come and see him in his office… at the top of the building next to my office. After my shift I just went up, the evelator in the building, went directly to the big office and rang the bell… I was soooo stressed out! Me, a 24 yrs old guy fresh out of school, just moved out of my parent’s basement… going to see randomly a multi-millionnaire man working hard to build his firm while being one of the most influencial man in my city…!

The door never opened… I asked around to see if they were there. The office was closed when I got there… so I couldn’t talked to anybody. But I am still proud of myself. I went up there to meet him by myself, got out of my comfort zone. Even if he wasn’t there, I took action!

I will go back next week!

Signing off’


I feel like stage 3 is doing the same as stage 2… stage 2 was about developping social skills for me, stage 3 is about taking action and feeling sexual…

Thing is, last day I had a party with some friends, and I felt like checking out the girls there! Thing is, I had SHAME about getting caught! Usually I just go with the flow, show some sexual intent, and it is much less creepy to assume checking a girl out than being super shy about it! FUCK, I created a little bit of sexual tension with a girl, and boom! I break eye contact… I had already gone through this learning, the phase where you learn to love your sexual intent, project them outside, play with it…

I remember when I spoke to a girl yesterday (she was doing crossfit and was really fit), we spoke together and I feel like the things I learned with stage 2 stuck with me because I was able to have a nice conversation. But the part where I start expressing sexual intent, I just couldn’t! Even if I’ve done it so many times in the past, even to the extent of being wierd with it, expressing sexual intent to all the girls around me for fun haha

I played a game also yesterday and I wanted to WIN, I was competitive, which is a part of me I recently started exploring with Khan! Me wanting and deserving to win.

Next thing to re-learn… being comfortable with my sexuality and showing is… which is the base of any sexual relationship!


I read on the forum about different speaker… so I decided to test mine with the 20-20khz track that was shared here! This is the result, full of distortion at higher frequency!!! Got me thinking if I ran months of subs with slight distortion and not getting the full effect… so I purchased a Soundcore Motion+ which is supposed to have 40khz frequency response! I’ll also be able to use it when I want to listen to music :slight_smile:

Anyway, as far as the week go, I went to see the guy I tried to see last week! I was finally able to meet him even tho if his employee was dubious about me coming in to his office (he had an attitude like: yeah… what the hell are you doing here). I felt small af! He found it really funny that I came to say Hi to him and told me he liked optimistic people. So I gave him my card and left… I was a little bit shocked, but at least I tried…

Next day at 8h30 am, I get a call from him, he want’s to meet me to talk about his account. He comes to my office with his sun (his sun is something like 35-40yrs old), they are both businessman, and we discuss their accounts and I gave them the info they wanted, we talked a little bit…

Yesterday he called again to close one of his account so he sent his son to explain the details and sings. We talked about passions and I had a chance to tell him that I really admired people doind business and that I wanted to build a website to sell some products that I find really cool! Little did I knew that guys have PLENTY of websites where he sells stuff internationally… he is also doing business with his father, but all of his primary business are online and we start talking… finally he told me that he will send me an e-mail with some really useful resources to prevent stupid mistakes and write to me his top tips to start out selling a product! (he asked for my personnal e-mail, not my professionnal!)

I didn’t saw that coming!



Could you keep us up to date to what results you notice with the superior speakers?


Yeah, of course, but keep in mind that the results were from shitty speaker to beast!! :sunglasses: for now I feel more and more like I need to start my business, and I contacted a bunch of girls online hahaha, two of them were down to see me next week, but nothing solid!


I was SAD yesterday… and I am sad today… it just hit me why… I was telling myself “I wish I could go back a couple years ago”… When I was a student, only caring about getting my grades to pass… I can’t push back the question anymore? “How am I going to live my life??”

I have to take responsability now. And seeing some of my friends going back to school, I feel left out. I feel like I can’t go back, I have responsability and I have no choice but to face them.

It will be the first time in my life where I won’t be at school and I am scared af! I think Khan ST4 is only brining that conflict to the surface! Well, I’ll have to figure out what I will do with my life. I pushed back that question for the past 5 years, now it’s at my doorstep, it’s knocking… and it know I’m there…

If anybody has any advice about the first thing they would do in a situation like this, I would gladly hear it! :slight_smile:


The first thing to do is to try many many things.

That big question can’t be answered by sitting at home and thinking like a philosopher. I’ve tried it and wasted year of my life.

Try many different things, and don’t judge before you try, because the experience can open new ideas for you: learn to dance Tango, approach women, teach a weekend children class, climb a mountain, meditate in nature, take a painting class, write every morning in a journal, learn to cook, meet people in a chess club, go to a business networking event, etc.

So your life purpose now becomes to find your life purpose, and to try try try to get information first, THEN after decide.

I believe this is the best advice you can get.


Seems like a cool plan :slight_smile: I saw a commercial about getting a nutrition coach liscense or something, I have always read about some strange diet… the ad picked my curiosity because years ago I trained one of my friend and he told me I was really good and should think of it as a carrer!

Might try some latino dance or something! I should try to make a list of stuff to try in the next year!


When i do feel the sadness i ask myself these days what makes me happy in the short term. For me it is taking on a challenge and succeeding. It be might be stuff i have been putting of for years. Like something like reading a novel . Or could be trqvelling to another country by myself. Or even meeting and seducing girls in a foreign land.

Everyone to himself :slight_smile:. When i succeed my challenge it brings me happiness. When i dont take action and say to myself "leave it for another day " i regret it and become sad later.

Think about what you have put off for along time and mayne take on the challenge.


Being honest with myself, I think I need deeper relationship… I always had this idea, I am super social, but I never really “feel” connected to my friends… I don’t know why. I’ve never been able to keep friendship, never keept contact with my friends in elementary school… my highschool friends are inviting me, but I feel apart from them. I even have some close friends with who I talk about emotions and deep stuff… but I never feel “connected”. Same with woman, I’ve never been able to build something longer term with a woman…


It’s funny how I seem to become radically conscious of the things that hold me back! Yesterday, I was frustrated because I knew deep down inside that I am scared to show sexual interest towards woman. I also know that I am scared of confrontation… I woke up in the middle of the night and I felt frustrated that my habits of trying to please everybody!

Men, I’ve never been this honest with myself in my entire life. Things start popping out (I’ve only named three here, but there are at least 3 others that really hit me in the past few days!). I see my flaws and all the stuff that prevents me from moving foward! I can feel my emotions, and see why I feel like that!

I am fucking IMPRESSED!


Even though I know alot of people. I only have deep connections with 2 of them. For me having deep connections with fewer people you can trust I feel is the best way. The two guys who I have deep connections with our friendships have lasted over ten years.

Don’t blame yourself for not being able to keep friendships. It should be a two way thing if you make an effort and the other person is afraid of intimacy and opening up thats their problem not yours. I have had girls and guys who walk in and out of my life and to never be seen again.

You would be surprised to know that those people who say they know have alot of friends are the ones who feel alone. Have you noticed how girls and guys are afraid to go out by themselves they need numbers to feel safe. So they go out with their so called friends so not be judged by others in the bar, restaurant or whatever meetup they go to. Some people are afraid of travelling by themselves

I talk to my two best friends everyday not just whatsapp we pickup our phones call and talk to each other. As we have such strong commonalities that have bonded as deeply as friends.


I should do the same, deepen the relationship I already have, for now my deepest relationship I have are with my brothers. I should call them! :slight_smile:


Hiii! Just wanted to post a quick update, as far as my job goes, I am still leading in Canada, but I’ve lost motivation since there is no new things to try and learn… I am still focused on getting better at selling!

As far as girls go, I had sex with two different girls last week (and one other the week before), went to the bar with my friends, made out with two differents girls and finished the night at a super hot girl (really pretty girl). I don’t know what happened, but It’s like after the first girl I fucked I really got confident and started making more moves.

I started Power Can Corrupt because I feel like I always had unease with power, wielding power or feeling powerful. Since I started Power Can Corrupt, I feel a little bit sad, empty inside and like I have no purpose in life, I don’t know if it is normal, might just be reconciliation because I don’t really like wielding power… even if I should be the one having it sometime.

As far as my subliminal stack, I am running 3 instance of Khan at the same time, after 3 days of running Khan this way, I got laid! and again… and again hahaha, I don’t know what is happening. But I am much more assertive with woman!

This got me thinking about subliminal influence. We know that the brain is influenced by the environnement at any time, what if you are not running enough subliminal to compensate for environnmental influence? What if you need to increase subliminal exposure to balance out the processing and learning from everyday life? If you feel like the results you get are not super strong, or you don’t really feel a strong effect from the subliminal you are running, try to run it differently, add more instance of it. Currently I am using 3 player on my android phone (poweramp, rocket player and poweraudio pro), each one of them got their playlist.

First: Khan ST4

Second: Khan ST4 x1
Power Can Corrupt x1
Third: Khan ST4 x1
Primal Seduction x1

Before that I was running Emperor at the place of Power Can Corrupt, and for a part of the day now, I run Power Can Corrupt on loop…!


@WhiteTiger - Congrats on “breaking the sound barrier” Sonic Boom!


Yeah, pretty cool, I’m still pretty dominant socially, I go out and people come to add me on facebook or instagram, or something haha I feel like running 3 instances really helped me!