Falling into the light (thought and observations about Khan's Journey)


Congratulations @whitetiger on getting laid! Just think, all that temporary sadness and regret transforms into sexual freedom. How does that feel?

And you’re right, one sexual experience leads to another, and women can sense if you’re sexually confident.


Yeah, it just happens, but right now I have automn blue coming up, getting pretty down… haven’t texted anybody in the last few weeks and started working out like 6 times a week. No girls.


White tiger has come along way. If white tiger can change and i can change. The whole world can change.


Totally agree with that! Efforts+Subs = Deep change and shift in your identity.


Hey what was your result like with Khan and Emperor? why did u swap?


Oh, I’m still running Khan! I have strong results with Khan, which help me grow as a person.

I only added a couple loops of primal seduction and power can corrupt. Emperor made me REALLY dominant. I don’t know why, but whenever I run emperor, I get dominant as fuck. Think I should add it back in my stack hahaha, during winter I think the I don’t give a f*ck attitude of Emperor would be great for me!


What’s the biggest change you’ve seen on KHAN?


So are u experimenting 2 major programs at a time?


By that u mean Swapping programs to keep a stack of two?


On khan I’d say I’m more dominant (not as much as emperor), socially savy (my social intelligence really grew since starting khan), and flirty (khan helped me with being more sexually open)

I currently run 3 instances of subliminal at the same time haha, it’s pretty much experimental, but I seem to have results with it.

For example
First track : Khan only playlist
Second track : Khan + Emperor
Third track : Khan + Primal seduction + Power Can Corrupt


my best business results are coming from combining eog st3+emperor+limitless. You can run 3 majors no issues but i dont use any stacking modules


Tis is one of my favorite recommendations. What do you think of Khan+ Mogul + limitless , or Khan + Emperor + Limitless.
Actually to be fair, I will open a new post, explaining my situation and choice of subs.


i would prefer khan emperor limitless


Same here, Khan+Emperor+Limitless :wink:


would request both @rising and @WhiteTiger to kindly take a look at my new post " Ass Emperor VS Ascened Mogul", where i have detailed my reasons. :pray:


3 instances? Are you insane? :joy:
I suppose you can handle it after, what 4 months on ST4, is that right?

So far it’s doing what Khan is supposed to - more respect, dominance and vagina. Any improvement on the money side?


what do you think of the results so far?


I have the same query as michel


Not much on the money side, searched for business, but right now I don’t have that much hope for it. Doing well at my job, have a bonus and raise, working on a promotion. I also started to learn how to dj two weeks ago, I spend like 10 hours a week on it haha


@whitetiger yeh, no real results with money, nothing doing…

Oh, just got a bonus and a raise.