Falling into the light (thought and observations about Khan's Journey)


What kind of music are you spinning? :smiley:


actually that is pretty sweet


Yeah, I know, I am always comparing myself to my family… my father is a doctor and my brother is finishing his studies as a doctor xD

But hey! you guys are right!

@Neurokinetic currently mixing anything, I am practicing, latino music, trying to make it fit with mixing EDM and rock music dropping a good ol’ Bon Jovi’s It’s my life between two Martin Garrix track.

Mixing only EDM is pretty easy to do a decent transition, when I try to mix two track with lyrics, it’s a little bit harder! I am thinking on investing 2000$ on a xdj-rx2 at christmas so I don’t have to have my laptop with me. I am not earning money with that for now, but eventually who knows haha


@whitetiger any results with Power can Corrupt?


I’d say I am less needy… I speak less, listen to people a lot more. I let them come to me and don’t care if people do not come…!


Do you think this is PCC effect or more like Khan’s effect?


I have been running Khan since the beginning of summer, PCC only when it got out, it is the main difference I’ve seen since starting to run it.


Great results, sounds like a refined extension of Khan. Not too severe.


I agree with you. I think it is mainly Khan’s effect


Ok! Officially started to drop Khan St4 to go into a more winter mode since it started snowing and getting really cold outside.

My new stack is the following (on my three audio player)
Player 1 : Khan St1 (for healing and destroying negative belifs)
Player 2 : Emperor
Player 3 : Emperor x1, Power Can Corrupt x 1, Primal seduction x 2

I hope to heal differents stuff this winter so I can come back stronger for next summer! I want to use emperor to work on my dominance and carefreeness attitude. Primal seduction is only to keep an edge on social cues and girls if I meet some :wink:


What is the timing of your playlist?


I just start one audio player after the other.

First dream I had was about getting late to my job haha, I guess I still have fear of letting people down. Which is bad because people might expect things from you which will not make you happy! Sometime you need to face your old belifs to allow new belifs to be implemented.