Falling into the light (thought and observations about Khan's Journey)


What kind of music are you spinning? :smiley:


actually that is pretty sweet


Yeah, I know, I am always comparing myself to my family… my father is a doctor and my brother is finishing his studies as a doctor xD

But hey! you guys are right!

@Neurokinetic currently mixing anything, I am practicing, latino music, trying to make it fit with mixing EDM and rock music dropping a good ol’ Bon Jovi’s It’s my life between two Martin Garrix track.

Mixing only EDM is pretty easy to do a decent transition, when I try to mix two track with lyrics, it’s a little bit harder! I am thinking on investing 2000$ on a xdj-rx2 at christmas so I don’t have to have my laptop with me. I am not earning money with that for now, but eventually who knows haha


@whitetiger any results with Power can Corrupt?


I’d say I am less needy… I speak less, listen to people a lot more. I let them come to me and don’t care if people do not come…!


Do you think this is PCC effect or more like Khan’s effect?


I have been running Khan since the beginning of summer, PCC only when it got out, it is the main difference I’ve seen since starting to run it.


Great results, sounds like a refined extension of Khan. Not too severe.


I agree with you. I think it is mainly Khan’s effect


Ok! Officially started to drop Khan St4 to go into a more winter mode since it started snowing and getting really cold outside.

My new stack is the following (on my three audio player)
Player 1 : Khan St1 (for healing and destroying negative belifs)
Player 2 : Emperor
Player 3 : Emperor x1, Power Can Corrupt x 1, Primal seduction x 2

I hope to heal differents stuff this winter so I can come back stronger for next summer! I want to use emperor to work on my dominance and carefreeness attitude. Primal seduction is only to keep an edge on social cues and girls if I meet some :wink:

Running EOG ST3 and Emperor a Good Idea?

What is the timing of your playlist?


I just start one audio player after the other.

First dream I had was about getting late to my job haha, I guess I still have fear of letting people down. Which is bad because people might expect things from you which will not make you happy! Sometime you need to face your old belifs to allow new belifs to be implemented.


Officially transitionned to Emperor. Tryed to do three playlist at the same time, to emotionnaly draining for what I want to do in my life. So switched to one player.

My friend invited me to go and meet two girls, flirted witg both of them and took their contact, saying we’ll be seeing each other soon! I was working the next day so I didn’t want to stay up too late, il was already 10h30 PM when my buddy texted me, and I work at 8AM. I decided to go out anyway, not horny or anything, I just remember to push myself out of my comfort zone!

This week was really emotionnal, lots of strong, violent and wierd dreams. Lots of anger, tierdness, sadness… Way too much emotion to be natural… Or to fast of a change to be changing naturally. Tell me, how is emperor V4 working for you? I’m curious about how people interpret all these emotions they are living! Might be the new beginning module adjustinf my vision of myself!

Running EOG ST3 and Emperor a Good Idea?

Hey WhiteTiger,

I’m on Kahn ST1 again, almost 2 weeks down, and am facing the continual awareness that my stuff/choices/decisions just aren’t moving me forward. I’m only into your ST2 posts so far (July), but it feels good to know better thinking and choices will be prompted. My inner dialogue while reading your posts is me saying “look what HE’s doing!”, and I’m like “I know. I know”.

This is the first time I opened your journal, and I’m glad I did. It says loudly “I have other choices”. You quitting nicotine is a mirror to me of many small choices I’m making which aren’t helping. I’m grateful to have these awarenesses, and I’m grateful I’m reading your journal. “Thanks” doesn’t fully express my thoughts here, as I have a ton of gratitude for reading what I have so far :slight_smile:



Thank you for your kind word,

My journal is only a collection of my thought and a follow up of what is happening, but I am glad it could make you see things.

Don’t give up on all the small things you want to change, when combined they can bring major change.


I just read your whole journal. Are you using multiple instance of Emperor presently?

EDIT: Never mind. I misread your beginning line in your last post. I’d done Emp.4 when it came out myself, and New Beginnings Lite made some emotional stirs in me too. 3 instances being too powerful made sense to me, as handling one was a challenge all by itself.


Quick update, I wasn’t talking to any girls in a month or something. I invited two cute girls to go out, both said yes, I’m seeing the first one sunday and the other one in early january.

Also on the money side, there is something big coming up, I am investing 1000$ every month up until june. I won’t go into details, but I might jump into the real estate business with my brother (with a lot of advices from people who already have millions of dollars invested in real estate)

Huge manifestation of opportunities happening right now!

Edit 28/12/2019: Just went to the grocery and employee were wishing me happy new years… something clicked inside of me. I felt bad for them, I was just minding my own business and they had a supplicating vibe. I like status, but I just realised that I feel bad for people who have supplicating behavior or when people start treating me differently, giving me free pass for things I’ve never had (and they probably don’t really have themselves).

This is why I need to learn and be confortable with being higher status, need to be comfortable with people letting me pass in front of them at the cashier… be grateful for all of that!


My date yesterday was really fun, talked all night long, lots of banter, didn’t saw the girl wanted me to kiss her, I got closer, but she didn’t stay long, she always moved a little lit too far. I’ll try to schedule a second date.


Hey @WhiteTiger, very good demonstration of calibration here. You know the degree to which a girl is into you by what she does when you invade her personal space. That could mean that she wasn’t ready and you avoided being rejected on the kiss! Well played!


I mean, I know it is possible to change it, Ive had sex with closed off girls…

But yeah, we were playing pool and she moved back when I was trying to get into her space so I had to calibrate. Those are the type of things Khan and Primal sed helped me with.