Finding my True North


Decided to start a journal/testimonial post about Ascension as I’ve been scouring the forums for a testimonial, and thought… why not actually do it yourself? This will be infrequently updated, as I’ve previously left YouTube feedback with other subliminal products and getting annoyed with numerous questions that could have been answered by simply looking at their FAQ.

Tried several hypnosis and subliminal products within my price range ($20-90), including the major Alpha Male products. Most have been helpful in their own way, but wanted to move another level. That’s where Ascension comes in. I’m also an artist, frustrated at the lack of success compared to my peers.

Playlist: Ascension x 4, with Rebirth and Ultimate Artist, ultrasonic overnight

Week one
First day running, had a crying session. I don’t cry much, but the realisation that at age 38, surviving a brutal abusive childhood in one piece physically, but not mentally caught me off guard. It felt like someone wise said to me “It’s all right now, you’ve been through the worst, you’re alive and well”. The emotional charges, nervousness, anxiety, terror pit of the stomach feelings are now gone. I feel neutral about the past now.

This subliminal is strong as fuck. Never have I felt so powerful, clear and confident in my life. I’m grounded, walking upright, with a little swagger. Other people seem intimidated by my presence - even got a much bigger security guard who pissed me off at work to back down a little, which took me aback.
Women seem to also notice my confidence - some of the more attractive ones are manifesting in front of me, while the taken ones are jealousy guarded by their boyfriends.

Week 2
Coming to the realisation that I poured so much time and money doing things for other people hoping to get the payoff at the end… and never getting it. So it’s time to get selfish. It’s time to own and protect my self worth.

Ascension is motivating me to do something - anything. It’s also making me realise that I’m capable of much more in my life - if I just let go of the apron strings of my mother and venture out into life, where everybody else is. I’ve achieved success at university, but now it’s time for the real world.

I wrote down some personal realisations running the program:

  • No one is going to help you
  • No one will like you the way you like yourself
  • No one will respect you until you respect yourself
  • Family ain’t shit
  • You were born alone, you’ll die alone
  • You’ve got to make your own way in life.

At work, I’m noticing I can talk to women I find interesting, even talking about sexual topics. One married co-worker even kept playing with her wedding ring! Given more time, I feel I could randomly talk to women outside work.

More than one occasion, a taken woman kept staring and stealing glances at me, before embracing their boyfriend. The men see me and are guarding them as if to say “she’s mine”. I’m not into third party nonsense.

Ultimate Artist is working very well, painted what I thought was a masterpiece. Had several major setbacks where galleries would pull out last minute, or I failed to make the cut in a contest. Hoping this changes my luck.

More to come…


Welcome to Subliminal Club! Thanks for posting your experiences. Your playlist is certainly an interesting one. If you want to use this stack to increase your financial and social success as an artist, however, I’d recommend swapping Ascension for Ascended Mogul. The latter has the complete script of Ascension and the complete script of Mogul, woven together in a way to improve results.


Hey, Saint and cheers for the advice. Purchase is coming soon.

Thinking about it, I never really thought about using subliminals for wealth (because money is bad, mmkay?) but why shouldn’t I want to be a materially successful artist? Major block uncovered.


I went through the same thing throughout my entire life. Only recently have I been able to overcome these thoughts and really start generating good revenue and profits.


Just switched to Ascended Mogul and oh my daze… The effects of Ascension are still there but now - the absolute rock-solid self confidence, inner strength, the swag walking, the IDGAF attitude (more like IDC) and the respect I command is off the freaking chain.

The best thing about it is I’m still me, but better. This is what it means to be alpha.

However, the scary part is this - it’s only two weeks in…


Week 3 highlights
There is this wonderful feedback loop that suggests a deeply held belief gets reflected back to you on the outside. I seems to be giving off a “don’t fuck with me” vibe where others who might have tried to intimidate me, are now showing respect. Getting more sneak disses now.

Having more dreams where I’m taking control of a situation - one dream where I’m a hotel owner and I keep chastising the incoming guests for sitting at a table uninvited. Another where I’m a chef telling another chef what to do in a commanding voice, and he gets upset. I then whisper in his ear “are you pissed? Good”.

I’ve also seem to have attracted a woman at university who needed urgent help with her coursework at uni. I’m ok with helping others occasionally, but it reminded me of several bad codependent relationships where I was far too giving and too nice. One relationship burned me so badly I’m only now getting over it, after 7 years.
Sheer anxiety and fear came up over the decision to not contact this person again, but I do not ever want a repeat of the past. It took me a long time to heal and establish healthy boundaries. Ascended Mogul might have brought up all of those fears, Rebirth should take care of this.

Ultimate Artist is allowing me to create masterpieces so, now it’s time to find a way of getting successful financially with it. Still early days though.


Some more realisations:

  • Dudes twice the size of me are stepping aside. I’m average height with muscular build and there are 15st, built like brick shit houses men paying respect. That’s mental!

  • Another weird dream where I’m a cop in a US city, leaving the headquarters with a group, but I don’t recognise the city. There are no landmarks, nothing on the cop car, not even Google maps could tell me.

  • It seems like I can’t say NO to requests. The yes comes too automatic, especially when the person is piling on a lot of urgency and emotion. Something needs to be done about that.

Overall I’m feeling clear and crisp, like a river stream that’s been filtered from crap.


Identity crisis!!!1!!1!!1!

  • Who am I?
  • Where’s my identity? Did I even have one?
  • Was I allowed to even have an identity?
  • Was my identity diminished, mocked and ignored by my parents in childhood?
  • Why wasn’t I allowed to own my own shit?

Feeling weak right now as I’m reflecting on these questions and seeing the resonance with the earlier dream where the city was never revealed to me.


Found out the issue with the identity crisis - past pain related to my upbringing.

Feeling an ache around the lower navel area - it’s to do with the sacral chakra. The body records all trauma in its cell memory.

Low self-esteem, poor social skills, fear of sex, lack of money, toxic relationships have been my life’s experience - all point to my clogged sacral chakra. I fully believe we store all types of trauma in the body.

Rebirth should help.


Actually, The Alchemist Stage 1 should help more.


AM seems to be hitting me in that area also… Whatever it is, there’s something deep rooted that’s getting taken care of.

Week 4 trends
Ascension is still the shit, I still get the insane levels of confidence, the same amount of self respect, and respect from other men. But the women are starting to act up: irritating things like walking directly in my path, showing signs then withdrawing, dismissive, playing up…

Mogul: spending a lot less on junk, more on the essentials, and watching less TV. I’m being pushed to do something to improve, like hit the gym, apply for better jobs, yet I’m resisting for some reason. Too comfortable doing what I know, which is sod all.


Reconciliation on Ultimate Artist: been thinking about a recent collaboration between my uni and a major brand and the way I approached it. The brand never aligned my values, yet my inexperience never questioned it, went into it thinking I could get famous. Then the disagreements with my proposals came, and the uni representatives suddenly got cold feet about my idea. All along I felt like a scapegoat, the rebel, the odd one out that could damage the uni’s reputation, just from this one idea. Unsurprisingly the brand choose not to select me, and the uni let out a huge sigh of relief.

This was a month ago but I’m now feeling the feelings of upset, backstabbed and cast out, while my peers get the international shine from this project. Never again will I subject myself to that kind of treatment again. Ascended Mogul is allowing me to feel like I deserve much better from life.

Oh, and I just rejoined the gym… :blush:


Ascended Mogul - Benefits after one month

  • Genuine self esteem
  • Internal strength x1000
  • Past emotional pain related to abuse nullified.
  • Not emotionally “wide open” anymore
  • More in touch with myself and my wants over others
  • “Give love in order to get love” is complete bullshit
  • Realising time and money wasted trying to buy love from others
  • Completely released a toxic ex girlfriend
  • Bounce back quicker from upsets and disappointments
  • Can enjoy myself without feeling desperately lonely
  • Feeling more emotionally independent
  • Taking back my own power
  • Giving off a strong “don’t fuck with me” vibe
  • Getting respect from other men - even the ones that hate me
  • Cutting people off who drain my energy
  • Spending less on bullshit
  • Artistic skill improved x10
  • Other people seem less immortal
  • No more trying to impress anyone
  • No more begging others to like me
  • Communicating more forcefully (if they take the piss)
  • Women - not interested anymore. Don’t care.

Going to aim for another month of AscMogul Rebirth Ultimate Artist as the results are a good first step but need more. Khan will have to wait…


I felt this on Khan recently.

I went to some meeting, and there was someone with a great reputation, an important person supposedly, but to me, I just saw him as another human being. I was not automatically impressed, not supplicating, and I valued myself first and foremost.


Its strange that the few celebrities that I’ve come across, they were bang average. There was no halo, no special mist around them…

But on the other hand, I saw ordinary people - professionals, city workers, married people, couples, women, even peers as far superior than I was, and I needed to reach up to them to get their shine. Thank God that’s over now…


That’s how it felt. But I think it’s a combination of my Khan Aura overpowering everyone’s Aura + me not feeling any need to reach up to people to get their shine.


Can relate to this. I had VIP tickets to the “Yeezus” concert in Los Angeles way back in 2013 (which, btw, was pretty insane) and was surrounded by celebrities. The RZA, Frank Ocean, Olivia Wilde, Jimmy Iovine, etc. I remember thinking it was cool, but nothing special.

On the flipside, I went to a Zero 7 concert in Baltimore back when Sia Furler was still their lead, got there early and got to meet Sia, Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker and was so starstruck that I could barely speak, lol.


That’s because you’re a celebrity already :wink:


Lol at the give love to get love. Such terrible advice a lot of us get brainwashed with. Solid results, hoping to get here myself after a month.


Give love to get love = spineless doormat, trained slave, naive chump, easy target. That was me, for 20 years.

Week 5

  • Tested the ultrasonic tracks via a Bluetooth speaker, just couldn’t sense a signal. Turns out this speaker cuts out at 16khz… Tested the masked tracks and just couldn’t sleep. So the speaker is going back.

  • Nothing to add, except starting to enjoy the gym sessions. No desire to struggle and strain in order to prove that I’m “busting my ass everyday” for validation. Screw that, it’s my workout.

  • Desire for porn is almost gone. That’s a surprise. However the desire for women is also low.

  • Painting techniques are more refined, and redirecting my money away from bullshit towards decent materials

  • Feel entitled to relax when I want, and not when others says I can. God we live under the tyranny of opinions.

  • Remembering the numerous times in the past other men, women and even teens were able to intimidate, bully and scare me into submission and feeling powerless to defend myself. Now AscMogul is the shield to keep these bastards in their place.