Finding my True North


Upon reading your realizations I think that I too have some of these same rooted issues that I need to work on for myself. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


It takes courage and character to admit ones mistakes or flaws that might even hurt ourselvs in the now or the past. The thing is we have so many bad “programs” running in our heads, that our fears dictate reality instead of what we would like to be our reality… thats the power of the technology we have at our disposal right now…it gets worst before it gets better.


This is why people in my city are so angry with each other and I’m not allowed to be angry at work or at home with others. Remain a low wage slave, we’ll make you eat shit and you grow to like the taste.


Total Action
Day 1

Backs to the wall:
So I reread the Khan sales page and I understand why I was given the opportunity to stand up for myself, it manifested a manipulative bully. It also manifested a work placement at a bar where I had little experience and knocked it out of the ballpark.

Seeing the prison walls:
I also understand the behaviour of my family who remain trapped by the boundaries of their early childhood. They will never break into independence because, like me, it’s terrifying to reach for the prison door.

Bought a new leather jacket for a new look, getting mad respect in the cafe shop, two people commented that it’s an original look.

Random hotties in the street popping up and giving self satisfied smiles, also women are sitting close to me, for their safety.


So, you’ve strictly been on Khan and nothing else… I see mad respect improvement in your status area. Any wealth building improvement?


@mecharc yep, Khan only. Nothing else. I’ve been on subs since 2000 and have always seen it out, whether they worked fully or not.

Money is a bit of a disappointment but khan is a big sub, so maybe let’s see in a few month’s time with ST4.


Total Action
Day 2

Total Action aka Operation Move Your Ass. Nothing much going on, I’m just impressed that at work, I bartended with little experience and mostly smashed it.

Saying a heartfelt goodbye to a long time friend. It felt sad but necessary.


  • There’s a feeling that shit’s gonna work out for the best whatever happens.
  • Deep feeling of “others can try all they want but no one can be me”. That’s why dey be hating…
  • Given up trying to get others who hate me to like me instead. If only I can stop walking on eggshells around easily offended people.
  • Deepening confidence and a knowledge that everything will be alright inside the new Khan skin.

Women and seduction:
Trying out my emerging seduction skills in the cafe, spotted an older Desi woman with (I presume) her husband, she kept looking over to me, I tried having eye contact with her, she looked away and back… Now as they both got up, she walked in front on my table with a “cat wants the cream” look.


@Michel - awesome! Am just 10 days away from ST3 myself. Can’t wait to go be a Total Action Hero


ST3 is more than Total Action, it adds a little extra Khan, similar to ST2 and ST1. I can only think there’s more confidence and dominance programming.


Total Action
Day 3

More dominant
I have such a commanding look that wherever I walk, people get the message: move out of my way. Most accept it, but some coughing beta males and a few big, masculine angry women get pissed off. All the while I feel confident cocky and happy with myself. Also, dat deep voice! Even talking softly still shakes with bass.

More drive
ST3, just like the previous two stages is dense, my subconscious is struggling to keep up, now got cold symptoms. Feeling a little bit ill, still got up to shop for food.


No Action
Day 5

Very few things to report as I’m holed up in bed with a seasonal illness. It’s all Khan’s fault! @raphael mentioned eating garlic, killed the nose streaming straight away.

Hard to discern changes from being inside, but I’ve moved away from the things that just aren’t working - art, near poverty, friends family and ex lovers who aren’t that serious… I don’t know what the future holds because there is no clear path. It’s all new.

There is also the sense of “how the fuck did I arrive at this shitty situation? There’s so much to do and so little time. Where do i even start?”


@Michel - sorry to hear that, man. Must have been someone else who mentioned garlic. But I did recommend Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil. Take a spoon of that when you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach and wait half an hour before having anything. Have been doing that for over a year and am free of fever, cold, cough, leaky nose and sore throats. It also boosts Semen quality, immunity, reduces inflammation and provides a host of benefits to the body


Total Action
Day 6

Managed to get out of the house for some black seed oil. Goddamn it’s expensive and it tastes horrible. Damn the cold weather.

Just 3 months ago at the height of summer, I was upset at being rejected and misunderstood by family, friends, college, art, my ex and just about everybody else that wanted to take but never gave. That’s now in the past.

The person I see emerging on the street is a powerfully sexual man who is full of his own self love, had no doubts about his existence and gets shit done. He knows that men respect him and women want to fuck him.

If one or a group of people don’t want to be with me, I can safely move on, never attempting to beg others’ for scraps. I don’t need anything or anyone. I have me. I own my shit. I can make it through.

I feel ST3 added the missing ingredient to confidence - action. Let’s get shit done. I’m certain, given time, I would be flirting and talking with several women and securing a better, more independent futures. But this damn cold…


@Michel - haha. I have no doubt you bought the Black Seed Oil cause you described the taste. It’s absolutely worth it though regardless of the price and taste.


By the way, have a spoon in the morning, everyday (whether you are sick or not) and you will prevent the fever in any season. If you are sick, you can take a couple more spoons a day. Eg- a spoon in the afternoon and the night before sleep (in addition to the morning). It’s an excellent oil for applying on tired muscles too like if you have a cramp. Also good for the skin and hair (can directly apply on them). Check the video in the above post to know more.


@raphael I’mma get my money’s worth outta this - absolutely horrible taste… even raw garlic tastes better! Can’t deny however the cold is disappearing fast. Getting better.

He mentioned the boost in sperm count - so better stock up on condoms then :smile:


@Michel - :grin:absolutely. It will raise your testosterone as well. Excellent stuff.

PS: in time, you will get accustomed to the taste. It doesn’t taste as horrible as when I first had it.


Total Do it Already
Day 7

Don’t need to keep mentioning my new level of high self-esteem, it’s there, I can see and feel it. Nobody can touch it now. Getting out of the house to think, largely thanks to Black Seed Oil - marvellous, got rid of all the symptoms - but still feeling tired. Still tastes like crap…

Main realisation:
How the fuck did I - a man in his late 30s end up with low money, living out of a box in his mother’s house doing low wage jobs? Shouldn’t I be out on the town, bringing back bad girls back to my own place to get “serviced”?
Good thing is - its not a huge task to me anymore. I’m already waged, had lived away before, just need the confidence and funds to break away again for real.

Women on the brain
All I’m thinking about is getting with women, like checking them out at the mall, at the café, on the train. That’s all I’m thinking about nowadays. ST3 got me horny.
Getting looks off the baddest looking chicks out there on the train etc however I do need to start talking to them sooner or later. Confidence to roll up and talk is at 20%

This needs sorting
ST3 is showing me all the things in life that need sorting out (thankfully not a lot of things) but it’s all down to me to change my life by moving the needle. No more excuses, gotta start doing.


I chuckled at the title “Total Do It Already” in place of “Total Action” . At the same time felt that energy raring to go while reading it.

Am glad the oil’s helping. I even rave about it to my relatives and some of them have (fortunately for them) tried it out.

When some of them crib about the cost and taste, I tell them it’s way cheaper than hospital bills and way tastier than the bad taste of losing time to illness and meds.

Am 5 days from ST3 myself. And am raring to go too. I feel like am in a pack of Alpha Lions in this forum roaring and conquering their life.


@raphael black seed oil is some good shit. I wish it didn’t taste so bad though :mask:

ST3 will get you going for sure, but it’s not an energy drink high, more like a gentle constant push because one is so horny. Women will come find you, they’ll appear out of nowhere wanting to get close to you, be warned.