Finding my True North


@d1gz or Infinite Manipulation !

@mecharc 7-10 hours nightly with PCC/Regen x2

@afc22 cheers!


Khan Kan Korrupt
Total Action w/ Regen + PCC
Day 26

The universe is bringing me managers who better reflect my Khan status:- humorous, calm and firm and attractive. Conversely there are people that are just unpleasant that float in the distance. Power Can Corrupt lets me spot these aggressive dickheads early (they give themselves away by coughing) so I can avoid them. Khan gives me the dominance that warns them not to even try to fuck with me.

On return from the weekend job I paid for a colleague’s train ticket to return from work who didn’t have any money. Maybe I got taken advantage of but remember [Law 40]… Earlier I had physically pulled him back from oncoming traffic as he wasn’t looking - without thinking.

On the train back one big physical dude who sat opposite me kept training his side eyes on me whilst I talked to my colleague, so as a power move, I turned to face him. It was a battle of wills but eventually he looked down, then got off.

I’m really sorry:
Expanding on the 48 Laws, I’m watching a load of videos on social dynamics and power plays. One video described the term “I’m sorry” as a particularly nasty power play. When I apologized to that mum, on top of [Law 22], I instinctively knew it was a power move and felt empowered to do it: apologising to the victim but basically saying: I’m not actually…

There is no “good” or "bad"
PCC is now blurring the lines between “good” and “bad”. I no longer believe in being “good” anymore.

  • Is it “good” to be used, abused and discarded?
  • Is it “good” to be lied to about how the world really works?
  • Is it “bad” to play an asshole like a fiddle?

There is no “good” or “bad”.
Only win-win.

You can only be “good” by learning how to be “bad”.


Total Action w/ PCC + Regen
Day 27

Alpha talks,…
Some alpha dude who works for Network Rail is sat on the train talking to his female colleague/girl about his job and noticed he used a lot of words to explain what he does. I noticed that his female companion kept looking at me whilst I was reading up on the 48 Laws. Guess which [law] the dude broke?

Cool alpha still gets the chicks hot:
Coming to the realisation that my kind of “alpha” is a calm, socially influential, dominant, sexually powerful masculine man. Still not looking for a girlfriend, despite this, select blondes and brunettes are still giving me IOIs. One brunette kept eye fucking me in the coffee shop.

2020 will be the year of Khan Kan Korrupt - Social and alpha power.

ST4 is one week away. Also considering topping up Sex Mastery X2 going by @Elme’s non-sexual successes.


Out of curiosity, even though you’re not looking for a girlfriend, are you talking to some of these women giving you IOIs? Might be a chance to just have fun. I know for me I’m trying to be more sexually liberated. The good ol nice guy programming made me think I should only go for relationships so I closed that avenue for myself.


@elementary_vision it’s surprising men are the ones to push for commitment, when they’ve got the option of casual sex.

I’ll aim for one chat before the new year, then see what happens…


Total Action
Day 27

Two challenges to my dominance:

  • 7ft dude absolutely refused to budge when walking past to me on the street. I ceded. I had to cede. I was angry as I felt like a bitch.

  • I challenged one person online about a viewpoint he had that I felt was disrespectful. Doing so I felt the same type of abandonment fear, especially as I’m expecting a few insults.

ST3 sending me challenges when I least expect it.

Haven’t masturbated in a while, normally there’s this urge to jerk off after a few days, not really happening, even watching softcore porn and getting frustrated over their teasing antics. After today I might just…


@Michel - these are parts of the journey too. Those days that just don’t make sense when we think we have figured it all out.

I don’t feel like jerking off these days either. And on the rare occasions I do start, I just stop midway and don’t want to ejaculate.

Just breathe deep and let go, bro


Dude, I am only 5’4” and if a 7footer came barreling down, I would cede. Not only that, but give the whole damn path to him. It’s a matter of self-preservation. Yes it does make me feel like a bitch. But it’s either that or pick a fight I know I can’t win by myself.

Khan does that. Even if I get horny as hell, I don’t really have the urge to. Although sometimes, I feel like just have to or else all that pent up horniness (is that really a word? Spell-check keeps highlighting it) may drive me nuts sometimes.


@d1gz @raphael
It feels different from before. Better handling of the sexual energy feels easier rather than squeezing a nut out of nervousness. I’m not an advocate for NoFap but taking a time out can be helpful for those who excessively jerk off.

Disagreeing with someone’s opinion and stating it even though I feel scared is also triggering enough to wanna fap. But PCC has given me the confidence to experiment with stating my opinion for myself and dealing with the fallout.

Avoiding a 7ft giant to live another day? PCC delivering yet again.


@Michel - oh the days I just want an Alpha Male Body sub to make me a 7 foot muscular hulk.

By the way there were many days that I wished I could be taller. But then again, some people who are even shorter than me have gotten in the way, and I let them pass. Some days I don’t bother about it. Some days I wish them to give way.

And then I think, maybe that’s coming later. The day when the “sea parts for me”

But you do you. You are doing fine.


Khan Kan Korrupt
Day 28

Corruption reconciliation:
Having a case of reconciliation with PCC.
These laws seem cold and heartless. I can tell these laws have etched into the forefront of my thinking and that’s terrible. I’m thinking more like a chess player when out socially, rather than just going with the flow, it feels immoral. I have an opportunity for a career change yet I’m thinking:

  • Never commit to anyone? What if you’re married with kids?
  • Let them come to you? So never approach a woman ever?
  • Get other people to do your work? I work with lazy managers like this all the time! Be a lazy sod? Come on…

PCC - How to be a slippery, double speaking, two faced liar?

I wished we didn’t have to deal with power, but as a person who’s been on the wrong end of a great misuse of power, it has become necessary to learn about power in order to stop assholes from further dominating and squashing me. Do I need to be this Machiavellian though?

@raphael thanks bud.


Robert Greene once said in an interview that no one is supposed to be all the laws at all times. Anyone who was would be, in essence, a jerk. The laws are instead a set of principles to apply at one’s own discretion and judgement in a case by case manner. Also different people might apply different laws for the same situation. Both laws may apply to achieve any given outcome and achieve x or y result for them. So rather than interpreting it at “I must be all 48 Laws simultaneously”, imagine that you are learning how and when to apply each law subconsciously to achieve your larger desired goals


As they become integrated into your understanding of the world, your reactions to them will become more measured and less extreme or intense. This is part of the learning and adjustment process.


Been great following your journey, regarding turning into a jerk when applying these laws…its simple. Ask yourself if these people deserve the best of you, i know we should all give the other side but like everyone knows it can be hell in the corporate enviroment.

Ill give you an example of my life, where i work there is a ex boss who by having too many connections they cant fire him from the company, but he is not my boss either, what happens is this guy doesnt do shit, and even go and try to talk shit about your work to the real boss. What i do with this guys is simple…What he gives he is what is getting…im making his life a living hell at work, by knowing his big ego i play along like a spy…closing every road he turns too…does this makes me a bad person? Maybe…but i will not tolorate this behaviour for me or anyone else, if no one does nothing he will continue his way.

True power in essence is using wisdom to know when to use these laws and when to let them go.:muscle::muscle::+1:


@neurokinetic like a personal toolbox? Hmm…

@Malkuth why do I keep forgetting that? It’s one hell of a learning curve for sure.

You’ve been reading: How To Handle An Asshole (with physical violence option) :sweat_smile:. Jokes aside, have you tried PCC? Sounds like you already know how to handle motherfuckers.

Power Can Corrupt is like being handed a rifle with all the associated kit and being taught how to kill. The question is: When do you shoot?


Bro, I think it’s wisest to use the two quotes in tandem for all PCC Users
" Be Like Water"
" Fly like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee"


I forget all the time too, experientially. Writing the words is a lot easier than recognizing and remembering in the flow of real life… But at least the words can sometimes help a bit.


Oh, snap…


I havent read this book so far but reading this it seems like this book is inspired by the art of war, can this be?


Art of War is pretty much similar. Robert Greene also wrote Art of Seduction, Mastery and the 50Cent-inspired Laws of Power.